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Serpents of Old OC - Rewald Rewalt

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Yes, I had this idea since last night and by the time I woke up this morning, I had everything (well, almost everything) planned out for this particular OC. And I'm certainly hoping :iconheserpenty: will have some use for him in her comic. You can read it here:…

Now, to introduce my OC...

Name: Rewald Rewalt

Gender: Male

Height: 7’3”

Weight: 72kg

Age: 20


Skin: Fair

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Black

Build: Thin

Notable Features: A perpetually bored look on his face



+ Well-meaning, Empathetic, Loyal

- Sarcastic, Tactless

Spending five years in isolation didn't really affect his social skills. Despite being mistreated for fifteen years, he knows how to give others respect, that is, if he feels like it. Well, most of the time, he just ignores everyone and wishes that others would do the same to him, too. Even if you get to know him, he will still ignore you most of the time, but you can be sure that he will have your back if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

History (if applicable):

Rewald spent the first fifteen years of his life under the roof of his abusive father, Rewill. As he took his first breath, his mother, Josefin, took her last. For the whole duration of that time, he had been mistreated by his father, until the latter perished in a fire (there is no arson involved here, so don’t get the wrong idea), leaving Rewald running towards the thick forest, never to be seen again… or at least, not by anyone who never leaves town. He made a cave his new residence and only a few other serpents see him there. He makes almost no contact with the others because he “had no need of it.” For the next five years, he lived in isolation, (he gets everything he needs in the forest; money also wasn’t a problem because he sells some of his hunt to hunters).

Present Events (again, if applicable):

By the time he turned twenty, Rewald was finally convinced by the very few people who make contact with him to go to school (the same one where Hizruk goes to). The first thing he does upon arriving at school is to sit directly beside Hizruk when nobody else wanted to, not because he was oblivious to what happened to Hizruk, but because he KNOWS how it is to be unwanted. Even when living in isolation for five years, he knows how it is to be treated badly since it happened to him for fifteen years, and as much as possible, he also doesn't want it to happen to anyone else.

Present Events (revised with Serpy's recommendation; I can't believe I'm only doing this NOW!)

As a hunter, he only ever had to converse with a few merchants that manage to have the guts to go to the forest where he resides. This might lead to the notion for most people that he doesn't exist anymore.

Relationships, if any:

Tael is the only person he actually gives his full attention to owing to the fact that he has a soft spot for young ones. He never actually had a conversation with Mara, Merek, and Etzel that lasted for more than two minutes, but he regards them with higher respect than anyone else, nevertheless. He's also in good terms with ZEN and doesn't really mind if he overcharges him everytime they make a deal since he has no real use for money. He had seen Tia a few times wandering in the forest before, but never bothered to introduce himself because he had "better things to do."

View on Hizruk:

He doesn't really care about the reason why Hizruk was locked up in the dungeon, nor the rumors about his feral behavior. What was important to him is that no one should be treated like how the Council treated Hizruk, nor like his father treated him. That is why on the day Rewald meets Hizruk, he will, in his own way, make Hizruk feel that he wasn't alone (and that might include Rewald ignoring Hizruk's questions as to why he sat beside him).


- Rewald can’t read… ok fine, he pretends he can’t read.

- He REALLY likes climbing trees. Even with his great height, he can always manage to climb one when he wants to. “I mean, like, wow, man, TREES!”

- When provoked, he will not hesitate to use his sharp tongue to hurl more offensive insults at others.

- His vocabulary mostly consists of the words, “man,” “darn,” “like,” “seriously,” “no,” “stop,” and “don’t.”

- Whether you like it or not, he HAS a superpower, and that is to pretend that he gives a d*mn to the Pledge and the Council’s pitily-@$$ problems. That’s 24/7, buddy.

- Headcanon voice (just because I wanted to): Phillip Phillips -…

So yeah, hope he makes it. ^_^

His serpent form will take some time, though. Though it's ok for me to draw serpents, it'll be difficult for me to draw a serpent that is very much recognizable as Rewald... unless of course I am allowed to do patterns..?

Link to Rewald's Serpent Form and his Lacor, Dinner: Serpents of Old - Rewald and Dinner

12/24/2014 - Put the link to Rewald's serpent form and his Lacor, Dinner.
12/25/2014 - Crap! I forgot to give Rewald a surname. Hope it sounds good now. I'm used to giving my OCs similar-sounding names, just like what I did to Ahma AhmadCruz dela CruzGomez Villagomez XIVMahalik MalikDagon Mondragon, and Loren Lorensen.
11/15/2015 - Completely changed his Present Events and crossed out the old one. Also added a few relationships with others.
09/03/2016 - 
In light of Serpy's announcement a few days ago, Rewald is now officially open for RPs!
11/27/2016 - Made a 
Revamp for his Serpent form.


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What do you mean, sarcasm isn't a positive trait! ;)
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Well, in the community I live in, sarcasm is frowned upon, so I kinda put sarcasm in the negative traits.
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Really?  I would die (or make everyone hate me) in your community...

I like Renwald by the way, he's a neat character!  Since they are both outdoors types, maybe he would be friends my character Tael?
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Yup, already seen him and Mara. They're pretty cool, too. Come to think of it, Tael might be the one finding Rewald first, because of his inquisitiveness. I can totally see that happening. ^_^
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Yay! That would be awesome. :)
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Hi! You might want to check out Rewald's current relationships in the description. I've just updated it now. You won't regret it. :)
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow!! He's so detailed! 

I really really like this character! I think I can find him a nice comfy spot in the comic :D :D. I may need to tweak some things here n there of course to ensure he has the perfect fit <3-- long as you're okay with that! You'll be involved every step of the way I promise ;P

Thank you for participating! It's so exciting to get new characters! :D
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Of course, it's ok. ^_^

And I have been making a few RP characters for a while now, that's why I was able to make him as detailed like that. :)

It's also very exciting for me to contribute to your comic. Thanks for having me. ^_^

Now that he's accepted, I really have to draw his serpent form (and of course, his Lacor; he did spend five years in the forest alone so it's impossible that he didn't make some kind of friend during that period).
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
But of course! (I like fleshing out my characters too <3)

I've been meaning for a loong time to draw templates for the male and female serpent forms that folks can download and color in their designs XD. Maybe I'll work on that when I finish my page tonight! Awww I love Lacors! It's great that he'lll have one! Only guideline for thems is that they have to be some type of green ;P

So excited to have him on board! 
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
I'll go work on Rewald's Serpent form and his lacor tonight. I actually had a storyline thought up regarding how they met and how the lacor ended up being named "Dinner." Meow :3 
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo lolol i'm curious!!!
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Here it is, actually:
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