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angry Big Macintosh

Update 2012/08/28: added the missing parts of Big Mac and turned it into a full body vector

"You should be ashamed of yourself, humiliatin' your sister 'n' me like that. We don't wanna talk to any y'all right now so take your little gossip column and your embarrassing photographs and just go away!"
Big Mac is awesome when he is angry!
From season 2 episode 23 "Ponyville Confidential".

inkscape svg: [link]
old vector svg file: [link]
reference screenshot: [link]

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Discord (Rainbow Dash has just hit him with a water balloon): Ah!! Water! It burns! Augh!!! (runs off panicking)
Rainbow Dash (triumphantly): HA! I did it! I nailed Discord! Wow! Seems to me that I just made the toughest pony in Ponyville cry! I guess that makes ME the toughest pony now! (Big Mac taps Rainbow Dash on the shoulder; she turns around in annoyance) Alright, what do you want? Huh? (she sees Big Mac and Shining Armor)
Big Mac: Hello, Dash. Word on the street is that you're the toughest pony in Ponyville!
Rainbow Dash (quizzically): Uh, yeah?
Sining Armor: Well, guess what? We're the toughest ponies in the other parts of Equestria... (pounds hooves intimidatingly) and we want a piece of you!
Rainbow Dash (whimpering in fear): Eep. Somepony help me!
Pinkie Pie: REDO! (fires party cannon at Big Mac and Shining Armor, and giggles)
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Big Mac: You imbeciles! This is all your fault!
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Big Mac is not amused.
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i hate the episode, but applejack and big mac switching their ways of talking was cool :) (Smile) 
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This one I have to do this for Big Macintosh *middle finger at big macintosh*
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Very nice! I'm glad you allow let others use your work, and I wanted to let you know that I used it in this simple piece:…
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He's scarier than the Incredible Hulk! I'd sooner beat the snot outta him! Rage 
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Used this guy in my comic here.
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I love the angry big mac
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Uh-oh, Big Macintosh is pissed off. He's going try to kill anyone
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And he looks at me.

And i look at him.

And he looks at me.


And he says "Sorry,What did you photograph?"

I say "GOSSIP."
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yup another next victim
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That's the first time he's raised his voice at anybody and talks normally.
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That's the first time he's raised his voice at anybody.
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Oh god, he's gonna go Sweet Apple Massacre on their asses
i don't like it he sounded like the beast to them just my opinion
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I was all "O.m.gosh. Did he just talk?!"
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Damnit, Bloomie. I tell you hwhat.
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I am disappoint
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