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Big cake for a little seal

Well, you may have noticed that until now, I haven't been honoring the birthdays of other deviant artist...

...Sorry about that. The thing is I'm kind of bad with dates and I was afraid that I would forget quite a few and make some people angry at me.(I'm kind of timid in that way.)

Then I realised that I've been improving since my stay here, both artistically and in other ways too (Like maturity) so from now on I'll try to keep up with this tradition... Wish me luck on this...

That said, it was the 15th birthday of Toby ([link]) today/yesterday depending on what section of the globe you live on. Go over there and wish him a happy B-day.

And as for everyone I missed, I'm sorry- I'll try to get you on the next run by.

Toby is the creation of Toby... AKA, Tobyf, AKA
Tobias Fischer
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yaay .. now that sure is a huge cake .. twice tobias' size - at least, i guess .. hehe, i wonder how he's going to it eat :giggle: nice expression, plus the thick outline looks good, it adds that comic-like feeling to the picture (as does the cake, drawing it from this perspective makes it look even bigger) .. the title is very fitting .. and cute somehow, as the whole drawing is .. thank you very much :hug:

i'll add it to my favourites in two days, i try to keep pictures ontop of my favs for a couple of days to give the artists their well deserved exposure :aww:

how did he even pick it up? :giggle:
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You know... I don't even know how he picked it up...

Maybe it's one of those convinient-superpower things that allow people to lift trucks singlehandedly to save loved ones, you know, like you see occationally...

Or maybe he had help or something. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy.
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you know, we say "you know" very often, you know? :giggle:
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You know- you're right...

(I never noticed that before...)
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you know .. i didn't notice it either .. until then .. you know :giggle:
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Nice picture Martin. I'd be surprised if the seal could actually be mobile while carrying that hunk of cake.
Anyway, just to let you know that my 20th birthday isn't until March 17th. So you got time my friend. ;)
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I'm thinking it was one of those "Could you be a dear and take me over here" " Duh... Anything for YOU sweety..." sort of things...
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I don't know how you could mix up the comments like that, but please be careful before you scare me. lol
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Sorry, put this comment in the wrong picture. Please ignore this comment.
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You think he actually looks mobile?
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