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Zits a Trap

Don't fall into the acne trap;

you're not your personal bubble wrap.

:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 8 17
Nukshannuk of the Spear and Two Dragons
(A fireside story by Mapak Tellapillak)
This is a tale from the lands behind the mountains, a place where one can be born and die and never know sand, or trees, or rain. It is the place of the Long Dark, but also of the Midnight Sun.
There lived a tribe that hunted the black seal. Only the bulls – never the cows or calfs, until one day Crixis, a young but terrible dragon arrived and demanded she be given fresh meat each day. The hunters of the tribe now killed bull and calf and cow alike, and it pained them because now there would be no seals left before the season was done... But if Crixis did not recieve her meat she would swoop down and take a hunter, a sleigh-dog or a child for her meal and place their clean bones amidst the icicles of her cavern. The people of the tribe, in secret, gathered their belongings and in one trek moved elsewhere, where they hunted the white eider even if there were only few. Meanwhile, Crixis had followed and found them and once again, started dema
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 6 0
Viridian - the Peacock Knight by BATTLEFAIRIES Viridian - the Peacock Knight :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 65 29 Diptych by BATTLEFAIRIES Diptych :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 20 14 A Fortunate Soul by BATTLEFAIRIES A Fortunate Soul :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 35 8 A Chanceful Meeting (redux) by BATTLEFAIRIES A Chanceful Meeting (redux) :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 39 18 Wooden Kitchen Tools by BATTLEFAIRIES Wooden Kitchen Tools :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 14 18
Song of the Fairies
If you would live on Fairy-land, human, know the code:
Seeing fairies in procession, kindly leave the road
Make way for the Folk as they go by in shiny light
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Invite us to all your weddings – we might come, or not
To ignore us is to spite us even if we’ve got
a pony as a groom’s gift, and earrings for the bride
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
A knife should not be left in meat, salt not on the floor
Silver is an offence: don’t place it on the door
Leave no hatchet in the log, leave not your tools outside
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Following these Fairy rules, our peace can’t be disturbed
We reward humanity with luck and healing herbs
Bronze torcs for giving fairies a shelter from the cold
and sure death for those who come and dare to steal our gold.
We charm the snakes, we tell the wolves whom they cannot bite
No lightning strike
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 54 56
Pan Coasters by BATTLEFAIRIES Pan Coasters :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 21 26
Mutiny on the Way to Damocles
    “Mrs. Orientation Video kindly sends her regards, seeing as she couldn’t be here tonight – courtesy of you fine lot not respecting ‘lights out’ regulations and in so doing, losing your holovid privileges for the rest of the day.” Warden Gobelin seemed to grin behind his respirator mask when he swam further down to hook a foot behind the floor rail and steady himself. “Which is a shame, because we arrive at Damocles station in three hours.”
O’Byrne resented the Warden for exactly this type of thing – rather than doing his job keeping the peace, he let things get out of hand and then dared to gloat from behind his pane of impact glass. His penalties for disobedience were nothing more than petty pestering. But O’Byrne be damned if he and the other inmates weren’t fed up with withheld desserts, stupid lights-out rules and now removing any chance of watching a movie for the last time before checking into t
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 9 32
Dreams of Ice by BATTLEFAIRIES Dreams of Ice :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 83 34
Mature content
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's Revenge :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 17 22
Take your hands off of the torch, sir – slowly
And the keyboard; delete that tweet
Now trending: being sick of complaints
(the problem was Too Long; Didn't Read)
There is no elephant in the chatroom
and they are no pachyderm.
Clean the VR off your goggles
– we might not survive a second term.
Misantropy as an exception,
there's nothing inborn you must hide.
This wasn't about you last time I looked;
you want a parade? Have some pride.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 15 14
In A Land Far, Far A-whey
Marigold was being wedded off to this bloke who grew funny-shaped turnips for a living, so naturally the presents had to have that certain je-ne-sais-quoi which a household with this kind of creativity would appreciate.
Ma and Da brought the goat that yee-hawed, festooned with ribbons and artichoke flowers; Peet had dyed a turtle-dove and Tollie, Jen and Mabe all gave knitted kitchenware and farming tool cosies. There was a parsnip rack from Uncle Liam, while Aunt Meary and her husband had just brought themselves which oh, they shouldn't have. Lastly Nan, ever the frugal one, had remembered the bucketful of milk misplaced and retrieved from behind the stack of wood last spring, completely transmogified and strangely aromatic after pondering for so long on what to do with it. After all, one does not simply throw out a whole bucketful of milk, no matter the state - liquid, solid - it happens to be in.
And so they ate it at the feast, and it was delicious.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 7 17
Trojan refrain: a 3-way collaboration
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon
how does the looting go?
Have the lobbyists settled on
a puppet for the show
when you're the Hellespont police?
How about Helen of Greece?
Fair like Justice
fair like Justice
and δημοκρατία and Peace?
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
Does the dear daughter know
Your aircraft-carriers won’t run
Without some bloodflow?
"Can bank accounts become obese
Feeding like grubs off her decease?"!
Can bank accounts
Can bank accounts
Make oil-gorged Θέμις grin at vice?
hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
was your death a surprise?
did you sense that dark pall anon?
did you fail to surmise
it was all greek, your cuckold's fate,
that left you on Charon to wait?
it was all greek,
it was all greek,
when you and Ὀδυσσεύς did prate.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 11 8
Thunderlance by BATTLEFAIRIES Thunderlance :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 140 36

