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I believe that love comes once in a life and only that
We are all given that one chance with one rule, use it wisely

I used it on you
I fell for you, obsessed over you,
I lived and breathed you
But my chance was wasted on a person I loved
But who did not love me in return

Now I live, my chance wasted,
with a hallow, empty, shell of a heart
You have torn me apart
For my heart only has love for you,
There is no room for second best

So now I live in the solitude of my existence
Hearing only my heartbeat,
Seeing only the darkness around me,
And feeling only the pain of you inside me

This is something I can't escape
For there is no way out from love's
Torturous, unyielding grasp
More of the heartache and pain from the leaving of my first and only love.
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Submitted on
July 6, 2010
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