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How To Create Glowing Effects


As per request: One technique for Adding Glow Effects in Manga Studio/ Clip Studio Paint. 

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Hello there. I know its a bit much to ask but i'm fairly new to CLS and i really want to learn how to do this so, please can you add more details as to how to get this effect. Thanks in advance.
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Hi there, I'm sorry for the late reply but I don't really come on this site anymore. Do you have a Tubmlr, facebook, or instagram where I can show you some more detailed shots of how to get the effect? I can even do a screen recording and post it on my Youtube if need be. :) 
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Here's my instagram id
If you could, as it would help a lot, pls put a screen recording on YouTube. Thanks.
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Very helpful thanks!
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Thank you so much for this! I was wondering how to do this so badly!
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What a great tip!
keep it up, Batwynn :)
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I seem unable to reproduce that cool laser like effect of yours. Any common pitfalls where people go wrong?
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Hmm... I'm not sure. I know sometimes it's an issue with combining layers. When you merge the layers the effect diminishes. 
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This is a great tutorial
However, I am having an issue with the Add (glow) layer
It won't show up over other layers, even if the glow layer itself is above those other layers
How do I fix this?
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Hmm, that's a bit odd. it should show up above the other layers. Is it possible you have it clipped on to another layer? 
tibbytiger's avatar
I don't how I could have clipped it to another layer. I am still new to Clip Studio. But even after deleting the glow layer and the colour layer and redoing them both it still doesn't show above the colour layer
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That's very odd. I"m not 100% sure how or why it's doing that, to be honest. D:
tibbytiger's avatar
Thats ok
I'll have to just test it out 
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I don't know who you are but I love you
Excellent - and clear instructions to follow :D
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Thanks for this!  Been trying to figure out how to do a glowing light background.
Heliotropicsquirrel's avatar
Very helpful! Thank you!
Honey-Bunn-Boi's avatar
Amazing and very helpful!
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Thanks for the help Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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Hi I just want to ask what brush did you use to make the flames 
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I just used the pen tool :)
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Hi, I've tried doing these steps (for the smoke/magic effect) but it doesn't seem to want to work for me. I've changed the initial layer into an add glow layer, then added hard light etc, but it just doesn't produce the surrounding glow like it has in the second example with the hand. Any ideas where I might be going wrong? Perhaps I'm missing a step or two.
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Hey there, and sorry for the slow response. 

Hmm... I'm not quite sure where in the process it's gone wrong. I think maybe just one more layer with a soft brush/spray on a normal level? It should be enough to give you that soft glow effect. 
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Very useful information you gave! thanks for sharing!
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