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Mosquito, you have played your final game
If it was you, directly in my ear
an hour before the midnight bell, for shame
I'll have you know, if you should reappear:

for you I'll find my doll-house guillotine
A mini-vampire hunter track you down
to stick your dripping noggin, most obscene
upon the palisade of doll-house town

There's no rest for the wicked, sucker, see
my bloodhound-dogged zeal is no pretence
No Venus flytrap that one needs to be?
Or at your earliest convenience

go find a fire to die in, flying louse
(preferably outside the house)
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Ah, hahaha... this somehow popped up whilst browsing wares. Such fun you are. My lady wife, is deathly afeared of Moths, but I am too kind a soul so I catch them and escort gently outside the house.

Now, Mosquites . . . Even my tender heart squishes the evil bastards. And chuckles. *chortle*.

An nasty piece of excellent work, worthy of every 'blast' that comes, from the DD heart it won.
Ha, mosquitters deserve everything that's coming to them!
Moths are completely clueless though; always getting lost, thudding into whatever. They're a bit like elderly, near-sighted, senile little women trying to find where the bingo night is that got cancelled in the seventies.
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Amusing, but the missing two syllables in the last line disappoint me (unless I'm counting wrong).
No it's true; that last line is only four iambs. You're the first to point that out, actually.
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I think I would have cast it as (And you should do that outside of my house.), but that's just me.
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ObsydianDreamerStudent Writer
This is fantastic, jsyk.
I'm very glad you think so. Thank you for reading!
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Aaaww! :D Haha! That is so up to date! Actually, I'll not got bitten since a while. Guess mosquitos don't dig me - It's suppose to be bad, they bit people with great health. And the only other candidate in this house is an elderly woman! Shuh. :/
Thank you so much!

Yeah I hear 20 percent of all people get 80 percent of all mosquito bites. Something to do with if they like how you smell or not.
To be honest it's not the bites that I hate - it's their infernal buzzing when you're trying to fall asleep! These creatures really are terrible...
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Honestly, it was a really long time ago, I have been in a intense discussion about species with a couple of classmates and friends after a random discussion, and as today as it was a very long time ago, I still got no anwser : Why does mosquitoes exist? :XD:, seriously? Blood-sucking annoying creatures, wtf ecology. Well. I'll might never understand or get an answer for that. I had a friend that tried EVERYTHING she could to keep them at bay, the only one that actually works it's keep shut all your entrance. Cheers. ;)
Cheers, darl!
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Blue-Anima General Artist
LMAO 😂 I spent part of my childhood in the wilderness of Alaska those damn mosquitoes were like to eat us alive. I relate to this so hard, I probably experienced hatred for the first time bc of mosquitoes in my bedroom at night, whining in my ears
Urgh yes the bumps I can handle, it's the whining as soon as the lights are out that does it for me.

Alaska, huh? Isn't that where the mosquitoes converge in huge clouds?
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Blue-Anima General Artist
This is really late but the answer is YES

holy frick yes

we used to play on one side of the field until they sort of gathered... then we would run to the other side and play for a while... then run back... and so on and so forth lmao 

wasn't that bad though. We got really good at hunting them when they got in the house. 
Really? Teach me your ways, Senpai!
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Blue-Anima General Artist
Lolll... I don't know it got weird, because we were little kids. We used to take the mosquito nymphs (larvae? babies?) out of the pools in our back-yard and drop them on the hot ash pile to try to keep the population down. XD but Idk if I recommend that in civilized society lmao

Other than that, once they're grown up, all I can say is smack them! They're not good at dodging, but they are very good at disappearing. ._. 

This all sounds so odd when I write it down. 
There were a lot of mosquitoes! Desperate times, desperate measures. 
Oh never you worry about it. Mosquitoes do not deserve either my respect or my mercy.
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GameUniversoHobbyist Writer
That mosquito rings a bell.
Not literally, I hope, because that would make it extra-annoying.
Thank you for reading!
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I love this so.
How kind! Thank you
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You're welcome! :heart:
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PineapplecokerHobbyist Writer
I am Pineapplecoker and i approve this message
I'm very glad you found it to your liking.
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