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When Stars and Trees Align

A tree aligned with an interesting sunset in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Black and White: :thumb169985963:
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Simple and stunning :D
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I love this picture, its awesome how this one tree is by its self. Looks like it has a bright future. :) *picture was uploaded on my birthday haha.
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The light is so gorgeous. Really lovely!
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nice work! I love it!
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wow, the warm sunlight looks so perfect :clap: beautiful work!
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Omg I Luv it <3 :D

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Listen to the :stereo: ! Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!
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No Yaoi No Life :heart:
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Great shot! :D
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Great wallpaper. I understand this was made for a calendar contest, but all the dates and texts on it would tear this beatiful view! Excellent colors, contrast, lighting etc...
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Fascinating capture - I much prefer this colored version to the black and white one - it gives it so much more life.
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Oh wow. I love how you utilized light and shadow to emphasize the form and focal point of the piece.
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Beautiful image! Love those rays of light on the grass!
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simply gorgeous, i love how the sky looks like it's still moving.
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Beautiful perfection.
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wow, the sunlight is so amazing :clap: very excellent work, the warm atmosphere is great!
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Nice capture. I like the color version more then the bw one =)
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I like it more in B&W.
Maybe you can try again and fix the colors etc. and you will get a better outcome.
But good job there!
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there so much i love about this one! very talented your self! :)
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stunning work
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