To me street photography is an art of observation

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I don't think I'm essentially a street photographer.

I guess to me photography is my way to communicate my way of seeing.

It has something to see with a philosophical approach to reality. 

I always had this way of observing reality, dwelling on the details, on scenes that tell me something.

Early I was inspired by what was around me. Slowly, I came to street photography.

Curiosity to see what my mind has seen? A purpose of observing without feeling curious?

I don’t know and I don't care. Here I am. 

["i am what I imagine. my very existence consists in my imagination of myself" =  I am what I photograph]

I have said so many things.. I propose again here:

My approach to street is narrative. I shutter when I think I see something magical in the reality in front of me. Something that I should imagine, but that I would like to communicate to others, too. I am satisfied with one click when it manages to tell a little bit more than what you see at first glance. Sure, the desire to show something more than mere reality it's at the base of street photography. But ... for me it's the “magic”, the “imagination”, that triggers my photography. And this “magic” can be as sad as cheerful ...
Of course then there is photography that represents life. But that's another thing ...
I started taking street photos in Berlin, trying to be in the mood with the city and its inhabitants. What interested me was the sadness and -at the same time- the feeling of freedom, of diversity, that you can experience in Berlin. As always I'm driven by the desire to retell reality, and so I do it taking photographs...

Berlin crossing………

I think that sometime the grain gives the images a pictorial effect not hyper-realistic, which I personally like.

for me photographic reality today often exceeds the real one making all "plastic", and with noice I would like to eliminate the effect plastic.…


'Cause I'm not a real street photographer: yesterday, as I was waiting for someone, with my nikon hanging around my neck, I started to take a look around.

And that's how I got it. I'm a photographer of the wait. I don't look for shots. I find them in the pauses.

That's why I love to take pictures in the subway, in bars: because I wait for the right shot, I don't look for it.

All in all, it perfectly fits with my being. I'm motionless, it's life that changes my colour, my age.

fairytale by Batsceba

Disturbing Waiting by Batsceba  Dangerous Minds B/W by Batsceba optimistic by Batsceba I'm big by Batsceba 
  complicity by Batsceba Morning Light by Batsceba
All Alone My Pet? by Batsceba

The Opposite House
For a year I lived in an old House and I fell in love with the Opposite House. I looked at the lighted windows in the night.
At a certain point I thought that my Doppelgänger lived here, in an apartment, because I used to see her typing at the computer every night.
So I took these pictures out of my window, but without any "appointment", as a wish to stop time, to stop memories.
A House and his life.
These are not all the shots.
The Opposite House
Doppelgänger House
The Gatecrasher
A white tent
My Doppelgänger
My Doppelgänger
My neighbor
La donna in giallo
Secret Window
Magical Window Stars
A path of clouds
House on the Moon
I graffiti di BerlinoI graffiti di Berlino – La photogallery
June 15, 2014
By La Redazione
I graffiti di Berlino
di Batscheba Hardy
Ogni  tanto penso a come sarà Berlino fra qualche anno, quando non ci saranno più i resti del passato, quei muri su cui la libera creatività si è potuta sfogare…
Intanto cerco di documentarli, fermando con i miei scatti il tempo. 
Intere facciate decorate da folli disegni e piccoli capolavori sparsi qua e là: sulle tapparelle rotte e sui vecchi portoni, sulle saracinesche dei negozi, oppure là, vicino al cielo, dove tutti si chiedono come si può arrivare. 
Ma resterà il muro del Mauerpark, libero spazio per gli artisti di strada.
Le finestre di Berlino in 12 suggestivi scattiself promotion ;) forgive me and thank you:
“Chi come me passa gran parte della sua giornata guardando il cielo, non può non imbattersi nelle finestre.
Amo le finestre, che riflettono la luce del sole, che si illuminano di notte, perché dietro ad ognuna c’è una storia, un cuore che pulsa.
Per un certo periodo ho abitato di fronte alla mia Doppelgänger. L’ho chiamata così perché come me stava sempre al computer e la luce della sua finestra era sempre accesa. A qualunque ora di notte io la guardassi, lei era sempre lì…
Ma si sa, Batsceba Hardy ama contemplarsi nelle finestre delle case”

  I caffe di Berlino ritratti da Batsceba HardyScritto da Berlino cacio e pepe
I caffè di Berlino sono posti davvero particolari, così vari eppure così simili nel riuscire a costruire una sensazione di comfort e calore che poche altre città al mondo possono offrire. Sarà per quegli arredamenti spesso arrangiati un po' alla come viene, ma alla fine sempre accoglienti e "molto carini", sarà che sono frequentati da berlinesi, gente spesso senza fretta che passa anche così la propria giornata da freelance, ma i caffè di Berlino sono "qualcosa" e questo qualcosa è ritratto dalla bravissima fotografa e scrittrice Batsceba Hardy a cui solo qualche giorno fa Repubblica dedicava una bella photogallery. Batsceba Hardy vive a Berlino dal 2006. Se volete sape
  Berlino, le attese e la gente della metro in 20 scBerlino, le attese e la gente della metro in 20 scatti di Batsceba Hardy
Scritto da Berlino cacio e pepe in Vita quotidiana

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe 2015Every now and then I take someone here.
Each time different feelings.
I listen and watch.
A space for dreams "Space for everything and everyone.

From 71 to 202 square meters, the residential lofts in A SPACE make family dreams come true,
but even space-conscious singles or couples will find something to suit them from the 24 individual floor plans.
The open-plan living, kitchen and dining area in the large lofts is complemented by one to three separate rooms.
Depending on the layout, there are dressing rooms, utility rooms or storage areas.
And, of course, a fantastically spacious bathroom with a separate guest WC comes as standard,
as does the sun terrace or balcony. "
.... Humanity definition: all human beings collectively...………

Q.What camera do you use?

1- Niki Ray (Nikon D7000) - Blue (Olimpus u9000,S9000) Daniel (Nokia C5)  and others.... Cam (CASIO EX-Z110) - Lucy (Panasomic Lumix) Polly (Fuji ) Ollie (Olympus OM2) .... Jeff (iPad)

I am not a traditional photographer (state of incessant imperfection - nothing lasts, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect

I believe that the means are not so important, after all ... and I don't have so much money to buy what I'd like. So I dream of a dark room, a study, one Hasselblad,  three Leica, a series of Polaroid, and more :P (Lick)

Q. What is your vision of your art (your domain of art)?

An “artistic product” is made of contingencies, chance, true/centratura.

it is different to anyone: you like it or not, it tells you something or lets you cold. it makes you angry. it provokes.

 it gives you enthusiasm. he does not affect you. it is. it has its own life.

it does not belong to the artist anymore. (from ART OF IMPERFECTION, SUBTRACTION AND SDEFINITION

Magritte by Batsceba

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