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PP: Everyday Life - Introducing Jack

"Is it a jack or jenny?"

Seb blinked at the male nurse, confused. Before the man could expand, he figured out what was being asked of him through contextual clues. "Oh, uh, jack, I guess."

He patted the tiny donkey who didn't seem at all concerned with being on a table in a room that smelled like disinfectant. Then again, he supposed the Mudbray had no reason to distrust the scent, having only been born not even an hour prior.

The nurse - Patrick, he'd said - pulled on latex gloves and began examining the small foal. Seb watched anxiously, fingers tapping on the counter. Finally Patrick stood and peeled off the gloves, throwing them in a bin out of Seb's line of sight.

"Well, other than the obvious, he seems to be healthy."

The obvious was the fact that the Mudbray only had three legs. The right foreleg was pulled up tight to the foal's chest and looked like it hadn't fully developed; there wasn't even a hoof, just a blunt nub. He rested his elbows on the table and looked up at Patrick. "So what's this mean for 'im?"

"Well, he's going to need a prosthetic for the rest of his life. Mudbray are small, but they're built heavy and compact enough that three legs aren't sufficient to distribute their weight properly." Patrick crossed his arms and nodded down at the foal. "It would lead to joint and spine issues sooner than later."

Seb rubbed a hand over his face. "Fuckin' great..." He sighed and moved the hand up into his hair, turning his eyes back up to Patrick. "Is 'e gonna be able to battle?"

The nurse didn't look too happy with the question. "With a lot of training, perhaps. But you would be unable to evolve him."

The foal made a low whuffing sound and butted his head against Seb's hand. He patted his head with one finger idly. "Whatya mean I can't evolve 'im?"

"Sebastian, Mudsdale grow over eight feet tall and weigh over two thousand pounds. Any problems he has as a Mudsbray is going to become so much worse with the added size. You'd risk serious internal injuries and very likely death if you allowed it. It's my professional opinion that you should invest in an Everstone as soon as possible."

He felt angry at his stupid cat for fucking up this stupid egg and giving him a gibbled donkey that he couldn't ever evolve without performing some serious Pokemon abuse. Fucking awesome.

He took a deep breath and scratched under the foal's chin. "What about a prosthetic? For now, I mean."

 "I'll have to take measurements and order something in. He should be alright for a few days. He's still small enough that only having three legs shouldn't impact him much."

"What about when 'e gets bigger?"

"You'll have to bring him in every month for the first two or three years of his life, to get him checked out and refitted. Here, or another Pokecenter. They should all be able to help, though it may take longer to get replacements and upgrades in more rural towns."

Seb buried his face in his hands. Maybe he should just find the professor he'd sort of kind of accidentally stolen this stupid broken donkey from and dump it on his doorstep to deal with.

The Mudsbray chuffed and pressed his soft muzzle to Seb's chin, startling him. He drew his hands away from his face, staring down at the foal, who gave the most pathetic excuse for a bray he'd ever heard. He sighed and pushed himself up, resignation coming over him. His mess, he'd deal with it. "Alright. Let's do it then."


This is for :iconpokeparade:

This takes place after this happened. New Team member! Not quite what Seb was hoping for, but he'll deal. So yeah, meet Jack the Mudbray! He's gonna test Seb in ways he hasn't had to deal with yet. We'll see how he manages.

₱ 11,500 (Colored Waist - Full Body Trainer x2, Full Body Pokemon x2, 500 - 1000 words, Flat Color Background x1)

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Well, it could have been worse  -  there could be no pokedonkey for Seb at all.