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this is so beautifull why isn't it avaiblable in in HD, close to 1920 ? :((
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The reflection in the river is sooo good ^^
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Beautiful, would love to stargaze in a place like that.
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mmm, alone tree, sad?
no -beautiful
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Featured. Wonderful job, really. I love it! Check out my journal.
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Your work is very good! :worship:
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Thank you so much :)
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My Gosh this is such a beauty! I love the way the sunset turns into night and the sky is full of stars. Amazing work! :)
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Basia, I do not usually comment on photomanipulations, purely on the grounds that I am unskilled in the art hence with no knowledge base I do not feel able to do so. On this occassion though this work leaps of the page at me, and no way could I ignore it. All I can do is tell you what it evokes in me, take it for granted that I marvel at the work that must have gone into completing it. that alone leaves me in awe.

Here though is what it does for me as a viewer. I can hear the water flowing gently in the brook, feel the grasses benneath my feet, the wind on my cheeks and the rustle of leaves on the wind in the tree. I feel the warmth of the sun upon me as the darkness starts to shroud the land. All in all, I am happy, content at finding myself inside such an idylic scene, i could lye down and rest here awhile.

Truly superb work, and one that makes me more interested in understanding the expertise that goes into producing such fine work.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us all and for arousing my interest, I shall return and study your work more closely, its amazing.

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Thank you so much for such a good comment, i`m glad that you like my work :heart:
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breath taking....looks like a beautiful dream and i want to be there :)
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