Random Favourites

3djulian by SallySlips 3djulian :iconsallyslips:SallySlips 249 29
February Form Fiesta (FFF) 2012 has finished!

FFF has finished for 2012 and I thank all those who wrote pieces for this awesome contest. We are in deliberation for a few days and the winners will be announced by Wednesday March 14th. This is because my computer broke down halfway through my judging process and I have had it at the shop for almost a week. Sorry guys :D. To tide you over, :D  check out all 32 entries in here:
Sammy (kiwi-damnation)
February Form Fiesta is back after 3 years! Excited? Nervous? Have no idea what I'm talking about? Awesome! :D.
Our five forms for February are:
1. Trijan Refrain
2. Epistle
3. Alliterisen
4. Monotetra
5. Senryu
This year’s February Form Fiesta is going to be fantastic. Our five forms showcase very different elements and therefore force each of you to adopt a new
:iconprojectdfc:ProjectDFC 7 19
DFC 6: Fidelity
Foolish fidelity, daring to dream;
Locking loyalties with serpents' cunning to scheme
And purport a plot, heavy-handed;
Oppose opposition, constant and candid.
Walk with acknowledged assurance
I, indelible even endurance,
am ever so much more than I may seem!
:iconmadprincefeanor:MadPrinceFeanor 6 15
DFC 09 - Full Moon
Within his corner, all alone,
   His soul eats from within.
The window shines the light of home;
   It itches in his skin.
He sees the light of gleaming night,
A fearful, bold, enpowering sight.
   He sees the light,
   He sees the light,
And knows the time has come to fight.
The moon, she shines, a perfect ball,
   A softly shimmering sphere.
He shuts his ears against the call,
   Pretends he cannot hear.
He feels the rage in him engage;
His body's now his only cage.
   He feels the rage,
   He feels the rage -
It eats him blank, an empty page.
He loves and fears and loathes these nights
   For reasons never known -
He knows not of his cause to fright;
   He's always on his own.
He never sees the grim release,
The grisly transformation ease.
   He never sees,
   He never sees,
For he is lost by inky trees.
:iconxburiedinblackx:XburiedinblackX 6 2
Awesome Storytelling Tips from a Screenwriter
I was going through some of my old tumblr posts today and came across a bunch of fantastic storytelling tips from a screenwriting blog. It's no longer active, sadly, but the advice is spot-on for all types of storytelling. Here are some of my favorite tips:
Tip #957
Know what moves you. Then step back from it, analyze it, and learn how to recreate it.
Tip #1008
It doesn’t matter how crazy an idea is. If it makes you more excited about the work, it’s a good idea.
Tip #1017
Before anything else, find the emotion in your concepts. Every good story idea will suggest one or two strong, emotional relationships. Identifying them should be your first task when breaking (plotting) a new idea.
Tip #1003
When you get right down to it, all you really need for a story is two people and an argument.
Tip #1187
A great idea is nothing without great characters.
Tip #1096
Know what your protag
:iconilluminara:illuminara 32 24
Liliana of the Veil: Black on Black by SteveArgyle Liliana of the Veil: Black on Black :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 345 8 The Marked Ones by shalizeh The Marked Ones :iconshalizeh:shalizeh 497 41 Value Distribution 1 by JohnoftheNorth Value Distribution 1 :iconjohnofthenorth:JohnoftheNorth 280 8
Thank you sonnet
I set my pen to paper now, to write
But sleeplessness leaves inspiration weak;
The only phrasing I can grasp is trite...
My Muse deserts me in a fit of pique.
Adrift upon the sea of words, I fret
My shining quarry schooling out of reach
For I am shipwrecked here without a net
Night's mariner, marooned on daylight's beach.
I grope beneath the surface for a thought;
A shallow maladroit, I cannot swim
My pitiful attempts are overwrought;
My metaphors, lackluster synonym.
So please forgive me for the platitude;
I'm simply overwhelmed with gratitude.
:iconcopper9lives:copper9lives 19 23
Canning Season
Canning season is that wonderful time of year when you never have a moment to yourself - it's all four in the morning mason jar sterilizing, neighbors making coffee in your kitchen before you're even dressed because they have cabbage, too (or carrots or apples or string beans) and you've invited them over with a truck load because you know extra hands make all the difference.
It's the time of year when the kitchen is never comfortable - if the water's not on to boil, the oven is warming and full of jars, or the space around the table is all buckets and elbows, paring knives, sweaty brows and chatter.
There is never silence - even in that ten minutes of processing time, when everything stops long enough for a hurried dinner, there's the water-bath-bubbling, jar-rattling rumble of the canner, or the joyous gunshot snapping of the lids as each jar seals.
Those days are filled with wood smoke, steam and the smell of apple butter reducing in the large copper kettle that once lived with your
:iconejeans7:ejeans7 112 76
_Sarah B. by josefinejonssonphoto _Sarah B. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 2,880 124 Glamazons II by idaniphotography Glamazons II :iconidaniphotography:idaniphotography 265 11
6 Reasons to Write a 2nd Novel Before Publishing
6 Reasons to Write a Second Novel before Publishing the First
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 7 “From Story to Art” – Section 5 “A Second Novel”
With Links to Supplementary Material
After writing my first novel, I gave it to my writing instructor so that he could see what I needed to improve. This process took a long time... a very long time; and so I decided that the only thing to do was to work on a second (and then third) novel before I got the first one back. The result? The two first drafts that I created were, by far, better than the eighth draft of my original novel, and my skills increased through writing and editing them, more than through the entire process of writing my first novel. Today, I'm going to explain why this happened, and make a case for why all beginning writers should write a second novel befor
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 110 25
When the darkness falls by chriseastmids When the darkness falls :iconchriseastmids:chriseastmids 83 36 Bookbinding Tutorial by JamesDarrow Bookbinding Tutorial :iconjamesdarrow:JamesDarrow 18,523 2,124 The Sleepless Black Bird by NataliaDrepina The Sleepless Black Bird :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 562 30

Card Art

Friend Feature!

Brilliant work by my artsy amigo :iconorogion::

Khiara by orogion Dragon Commander: Mirror on the Wall by orogion

Mature Content

Shar - The Lady of Loss by orogion
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!! by orogion

Kagyu Ling Monastery by orogion

... Continue the awe here:


Remember when I asked about your favourite Sea Shell Chocolate? 

13 deviants said A moment of silence now, for all ruined diets
9 deviants said Yes
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In 2012, I joined dA to enjoy some beautiful art (check), meet new friends (check) and share my work with others. While you're here, won't you oblige me?

Cheers from Belgium!

In only a few precious days, CRITMAS 2018 will be kicking off! If you like a nice get-together with friends and then fight them to the death over who's the better critique writer, this community event is for you. Sign up quickly to be assigned to a team!

CRITMAS 2018:new: Plenty of space for people to sign up- remember as long as you aim for just 12 critiques you are a winner of this challenge!
:new: squanpie has created some absolutely beautiful team artwork to represent this years teams. You have permission to use this as your team banner how you see fit (but be sure to credit)! Thank you so much :heart:

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for...

November, NaNo pfft, that is over! Winter is coming and with it brings a greater show. The armies are rising again!
Those sneaky secret-storing Samurai Snowmen have melted now. Previous winners are just a legendary tale. Four new teams are rising, each fuelled with one desire- To be the best at delivering critique!

Welcome to Critmas 2018!

What is Critmas?
This is a multi formed challenge where the focus is abo

Or if you're less a fan of the giving but more of the getting, that's fine too: Team Tannenbaum Trebuchets (T 'n T 'n yet more T) will need some works to write critiques for, so feel free to link 'm here. It doesn't matter if it's poetry, crafts or paintings or what have you.

Happy holidays to all and may the best baums win!

Christmas Tree Avi 

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
BATTLEFAIRIES is a legend within the Literature community on DeviantArt whose talent extends across a variety of mediums. She is an active and beloved member of CRLiterature and projecteducate and has singlehandedly run THE GAUNTLET, a writing contest featuring prompts that increase in their brutality, for its second year in a row. If you are one of the numerous people who have favourited her work, you've likely met "The Djinn", her alter ego that responds to questions (the number of which, over the past 5 years, has gone well into the thousands!). BATTLEFAIRIES has served this community with her unique brand of charm and wisdom and it is for these reasons that we are ecstatic to present her with Deviousness for November 2018.
-awarded November 2018

Lovely Stuff:



... It's a campaign. This means I get to inflict it on my players...!

Teeny-tiny Pippa exists!


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How to make a Living Topiary or Topiary Guardian by augustelos
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Aw, stop it, you! Major Blush But thank you Hug 

Whoa! You won the November Deviousness Award!

Good going! Congratulations! Well deserved!

EDIT: I easily figured you as a writer, but I didn't know you are also a visual artist. Your work has not been showing up in my home feed! I'll be nosing through your gallery bit by bit.

Why hello there sweetness! It feels like ages since I last saw you - how are things on your end today?

He, I've been always a vis artist, but I guess I've drawn attention to myself more with writing in here as of late!

Anyhow, thank you for your kind words and thank you for Watching!
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