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Exterminator Redesign by BishopSteiner
Vindication! by BishopSteiner
pirate hunting by SpOoKy777
Wraith X by BishopSteiner
Atlas Revamp by Cromwell300
Atlas Revamp by Cromwell300
Atlas Revamp by Cromwell300
Atlas revamp by Cromwell300
Inner Sphere
Battletech Lyran Commonwealth (Steiner) by Fantasy34
Battletech Capellan Confederation (Liao) by Fantasy34
Battletech Free World League (Marik) by Fantasy34
Battletech Draconis Combine (Kurita) by Fantasy34
Marauder III by Eric-S-Huffman
Battletech Diamond Shark by Fantasy34
Battletech Steel Viper by Fantasy34
Battletech Nova Cat by Fantasy34
Raven's Spear by bude2011
Mercenary's sword by bude2011
River Assault by Cromwell300
On The Bounce by Cromwell300
Custom Mechs
Samson in action by 1ucho
Dark Age Heavy Metal: SAM-001 Samson by 1ucho
'Adamastor' ADT-7B by HeavyBenny
'Kunai' KUN-A1 by HeavyBenny
Comm: Emplacement Small Craft by mattPLOG
Comm: Fighter's View by mattPLOG
Battletech - Thebes Class Heavy Cruiser (non-canon by sharlin
Battletech - Thresher Class Heavy Cruiser by sharlin
Berenson, 3054 by Nuclear-Fridge
Custom Hex Bases by KatWylder
Custom Hex Bases by KatWylder
Antarctic settlement by derbz
Aerial Corvette by bude2011
Schreck PPC Carrier by KarlStreiger
Got bored - WIP Yellow Jacket (9th version) by KarlStreiger
Schreck - AC Version 2nd Version by KarlStreiger
Enforcer (How-To in the Comments!) by KatWylder
Campaign Ideas
Hell Cats Merc Company - Battletech RPG by carmenara









the Battletech convention in the heart of europa
invites all mechwarriors in the area.

what awaits you:

- classic battletech scenario on 3d terrain
- alpha strike scenario
- builders and painters workshop
- free battletech and alpha strike matches around the clock


- possibility to print out datasheets
- drinks and food are being sold
- comfort- and shower-less sleeping space as long as you bring mat and sleeping bag
- help to get pension- or hotel-space if needed

and it is for freakin free!
so move your rears into gears, warriors!

when and where to:

- 5th - 7th of may 2016
- youthclub heckerdamm 210,
- 13627 berlin

more information in deutsch at:…
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The-Colonel-382 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Greetings Fellow Warriors!
Hopefully this does not violate any group rules.

If you are looking for a "fresh" take on our beloved game, I HIGHLY recommend THIS product.…

It is a FREE download from the Battlecorps Battle-shop.
Now as it is a "alternate universe" product, it is not used in sanctioned events.

However I am hoping that if there is a large interest, then CGL may decide to give this story arc the focus it deserves.
f0x-b0y Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The-Colonel-382 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
I have this one too, not a fan of the whole Zombie thing though.
f0x-b0y Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have download that book and read some of it and im thinking of running it in my group this Halloween. we have to build new PCs but itll be fun 
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