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I Have Headcanon for mane 6 and cmc:

Rarity is Transgirl.
Rainbow dash is Agender.
Fluttershy is Demigirl.
Applejack is Androygne.
Pinkie pie is Pangender.
Twilight Sparkle is Genderfluid.
Sweetie Belle is Fully girl.
Apple Bloom is Cis Female.
Scootaloo is Transboy.
Babs Seed is Bigender.


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A large contient for ponies world , border with griffin kingdom , diamond dog kingdom , etc
A country contain high tech , science , culture , etc
The country was born when ponies rejected the long conflict between unicorn , earth and pegasus
New Age called , Silver Age 
Using new weapon like sword , magic etc
Later , new war conflict between equestria and griffin kingdom , later ended
Golden Age came , everyponies began abandoned warfare 
Later , they found new resource called Crystanium , a liquid like oil , glowing , yellow 
But until economic failure across globe created long conflict 80 years called , The Hydra Wars 
EC ( equestria coalition ) against GDD ( greater dog diamond )
Until the end
Their peace last long for 6 weeks 
Horrific Day have came ( h-day )
17 years war with unknown enemy came underground 
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