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So yeah, I wanted to draw the main characters of my stories on Wattpad, so here they are!

From left to right...

Character: Arndolfr Crane
Age: 10
Story: The Kanto Journals
Genre: Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Status: Ongoing

Character: Juan Ramon Sereno
Age: 22
Story: Zone-Out ZoneSuper Zone-Out Zone 2
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13
Status: Completed

Character: Argus Arello
Age: ~2,000
Story: The Senza Mortangel Chronicles
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13
Status: Upcoming

Character: Cecille Paguntalan
Age: 13
Story: Trigger Happy Havoc Pinoy Edition
Genre: Fanfiction
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing

My username is Battle_Pyramid.

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Some groups you would WANT to check out.
For my fellow deviants who live in the province of Pangasinan.
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Because I believe that understanding our brothers and sisters from all over the world will help us gain a peaceful and unified world.
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RP group for a community of Pokemon Gijinkas.
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RP groups for Pokemon Gijinkas in a college setting.
An interesting comic you SHOULD check out.
For your dose of anime demotivational posters.
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