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About Deviant Artist Core Member Annemie ThijsFemale/Belgium Groups :iconforgotten-realms-fc: Forgotten-Realms-FC
For all things retro-Realmsy
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Diptych by BATTLEFAIRIES Diptych :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 9 14 A Fortunate Soul by BATTLEFAIRIES A Fortunate Soul :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 22 3 A Chanceful Meeting (redux) by BATTLEFAIRIES A Chanceful Meeting (redux) :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 26 16 Wooden Kitchen Tools by BATTLEFAIRIES Wooden Kitchen Tools :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 6 16
Song of the Fairies
If you would live on Fairy-land, human, know the code:
Seeing fairies in procession, kindly leave the road
Make way for the Folk as they go by in shiny light
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Invite us to all your weddings – we might come, or not
To ignore us is to spite us even if we’ve got
a pony as a groom’s gift, and earrings for the bride
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
A knife should not be left in meat, salt not on the floor
Silver is an offence: don’t place it on the door
Leave no hatchet in the log, leave not your tools outside
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Following these Fairy rules, our peace can’t be disturbed
We reward humanity with luck and healing herbs
Bronze torcs for giving fairies a shelter from the cold
and sure death for those who come and dare to steal our gold.
We charm the snakes, we tell the wolves whom they cannot bite
No lightning strike
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 20 35
Pan Coasters by BATTLEFAIRIES Pan Coasters :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 12 18
Mutiny on the Way to Damocles
    “Mrs. Orientation Video kindly sends her regards, seeing as she couldn’t be here tonight – courtesy of you fine lot not respecting ‘lights out’ regulations and in so doing, losing your holovid privileges for the rest of the day.” Warden Gobelin seemed to grin behind his respirator mask when he swam further down to hook a foot behind the floor rail and steady himself. “Which is a shame, because we arrive at Damocles station in three hours.”
O’Byrne resented the Warden for exactly this type of thing – rather than doing his job keeping the peace, he let things get out of hand and then dared to gloat from behind his pane of impact glass. His penalties for disobedience were nothing more than petty pestering. But O’Byrne be damned if he and the other inmates weren’t fed up with withheld desserts, stupid lights-out rules and now removing any chance of watching a movie for the last time before checking into t
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 9 32
Dreams of Ice by BATTLEFAIRIES Dreams of Ice :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 60 32
Mature content
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's Revenge :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 17 22
Take your hands off of the torch, sir – slowly
And the keyboard; delete that tweet
Now trending: being sick of complaints
(the problem was Too Long; Didn't Read)
There is no elephant in the chatroom
and they are no pachyderm.
Clean the VR off your goggles
– we might not survive a second term.
Misantropy as an exception,
there's nothing inborn you must hide.
This wasn't about you last time I looked;
you want a parade? Have some pride.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 15 14
In A Land Far, Far A-whey
Marigold was being wedded off to this bloke who grew funny-shaped turnips for a living, so naturally the presents had to have that certain je-ne-sais-quoi which a household with this kind of creativity would appreciate.
Ma and Da brought the goat that yee-hawed, festooned with ribbons and artichoke flowers; Peet had dyed a turtle-dove and Tollie, Jen and Mabe all gave knitted kitchenware and farming tool cosies. There was a parsnip rack from Uncle Liam, while Aunt Meary and her husband had just brought themselves which oh, they shouldn't have. Lastly Nan, ever the frugal one, had remembered the bucketful of milk misplaced and retrieved from behind the stack of wood last spring, completely transmogified and strangely aromatic after pondering for so long on what to do with it. After all, one does not simply throw out a whole bucketful of milk, no matter the state - liquid, solid - it happens to be in.
And so they ate it at the feast, and it was delicious.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 7 17
Trojan refrain: a 3-way collaboration
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon
how does the looting go?
Have the lobbyists settled on
a puppet for the show
when you're the Hellespont police?
How about Helen of Greece?
Fair like Justice
fair like Justice
and δημοκρατία and Peace?
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
Does the dear daughter know
Your aircraft-carriers won’t run
Without some bloodflow?
"Can bank accounts become obese
Feeding like grubs off her decease?"!
Can bank accounts
Can bank accounts
Make oil-gorged Θέμις grin at vice?
hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
was your death a surprise?
did you sense that dark pall anon?
did you fail to surmise
it was all greek, your cuckold's fate,
that left you on Charon to wait?
it was all greek,
it was all greek,
when you and Ὀδυσσεύς did prate.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 11 8
Thunderlance by BATTLEFAIRIES Thunderlance :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 132 34 Card art: Thunderlance by BATTLEFAIRIES Card art: Thunderlance :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 6 9
Poetry And Me
You may say I'm cheap
and not too deep
but that's just you and this is me:
I'm low-hanging fruit on the poet-tree
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 22 25
Mature content
Anonymous :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 10 20

Random Favourites

Raven Downs Keep by Djekspek Raven Downs Keep :icondjekspek:Djekspek 371 28 Pathfinder Paladins 2 by Scebiqu Pathfinder Paladins 2 :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 2,887 132 Ridge by jamajurabaev Ridge :iconjamajurabaev:jamajurabaev 2,049 82 Ulmo by DanielGovar Ulmo :icondanielgovar:DanielGovar 703 148 The Orphan Beast by Gorrem The Orphan Beast :icongorrem:Gorrem 6,917 233 ravine- freya asheri by nebezial ravine- freya asheri :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,398 112 Golden flake forged by Fiery-Fire Golden flake forged :iconfiery-fire:Fiery-Fire 378 40 Chicken by kris-wilson
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Chicken :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 3,595 293
Harpy by RTopalov
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Harpy :iconrtopalov:RTopalov 276 23
Earth Colossus Progress by chasestone Earth Colossus Progress :iconchasestone:chasestone 476 34 Trinity - A Commission on Hiatus by arsheesh Trinity - A Commission on Hiatus :iconarsheesh:arsheesh 71 27 Heather by Julaxart Heather :iconjulaxart:Julaxart 388 33 Karna One arrow by Nisachar Karna One arrow :iconnisachar:Nisachar 38 2 Vile altar in weird forest by Pharaun333 Vile altar in weird forest :iconpharaun333:Pharaun333 10 19 The power by Pharaun333 The power :iconpharaun333:Pharaun333 128 27 Twin swords by Hellstern Twin swords :iconhellstern:Hellstern 2,816 123

Background shenanigans

Friend Feature!

Brilliant work by my artsy amigo :iconorogion::

Khiara by orogion Dragon Commander: Mirror on the Wall by orogion

Mature Content

Shar - The Lady of Loss by orogion
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!! by orogion

Kagyu Ling Monastery by orogion

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It wouldn't surprise me - dA has been removing people from my Watch list from time to time, for example.
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BATTLEFAIRIES Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
I'm not going to lie, the Gauntlet's results left me reeling! So much good stuff in there like you wouldn't believe, and that with all the restrictions, even, wow!
Your mind works in wondrous ways and even if you ended up getting nine out of nine DD's out of it, I wouldn't want it any other way. Respect where due!
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Hi. Thank you so much for your Daily Deviation suggestion for my poem Copperhead!!! 
- Hades
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Most welcome. Here's to hoping it'll get the exposure it deserves! Cheers with Champagne Emoticon 
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Nice gallery

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Thank you!
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BATTLEFAIRIES Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Haha, no problem! When I see something as nice I just have to suggest it for a DD, youknow...!
I hope it'll help you get the extra recognition you deserve :iconflowersplz:
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