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My depiction of SCP-4571, the Curious Creature of the Cold Red Desert.

In summation, SCP-4571 is an alien hermit who got stranded on the planet Mars. The only thing he has left is a multi-purpose spherical gadget that creates simple hard light tools. How he got there and why is not known, but in the meantime, he has been trying to make a living, building himself a mud hut and, after happening upon a native species of fruit bearing plant, had been cultivating food for himself. The Foundation discovered him after one of their rovers came upon his mud hut, though SCP-4471 doesn't take kindly to intrusive rovers, so he destroys every single one he sees. The Foundation has been observing him since. Even now, the actual circumstances behind SCP-4571's situation are not quite known, but based on observations of his behavior, he seems to want to come to Earth. The Foundation currently plans to try and communicate with SCP-4571, and bring him into custody willingly so that they can learn more about the fruit-bearing flora he had been farming.

Though I did follow the object description, I also wanted to throw in heavy amounts of speculative xenobiology to SCP-4571's design as well. I wanted to avoid making him look like a conventional earth mammal (he is an alien, after all), so I thought to myself as to what an alien analogue to a mammal would look like, and sketched out a basic body plan and expounded upon it. The result is something looking like a warped, hexapodal anthropomorphic cat with vaguely arachnid-like features. His face is of a purely superficial likeness to that of cats or dogs, with vaguely insectoid mandibles instead of a standard mammalian jaw structure. What appear to be the jowls are actually an upper pair of mandibles, which don't move around as much as the lower pair. The appendages on the corners of his mouth are olfactory organs derived from what used to be a middle pair of mandibles in his distant ancestors. The tip of each "olfactory stalk" opens up like an ear of corn, revealing a feathery fan of hairs that catch airborne scent particles. His "ears" (more properly referred to as aural palps) are like strange antenna, consisting of bony, jointed stalks with pennae at the end. The aural palps constantly swivel about in multiple directions, alerting SCP-4571 of any sudden noises. Of course, he is partially deaf, so his ears don't work like they used to. This time, I went through the effort of adding a (crappy) Martian landscape! This was certainly a fun one to draw, and I definitely plan on drawing many of the other alien skips in the near future.

SCP-4571 was written by YIcomsaw
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Strange, but oddly cute. I bet it breathes CO2, giving it isn’t wearing a suit.

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i kinda wonder on what must be going on through SCP-4571's head ever since they got stranded on mars
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I find extra-terrestrial SCPS to be an interesting concept, in the question of if they should count as 'anomalous' by the Foundation's standards. I mean, do beings from other worlds count as being unnatural? They're the norm for their own homeworlds (we assume, at least), so apart from being in odd locations what makes them truly anomalous outside of simply being aliens?
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They aren't inherently anomalous, however the Foundation needs to contain them regardless because if these extraterrestrial castaways are known to the public, it may cause a major culture shock.
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Classic Men in Black logic.
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It's objectively good logic, though. It's pretty safe to say that our society simply isn't ready for aliens yet. We are still in a stage in which aliens are a subject of superstition and controversy. Seeing one will cause everyone to flip out. Especially religious extremists, who will likely think that it's a tartarean demon of some kind and irrationally try to slay it. The best course of action would take them into custody unless or until they find a way to get back home.
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"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet."

Never said it wasn't sound logic; it's actually logic I heavily agree with; an individual person might be able to come to terms with such knowledge and accept it, but mankind as a whole is not ready for such a life-changing revelation.

So, yeah: even if they're not technically unnatural, the knowledge of extra-terrestrial life is best kept hidden from the world, until the world is ready for such knowledge.
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Very well said indeed.
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At first, I thought that this was the easter bunny

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Nice to see you're giving extraterrestrial SCPs plenty of attention!
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Thank you! I need the practice, too
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it kinda reminds me of a bug for some reason. Very awesome though.
Batterymaster's avatar
Thanks, that was my aim kinda
super duper awesome!, it's bipedal but not humanoid!, i love it.
Batterymaster's avatar
Thank you! Though to be fair, an alien humanoid can work if done right:
Triangulum Galaxy Humanoid by MelodyLee84 Andromeda Galaxy Headless Man by MelodyLee84 Firstborn by MelodyLee84 Humanoid Echinoderm Thing by MelodyLee84
the second, third and fourth ones aren't even humanoid to me, but i get your point.
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especially not the fourth one.
by the way does the creature technically have three limbs?, the two smaller ones in the middle become fused into a single hand, if that is intentional then it's awesome alien biology.
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No, it has four arms. The smaller pair are just drawn a little funky. I can see why you made that assumption though XD
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