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Happy Valentine's Day 2019 by BattleNat Happy Valentine's Day 2019 :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 29 3 Untitled by BattleNat Untitled :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 29 2 [BattleNat | DOWNLOAD] Valentine's Fairy Miku by BattleNat [BattleNat | DOWNLOAD] Valentine's Fairy Miku :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 31 8 [Pose Pack DOWNLOAD] Magick by BattleNat [Pose Pack DOWNLOAD] Magick :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 71 0 [ProjectEDM] BLACKOUT by BattleNat [ProjectEDM] BLACKOUT :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 27 5 [Remake] Nightmare Before Oversleep by BattleNat [Remake] Nightmare Before Oversleep :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 19 0 [ProjectEDM] NUMB by BattleNat [ProjectEDM] NUMB :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 26 0 [BattleNat | DOWNLOAD ] In Love With A Ghost! by BattleNat [BattleNat | DOWNLOAD ] In Love With A Ghost! :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 32 0 In Love With A Ghost [Model Collab] by BattleNat In Love With A Ghost [Model Collab] :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 17 0 [COLLAB] Happy New Years! by BattleNat [COLLAB] Happy New Years! :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 49 4 [Secret Santa 2018] Gekihaku by BattleNat [Secret Santa 2018] Gekihaku :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 28 2 [Download] TDA Jjinomu-Styled Pose Pack UPDATE by BattleNat [Download] TDA Jjinomu-Styled Pose Pack UPDATE :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 185 3 Normal Maps Testing by BattleNat Normal Maps Testing :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 54 0 DELTARUNE by BattleNat DELTARUNE :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 66 5 Succubus | Stream Render by BattleNat Succubus | Stream Render :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 25 0 Isolation by BattleNat Isolation :iconbattlenat:BattleNat 32 0


Pose Packs - 6-9 poses
6-9 Pose packs, refer to the terms on the other pose pack commission for such.*

6-9 poses: 900 ($9.00 USD)

We've Never Met But, by BattleNat Holding On by BattleNat Kira [CONTEST] by BattleNat

*6-9 poses is the same price, 900 points. It's your choice if you want 6, 7, 8 or 9.
Pose Pack
Doing large or small pose packs fit for YYB, TDA, API, Koron, Sour, Jjinomu, so forth.

Price will be judged based on how many poses.

  Language by BattleNat 170 Watchers Gift by BattleNat Miku V4x [REMAKE] by BattleNat . by BattleNat

4 Poses: 350 ($3.50 USD)


BattleNat has started a donation pool!
46 / 2,000

Cherry Blossom Icon by ALadyAprilCurrent Balance: 31 Cherry Blossom Icon by ALadyApril

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

I offer to you, knowing nothing
I continue to walk this earth
no matter how many times it repeated
meeting and partings cycled

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

"Welcome," the world whispers to you
Though it's not asking for anything

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

The beauty of it violates you
Surely you'll be kind in the morning

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

◦ Nat ◦ Pansexual/Demisexual ◦ She/Her ◦ INFP

Hi, I'm Nat. You probably know that already, considering the tag above this and all that. I'm a depressed piece of shit who's just trying to get by in this community without doing too much stupid shit. I'm your average MMD'er; pictures, pose packs and model editing on the side, and eventually animation. I don't do anything particularly original in my opinion, all of my ideas have been done before a thousand times. I'm super approachable for collaboration projects, however, so if you ever want to work on something please don't hesitate to toss me a message. I know I've made mistakes while being in this community and I don't deny them, but I'm trying to work on fixing the things I've done.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario friends, I think they're pretty rad:

:iconmeimouse: :iconsnowflowerandyuki: :iconpocky-poison: :iconlernkypanda: :iconendibell: :iconkyaarisu: :iconravandcheese: :iconpastel--galaxies:

I'm tired
Of tending to this fire
I've used up all I've collected
I have singed my hands

+Alone+ by Redkuu
09 by hibiiyoo 34 by hibiiyoo

coding by Tskaa


i stole this from kyaarisu 

1. - Ladybugs or dragonflies?
 why not both
2. - MMD or drawings?
 hhhhhh watercolor
3. - 134340?
 nani the fuck
4. - If you were a composer, what kind of song would you make?
 are we talking like classical or in general because if we're talking about in general im gonna make some 12/10 edm tracks boo
5. - Do you like dark humour?
6. - Warbugs?
 Battle For The Kitchen   

My questions (incase you wanna steal)
 1: Gardenoth?
 2: Tea or Coffee?
 3: Games and toys are left behind- When you awaken screaming. 
 4: Deco*27 or Livetune?
 5: i need a noose and a dramatic tree
 6: should i make my next edit a Meiko, Haku, or Luka edit?
  • Listening to: fucking weeb music
  • Reading: hhhhh
  • Watching: my soul leave this planet, slowly
  • Playing: Overwatch or DBD
  • Eating: the souls of the innocent
  • Drinking: tea
Happy Valentine's Day 2019
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Model: TDA Valentine's Fairy Miku
 Model Creator: TDA | Me (BattleNat)

Pose: Me (BattleNat)


Model: Tri Oxygen Luka
 Model Creator: Kuroyu

Pose: Me (BattleNat)

 Ray 1.5.2
[BattleNat | DOWNLOAD] Valentine's Fairy Miku
Happy Valentine's day, everybody! <3 I hope you love my dear! ;w; I've been working on her off and on for about 2 weeks, so please let me know if she has any issues I missed!
 - Preferred use is with pictures, rather than videos!


-- Must Credit TDA and BattleNat every time she is used, with no exceptions.
-- Do not claim as your own.
-- You may only take the face texture, and please credit BattleNat when you do.
-- No R-18, Fetish, Gore, or Religious works.
-- No porting her to VR chat, Gmod, or anything of the sorts. Must stay in PMXE format.
-- Do not edit. (Bug fixing, sliders, normalmaps, and what not is fine.)
-- No headswapping.
-- No taking textures, or parts. I credited everybody's parts below.

- Model Credits - 

Base: TDA | Agahat | KamaNoTenshi
Hair: TDA | Owth 
Flower Crown: Itsumonohon
Dress: AyaneFoxey 
Wings: LoreneMMD
Textures/Texture Editing: BattleNat
Toons: Chilkad 

Pic Credits:
Pose: Me (BattleNat)

 Ray 1.5.2

Download, references:
[Pose Pack DOWNLOAD] Magick
Just a thing I've thrown together for shits and giggles.

Pic Credits: TDA Append Miku
 Model Creator: TDA

Poses: Me! (BattleNat) They are the poses available in this pack.

This pack includes the following:

6 TDA Fitted Poses
- Cast
- Sin'dorei
- Night Globe
- Levitate
- Druid
- Priestess
6 Preview Pictures (PNG/.png format)

*Credit me, please! 

*You mave have to do some adjusting, though all of these poses ARE posed with ikBones.




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