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Pokemon Bloo



In the words of Wilt: "I'm sorry!"

That said, you might have noticed that this is the first Pokemon fanart I've got going. I don't mind Pokemon, as it is a pretty fun game, and I'm pretty good at it, but for the longest time, everyone who saw my stuff thought that I was drawing Pokemon when in fact, I was drawing characters like Xit, Hudenbodi, Louie, or even Weasel. It kind of got on my nerves for the longest time and I started hating the game- particularly with Xit, as he is the only guy I've drawn who is a true "Flight of Fancy" character- that is to say, he was created under the spirit of the moment and was entirely my idea, uneffected by outside influance... Nowadays, I've calmed down about it a bit, and if anyone still thinks he's a pokemon/digimon/neopet/etc. I don't care. That's just them- and I know who Xit is.

That said, I kind of wondered if Craig McCracken ever had the same kind of problems before Fosters became such a popular show(Others thinking his guys are based on something that had no influance in their making.). Also, I thought it was kind of a funny pun.
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LOL, ooh, so funny, I love this! :rofl: