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disturbing by BaxiaArt yellow tree by BaxiaArt night by BaxiaArt magic tree by BaxiaArt

materials my own and tree from :iconfrostbo:

live wallpapers android Awesome Land Live wallpaper (Free Promocode) by UniteDA Awesome Land pro Live wallpaper by UniteDA 
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May 5, 2013, 2:25:17 PM
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I am not sure if you gave permission, but I'm suspecting that this user :iconstone-paper-scissor: is straight out ripping people's work without permission. It looks like they are sometimes crediting it, but they are resubmitting it and not doing any photomanipulations or anything to it at all to make it a collaborative type work. That takes away views and traffic from the artist and really makes me mad. I did report this, but you may want to also

Art-Paper Beautiful Wallpapers 046 : Awesome Land by Stone-Paper-Scissor

The user is Stone-Paper-Scissor
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stormygate My Friend :) Good that you care for art theft, But before reporting just make sure ( or you can send me a note to know ). This work is made for our Live wallpaper ( i developed live wallpaper ) and she made it ofcourse, and we have a agreement on this as well. Your wrong reporting can also sometimes effect others life. We have spend lot of years to build such reputation in a community and you cant just blow it away just like that. I though i forget to mention name of Baxia on the image ( and i rechecked and i can see clearly that i have credited her as well ). This image is also part of my another app called artpaper, which is also added with her permission ( its a free app )
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Hello, please understand it was submitted for review. Deviant art checks everything thoroughly and it did not effect anything as they felt that it was within bounds. It is good that things are checked because there are a lot of art thieves unfortunately. I spend time reporting other websites who take people's work without their permission and sell it on merchandise. This happens a lot. I'm glad your page is legitimate and sorry it caused you worry. Reports are not public when deviant art reviews them and when everything checks out ok, nothing happens with the account. I've been here 15 years, I do understand the importance of building reputation. Resubmission of other people's work when it's not collaboration is not usually a common practice. People usually use feature journals, the favorites galleries, and clubs because it keeps traffic going to the original artist's work. That does effect their life because it otherwise takes away views from something they worked so hard for. Exceptions of course are collaborations, dedications, and manipulations that are credited to the artist for inspiration. Your particular instance was unusual so I apologize for deviantart checking that it was ok. 
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It's just beautiful *^*
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I love this!
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That's incredible! *.*
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I adore the colours ♡♥♡♥
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It's so vibrant, that's awesome.
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Wonderfully balanced  color palette!
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Such fantastic colors :D
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it's a nice outlook from the usual
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