judges :iconzhourules:   :iconsssk76:  

special guest judge the amazing RICK MAYS! :iconrickmays:
Please give a big thanks to your judges and check out there pages.
especially give :iconrickmays: a BIG MASSIVE thank you for taking out his time to do this. not only did this great guy judge he went that extra mile and commented on  almost all your pieces.
Its not everyday you get a pro comic book artist judging and commenting on your work.
so that would make me happy if you can all give :iconrickmays: a big thanks.

CHARACTER:  SCARAB from david macks kabuki

BEST BATTLE PIECE GOES TO... :icondarkness33: Beautiful death by Darkness33 with this amazing buzzer beater piece.selected by :iconredskullrudd:   in close 2nd 3rd and 4th were :iconcristian-santos: :iconpain16: and :icontinkercats:
PRIZE:  1 month free DA subscription to the best battle piece.

please let me know if you can not battle.


BA heavy weight championship by V4VOLTAGE
Beautiful death by Darkness33:icondarkness33:Photobucket Scarab by vanillajester:iconvanillajester:Photobucket:iconcristian-santos: rockabybabi by CRISTIAN-SANTOS   STILL BEING JUDGED!

Scarab by pafmaster:iconpafmaster:Photobucket:iconstarstream01::thumb182528729:  WINNER :iconstarstream01:

Assassin by dreno360:icondreno360:Photobucket:iconthefirstalbatross::thumb182601283: WINNER :iconthefirstalbatross:

:iconmrrentaro:Photobucket:iconafnartofficial: Scarab by AFNartOfficial  WINNER :iconafnartofficial:

Kabuki by 5000WATTS:icon5000watts:Photobucket:iconcharlessimpson:  WINNER :icon5000watts: ; )

Last Mission by jactinglim:iconjactinglim:Photobucket:iconrichardkeithart: WINNER :iconjactinglim:

:thumb182300692::iconmortalshinobi: Photobucket :icondurandus: WINNER :iconmortalshinobi:

Battle Artist 03 Scarab by robthesentinel:iconrobthesentinel:Photobucket:iconmerides: Battle Artist: Scarab Mask by Merides  DRAW

:iconinarigamer:Photobucket:icongrimagix::thumb182610304: WINNER :icongrimagix:

:thumb182225633::iconealadha:Photobucket:iconderekdwyer: Scarab by DerekDwyer  WINNER :iconderekdwyer:

Scarab -Kabuki by DW-DeathWisH:icondw-deathwish:Photobucket:iconbender18:  WINNER :icondw-deathwish:

scarab figure snapdragon face by Selkirk:iconselkirk:Photobucket:iconzenangel13: Scarab by ZenAngel13 WINNER :iconselkirk:

SCARAB by pain16:iconpain16:Photobucket:icontinkercats::thumb182325316: WINNER :iconpain16:

Scarab by Acerbic450:iconacerbic450:Photobucket:icon585: scarab by 585 WINNER  :iconacerbic450:

SCARAB KABUKI by jorzac:iconjorzac:Photobucket:iconjameslfree: Battle Artist week 10 Scarab by Jameslfree WINNER :iconjorzac:

Noh Agent Scarab Color by naldridge:iconnaldridge:Photobucket:icon3xlt: Scarab by 3XLT  DRAW

:iconvakhtang:Photobucket:iconpxpxp: scarab by pxpxp WINNER :iconpxpxp:

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