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We are moving into Beta with the Battlelords Twitter casual game.

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Andrew Bator
COO, Athena Virtual Productions, Inc. (AVPI)
We are holding a 3D modeling contest in affiliation with our friends at C4DUnlimited:…

Have what it takes to model a cool spaceship hangar and maintenance bay? Check out the link for more details and prizes. Entry(s) must be received by September 30th, 2011 at:

Enter today! and please help us pass this information on.

Thanks everyone!
Athena Virtual Productions, Inc. (AVPI)

Extremely obnoxious, they tend to be scientists, and expect to be in charge because they are so smart. They tend to wear wild clothes, carry hi-tech science gear, and generally like smaller weapons.

Cizerack: Almost all of the ones encountered will be females. They tend to like a lot of adornment and jewelry (a girl's got to look good). Generally Cizerack away from warrens and their homeworlds are combatants. They can carry heavy firepower and are fast and strong. Note that Cizerack do not have paws on their front legs. They have short stubby fingers instead of toes that they can curl in to make it easier to run. So they can hold items in their front hands like a computer or a weapon. They prefer to have their main weapon mounted on a look-and-shoot harness on their back. Tend to like lasers. Large ears kind of like a hyenas.

Eridani: Soldiers and mercenaries. They are never without a sword or some kind of bladed weapon, or if they are cool a light sword (plasma edge contained in a magnetic bottle). Lots of militaristic clothing and generally ornate armor. Their hairstyle and length equate to their station in Eridani society; the longer the better. Mohawks are standard for warrior types, but dreadlocks, long single braids, and anything else you can think of will work. Female or male Eridani are just as capable warriors. They refuse to carry Archaic Powder Weapons (20th-21st century human weapons) as they see them as only suitable for primitives. Will use anything else.

Human: Wide variety of skills mean humans can do just about anything, though they tend to be pilots. The largest proportion of vehicles in the Alliance are Orion and Human made so they tend to fit in just about anything. So, pilot gear, goggles, that sort of thing are typical. Spacesuits and helmets as well.

Gen-Human: Similar to humans in skill sets (pilots), but the Gen-Humans are always heroic and perfect specimens. Each 'Model' is designed to excel at certain functions in society. They tend to wear the latest fashions, skinsuits, very tight and clingy outfits for both genders.

Mazian: Tend to be espionage types, so they can be seen oozing under doors, looking around a corner with a camera stuck in a pseudopod, or squirting a grenade out from their innards. They can mimic other species as well as they get more skilled.

Mutzachan: Generally ship engineers or scientists. Usually have flowing robes or loose comfortable clothing unless in a combat zone. Since they can manipulate energy at will their devices tend to be featureless geometric shapes; they just gesture at it to get it to perform it's tasks. They tend to be frail so they carry lighter weapons like laser pistols.

Orion: Bargainers and traders extraordinaire. Usually have wild or risque clothing. Occasionally some fake Scottish influence can be seen (Rangers or Celtic jersey, or perhaps a curling stone?). They LOVE to make a racket so they tend to have loud obnoxious weapons and like grenades and explosives. Orions are often mechanics, demolition experts, hackers, space pirates, or bohemian Moig Dua (Gypsies).

Phentari: Generally scum and assassins, or hardened mercenaries. They like to display trophys from their victims strung all over their bodies. Their favorite food is fresh human. Wear lots of gruesome capes made of bones or hides or skin, mostly to intimidate others. Having an Eridani scalp or two is always preferable. They tend to like more insidious weapons like poisons, daggers, or gas bombs, or long range stuff, like sniper rifles and lasers.

Python Lizard: Often hired as police officers. They can subdue almost anyone and are quite a bit smarter than Rams. They make up the bulk of the Alliance front line troops. In mercenary groups they tend to tote the big firepower like Pulse or Omega weapons, and can carry lots of the group's gear. Tend to be adorned with lots of ocean trinkets, like shells or coral hunks.

Ram Python: Pretty much a pure combat character. Like big loud weapons. Tend to wear simple clothes on the streets, and they like to smoke huge cigars and drink a lot of beer. Often used as a pack mule when out in the field, even carrying other lighter members of the group or a Mazian around. Badass.

Tza Zen Rigeln: Called the anti-healers. They are Zen who have decided to use their powers to inflict pain instead of healing. Dark, and foreboding characters; look like weird S&M beasts. Cloaks, hoods, nasty looking cybernetics on display.

Zen Rigeln: Healers. The medics of the group. Usually carrying lots of gear and supplies, often with no weapons. Street clothes tend to be soft flowing robes or cloaks, or if a hot climate, nudity or very little clothing.
1. Cizerack (siz-er-ak)
  • Description: Verbal description and statistics here.
  • General Knowledge: Culture, Government, general info here.
  • Social/ Miscellaneous:  favorite items/pets, abode and hangouts, etc.
  • Quirks: stuff
01. Chatilian Empath (che-teel-yen)
  • Description:
  • Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Height: 4 feet (1.2 meters) Lifespan: Approximately 300 years Skin: Smooth; any shade of blue or green. Eyes: Huge; brown or black. Those with blue eyes are feared by their own race and called 'psychic demons.' Occasionally a Chatilian will be born with an extremely rare mutation of eye stalks. These 'psychic prophets' are looked upon with great awe. Blood: White; Bioluminescent, glows slightly when exposed to air.  Massive amounts of platelets in blood- Syrup-like consistency, quickly coagulates.

    Chatil in the Fomalhaut star system.
  • General Knowledge:
  • Chatilians are not very sociable and prefer quiet and solitude. They are frail and delicate looking with thin bodies and large, bullet shaped heads. Through the evolutionary process these strange beings have developed a crown of sensory nodes that allows them to harness and transmit psycho-kinetic energy. This unusual ability is called generating. Energy for generation is focused through a power crystal the Chatilian always wears on a chain around his neck. Empaths employ psychic, illusionary, and sonic attack forms. Those with great ability can even cause someone's head to explode by concentrating. An empath has the innate ability to read the minds of any unprotected sentient in close proximity to his person. He must focus his attention on one person only. Although Empaths are innocuous looking, they are actually among the more dangerous and formidable opponents in the galaxies.
  • Social/ Miscellaneous:  
    - Herbivore
    - Mockingly nicknamed Asparagus Men
  • Quirks:
  • - Chronic Sleepwalkers - Easily Hypnotized - Makes a strange, high-pitched whining sound when agitated - Seek secluded places (like closets/space travel) to get away from the never ending psycho-babble of the universe

The Chatilian masses do not possess the ability to generate, and view "The Power" as something corrupt and decadent. They can only use their telepathic powers to communicate. Empaths, on the other hand, see the masses as inferior, and attempt to subjugate them to their naturally superior intellect. Consequently, the king (whose hereditary line possesses "The Power") must continuously seek to avert a civil war among his own people.

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