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SSBB: Event 1 by Netbug009 SSBB: Event 1 :iconnetbug009:Netbug009 8 25
Bypass Test: Fonce vs. Wario
A calm day for a prisoner of battle? Wario thought he'd gotten that when he didn't receive an opponent from the group dragged to the town with him. Of course, he enjoyed a fight, but nobody told him when or where! Soon he would be back home, he was sure.
“So he thinks,” Fonce said as she made these observations.
He heard nothing more than the loud clang of a sword against the ground and turned to face her, confused. The sword was pitch black. A broadsword almost as big as the elite herself. Before he could ask, she charged. “Alright. Let's see if you're even worth the first swing.” There was no battle cry. Simply an apathetic swing of the arm. The arm lengthened, sending the sword hurdling at Wario.
He dodged, sidestepping rather quickly.
Okay, so he wasn't completely incapa.... What was he doing?
Fonce stared at the opponent, who had stuck out his tongue at her and patted his rear tauntingly.
She held in a twitch. Forget the test. He was going home as soon as possi
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SSBB: Event 2: Part 1 by Netbug009 SSBB: Event 2: Part 1 :iconnetbug009:Netbug009 2 6
SSBB: Round 2: Part 2
Okay...okay, chill, there could be a ton of brown kirby-like creatures running around the city. Yeah. Brown is a really common Kirby color!” The sole brown kirby in the city though. A small nervous laugh came moments later. “Crud.
The brown kirby looked out from the tree again, pushing branches out of the way. “Maybe it's not really brown and the lighting from here is really bad. Yeah. That could be it.
The branches snapped back into place, pushing the brown kirby to the ground. She heard snapping and used every once of willpower to not scream in pain from something gouging into her back. She didn't want to imagine what it would have been if she was not such a pain resistant creature right now. In fact, her body bounced right off after landing, putting her down face first next to the culprit. After a moment, the kirby got up and turned to the item.  Delicate computer components were  leaking out the broken glass
:iconnetbug009:Netbug009 3 8
BCE Crime 1
“Gooooood morning, contestants of Battle City the second!” a voice, Vera's voice, came through the intercoms all around the Battle City Express. “I hope you don't mind if I was a bit scarce to you yesterday. I figured I'd let you guys rest after you got on the train. For those who don't know, my name is Vera, and I shall be your conductor for this voyage. It is 9:00 AM and we are currently going through Quilla, a water region. That's right, the train is currently going across a giant lake using a special type of tracking. You can't even see it if you were to look out the caboose! Of course, the caboose is locked up at the moment. Sorry. Wouldn't want one of the larger creatures to swim up and eat you!” She laughed, slightly nervously.
Vera couldn't help smiling ecstatically. She'd wanted this assignment really badly. The Express would be traveling through many crazy locations on its way to Battle City. “Breakfast will be ready in about ten minutes! If your diet
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BCE Crime 2
“G-g-g-good-d-d-d m-m-m-morning-g-g p-p-passengers-s-s-s-s! P-P-pleas-s-se c-c-come d-d-dow-w-wn-n t-to th-the b-b-breakf-fast-t c-car!”
Several groans could be heard among the passenger cars. Seriously? The train was jittery like a constant earthquake and had been for 5 hours at least, yet Vera still wanted everybody to come for a meeting? Some of the passengers had trouble sleeping with the shaking. Others had trouble because the heaters were having a battle against the cold outside. The center of quilla contained a massive glacier, and the train was currently passing over it. The passengers slowly and carefully made their way out of their rooms (some dodging falling objects) and down the hallway.
This time, there was food when they got to the car, but there were no nice plates or candles. Instead, everything was in cheap plastic containers to avoid a mess.  The passengers opened their boxes to find... pancakes. And bacon. Oh, yeah, very Japanese. The booths were
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