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Countdown to BA Art/Color Battle Royale

Countdown ended
Saturday, January 16th @ 11:59pm

Now to the judge.

BA14 Art Battle RoyaleTheme: Anime/MangaSubject: Tanjiro KamadoDue date: 19th December 2020 23:59@shoze Vs @belgerles


BAC14 Color Battle RoyaleTheme: Anime/MangaSubject: Nezuko (Kimetsu No Yaiba)Due Date: 19th December 2020 23:59Line Art by: @Hitokirisan

Hitokiri-nguyen- Nezuko

@IvannaMatilla Vs Gordon GMX

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Countdown to BA11/BAC11 Battle Royale

Countdown ended
Friday, October 9th @ 11:59pm

Now to the Judge.


Art Battle Champion by V4VOLTAGE

Color Battle Champion by V4VOLTAGE

BATTLE ARTIST / How Battles Work

Battle Artist is a fun and exciting way to art jam. Our battles are designed soley for fun. We hope for battles to inspire and encourage our members to grow as artists.

How Battles Work
Art battles are now one big BATTLE ROYALE.
To join in a BATTLE ROYALE, simply submit your artwork to the featured section before the dead line.
If you are not a member of DA you submit your work to Twitter/Instagram and use the #hashtag code provided. Make sure to submit your artwork before the due date.

There is a top 3 place system with first place becoming the No1 contender for the Heavyweight Championship.

Guest judge
The guest judge will select the top 6 images from the battle royale.

Guest judges get= 2pts. (If you can not battle you can volunteer to judge.)

Point System:
1st= 8pts
2nd= 6pts
3rd= 5pts
(TOP 3 Get posted on the main page of our site and shared via our social media.)
4th= 4pts
5th= 3pts
6th= 2pts
7th= 1pt

Daily Deviation= 10pts

HeavyWeight Championship / No1 Contender

1 Vs 1 Heavyweight Championship Battle Point System:

Feud Battles
Any BA Warrior may call out another BA Warrior. If they accept your challenge you both battle in a SOLO Battle, 1 Vs 1.

Heavyweight Championship Perks
When you become the Heavyweight champion you can give yourself a fighters nickname.
eg: Anderson "The Spider" Silva
The title will feature your name on the belt so it is only unique to you.
You may also post the heavyweight championship on your social media accounts to let your followers know who's the champ.

BA 2020 (Reboot) Season 1 will run for 20 Battles. At the end of the season, if you are in the top 4 Rankings you will win some prizes.
1st = $60usd
2nd= $30usd
3rd= $10usd
4th= 1 month Core subscription
(Prizes will get bigger as we grow as a community. This is up to you guys.)

Bounty Battle

Bounty Battle
Is for members/watchers wanting a commission. The commissioner will put up the bounty.
The BOUNTY is then divided up between the top 3 places.
(The remaining 10% will go back into running this group.)

Commission Rate
$200usd (over 50 submissions)
$150usd (Over 20 submission )
$100usd (Over 10 submissions)
$50usd (Over 5 submissions)

Note: The commissioner can set a submission limit. For BA Warriors this means, first in best dressed.







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Check our website and follow us on Instagram for regular updates.
Next battle starting soon.
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