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Star Ducks (SoI-1952/SCP-1952-B?)

My interpretation of the "Star Ducks", an alien race that was mentioned only once in a single article, SCP-1952, whom I have yet to draw.

For context, the "Star Ducks" are a mysterious race of aliens supposedly responsible for the creation of SCP-1952, a cybernetically and biologically augmented Homo erectus who has the limbs of a duck and a helmet that enhances his intellect. According to him, he was once an "average caveman" named Gorb, a hunter-gatherer. But one day, he was abducted by a large spacecraft resembling an egg, which scooped him in with a tractor beam composed of sticky amniotic fluid. Upon being brought into the craft, he was operated upon by the "Star Ducks", who amputated his legs and vomited on the wound causing a pair of duck-like legs to grow in in their place. They then placed a metal helmet on his head, and used him as a living marionette for the sake of laughs and sadistic entertainment. This event was agonizing for SCP-1952, leaving him with severe anatidaephobia that will likely remain for the rest of his now eternal life. SCP-1952, after somehow escaping the sadistic beings, was taken into Foundation custody some millions of years later. The "Star Ducks" haven't been seen since.

I wanted to draw these things not only because they are honestly a hilarious idea, but also because I wanted to see if I can feasibly design a "Star Duck" without making it look like a meek "Earth Duck". Turned out to be a lot harder than it sounds. I thought of an interesting hypothetical in which the Foundation finds an ancient, crashed egg-ship with stasis pods full of dead "Star Ducks", and documents their findings via necropsy. This hypothetical discovery is chronicled in the image text, and as I continued to work on the sketch, I added to the hypothetical "description" when I was happy with whatever I added. I went through several iterations while drawing this thing, and took about 3 days to find a look I was happy with. I tried as best as I can to make it abundantly clear that these creatures evolved on different anatomical and phylogenetic principles while also converging in a strange manner, giving a "kinda but not really" sort of uncanny likeness. For example, like an Earth duck it has something resembling feathers and something resembling a bill, but it's skeleton and organs are nothing like a duck's at all. Like earth avialans, the lineage of creatures that the "Space Ducks" originated from had attained powered flight, though they attained it with wings of skin rather than feathers, and the various anatomical specializations that allow sustained flight (namely the muscle types involved in flapping and the design of the wing) are fundamentally different. I also wanted to apply loose elements of body horror to the design as well. The "Star Ducks" themselves kind of resemble a jumble of dislocated duck parts, and the yolk-like device on the chest looks pretty damn disgusting too. Of course, I wanted to maintain the goofiness of the concept in the final design, and I think I managed to capture that with the bizarre, lanky build of the creature and the exaggerated "bill" and feet.

SCP-1952 and the "Star Ducks" belong to GibberingEloquence.
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I kind of want to design an alien civilization made out of "entelodont"-like aliens the same way you designed these star ducks, like give them a similar shape and physical design but with very obvious different anatomical characteristics and phylogenetic backgrounds.

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what an amazing and freaky looking "Duck."

Curious, what do you use to make your drawings?
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Thank you. I use a mobile app on my tablet called Sketch.
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Excellent design for the "Star-Duck"! Like the Barlowe-esque beak and those eyes are pretty as jewels. And you did a very good job on the yolk-bag, bio-cybernetics ar just fun.
this borb is gonna QUACK you for the lolz!, i imagine that hominids are "funny monkeys" to the space ducks.
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Their favorite movie is Curious Gorb.
It's a snuff film, btw.
A snuff film made by ducks
also the name "eggmen" given to the ducks... Doctor "Eggman" Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog is not amused!.

which SCP is next in this month?.
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I'll be doing the gliscians, and after them will be SCP-4715, the "Demon Born of War".
the ones from the makers of music, i'm going to cry at that SCP again.

and i wonder what would be the origins of SCP-4715?, since the monster is born "of war" and is powered and attracted to these kinds of conflicts, that thing might be some kind of Persona-like shadow or a just a literal but physical demonic horror.
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Well, it's pretty much directly implied that SCP-4715 is a biological superweapon created by the children of the night to wage war upon humanity, sooo...
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Maybe its an extradimensional anomaly that feeds off of violence, and was attracted to our world by a conflict that the Children of the night were involved in thousands of years ago
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That's unlikely, since it is a chimera of countless mammalian species from our dimension.
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