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There is a scorching desert ahear of you...
Okey, 2017 is almost over, and the next year will be - beginning for February, 16 - the year of the Earth Dog (and colour for the earth as an element is yellow). Therefor I had some ideas about aardwolf aka ground wolf, but finally zoologist in myself won, and I took fennec as a "totem" animal for the comming year.
Featured animal: fennec fox (Vulpes zerda)
Bat: naked-bellied tomb bat (Taphozous nudiventris)

Happy New Year, everybody! 
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 For some reason this really does put me in mind of the late Salvador Dali ...

 Please allow me to wish you the Joy of the Season and assured you that I shall wish you a Happy New Year when it comes.:) (Smile) 
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Yes, the date could be represented in the form of a guttering clock. I did not guess.
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 Perhaps you should add that one to your 2019 illustration?;) (Wink)