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Welcome all fighters and any lovers who love the thrill of battles. Be it any fighting games, anime, or martial arts movies. Even have your own fighters submitted here so they also join in the battles. Here are just a few simple rules to get you all settled at home.

You may submit:
Original characters
Canon VS. OC

What is NOT allowed here:
Traced arts
Stolen arts
Graphic nudity

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Mature Content

Booty hunter 07 by SpicyFictionFac

Mature Content

Sabby vs. Marika Fight 1 (original render 1) by tommy9927

Mature Content

Condor Otaka by Tomboy-Tsukachan
Featured 3

Mature Content

The Climb Page 19 by DesertLion3D
Boston crab (2) by Rona-arts

Mature Content

Alibeth vs Bruna - LAST Patreon Preview by Adrasko

Mature Content

Under control... by EM-Farrow
Featured 2

Mature Content

Not long left) by Nisamatix

Mature Content

Blackstone vs Harrison by EM-Farrow

Mature Content

Finishing blow! (Story) by Nisamatix

Mature Content

Katie vs Jayci 31 - Round 2 DOWN by bx2000b
Anime and Cartoons

Mature Content

TAI LUNG TAKES A CATNAP !!!!!! by mrjulius1967
[Ots/KSM] Emergency landing (ch. 6) by Riveda1972
[Ots/KSM] Emergency landing (ch. 5) by Riveda1972
Momo Yaoyorozu - Boxing Outfit by AaronKyle98

Mature Content

cammy vs ryu side stinkface (reupload 2018) by cacaonori
Alexa Bliss - Figure four headscissor by Tekken7Wallpapers
Homelander vs Bunnyx by Jose-Ramiro
Santo vs Ghostface by Jose-Ramiro
Martial Art Movies
Ninja Girl - Squashed (ANIMATION) by the-korpcerp-corp
Ninja Girl - Atomicdrop ANIMATION BELOW by the-korpcerp-corp
Roommate ruckus by cattle6
Defeated by cattle6
OC Fighters
Uf 11 by gentry100
Introducing Chase 03 by gentry100
Introducing Chase 04 by gentry100
Super heroine vs Super Heroine 2 by Agafemo
Video Games
Bayonetta: Moonlit Butterfly by ChronoSnatcher
Cowboy Bebop: Last Call by ChronoSnatcher
Ada Wong Takes No Chances by FantasyTapoutArena
Dark ages|Hoth remembers by DanStrogg








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+ Com. Status - ALL Comissions's type! - Adopt? +:star: Let's organizate this!! :la:
:damphyr: Hey there! :heart: I'll do this journal entry to show you all, everything I'm working here on :dalogo:!! Talking about all the comissions's style I'm working on this times, and I've subbmited my first adoptables OCs!! Down, ALL the info that you need!! :dummy:
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:damphyr: Reference!:
No Star No Star No Star = Not started yet
Star! No Star No Star = Sketch ready

:huggle: Hi there! :star:
I'm looking for new friends and artistic's partners!
I'm a Deviant user since 2010 (But recently I'm reviving my :dalogo: later a lot of movings and economy's bad situations here on Argentina :( )

I'm able to accept my firsts comissions via Paypal, and my first Adoptables OC!
Up, the Journal with the artworks's examples I do, prices and requirements!~

Don't worry if you cannot help; will be very helpful if you could share my comissions's journal with your friends! :rose:

I'm really needing help to paid the rent and the food; and my works are my only help today (For the almost dead laboral's situation here :depressed:)
Nice to meet you, and keep going the awesome work!! :heart:
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