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November 16, 2011
River Truck by ~Bawwomick showcases great use of filters and technique to create a unique effect.
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River Truck



An old ford with a small pulley crane on the back for hauling in small boats. Monongalia river near Morgantown, West Virginia.

Note: Not an HDR; was a 1 second F/8 exposure using a ND4 filter on a Sigma 10-20mm (at 10mm) lens and edited using curves.

This was a 1957 Ford F100.
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A car may not be the most original subject matter, but I am a huge fan of unusual angles, and this photo fits right in. It is a photo that is pleasant on the eye, does not overpower and has a lot of contrasting intricacy to keep the viewer interested.

The lighting has been well-handled, with the warmth of the setting sun being exploited to make the truck's paint shine and glow with warmth, belying the cold of the winter metal. The play of light over the water and the truck's side gives a sense of unity to the shot. With the snow tinted with a very slight orange glow as well, you have a very consistent bond between different elements.

The truck, to be completely honest, is a rust bucket, but that is its charm. Anything else would have made the picture devoid of any interest. However, the truck itself provides a great frame as well as a focal point for the attention. The damage, signs of wear and rust add to that rustic vibe that just blends beautifully with the surrounding land and river.

The truck has been a subject of a few photos from =Bawwomick, and all of them a great pictures, for example, this photo, ([link]) , which is a great shot. However, it is "River Truck" that appeals to me the most. It is a great shot, warm to view and intriguing to explore visually.