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Lately, Street Photography is struggling (like all forms of expression) in search of new ways to explore, a little anxiously, without understanding that everything has already been said and done, and that we are living in the “future” but we are not mentally prepared for it.
We need to use new technology, with great simplicity, just like David Hockney.…
Looking at the results achieved by this artist, you come to realize that everyone can use new technology, but not everyone can use it "artistically". But that's not what I wanted to talk about ... let's go back to the Street.

As administrator of two groups of Street Photography on Deviantart I've noticed that, lately, sociological images no longer interest people, in fact it seems that photographing harsh realities (dirty and sad) is "annoying". Photographers are rather keen to explore the use of decorative style.
We always talk about wanting to "tell" possible stories but actually we "freeze" only concepts, stylish games: shadows and colours chasing each other.
That's no more Street Photography. That's Graphic Street, Conceptual Street, Shadow Street and not least Ghost Street, with photographers often waiting ages for the ultimate shot, sometimes even creating the premises for it to happen. And then there is the tendency to super colourful (Hipstamatic...). Sometimes shots are fun, often the human element matters little. And anyway, they are beautiful photos.
(There were already such forms at the time of analogue photography perhaps less plastic.)

My approach to street is narrative. I shutter when I think I see something magical in the reality in front of me. Something that I should imagine, but that I would like to communicate to others, too. I am satisfied with one click when it manages to tell a little bit more than what you see at first glance. Sure, the desire to show something more than mere reality it's at the base of street photography. But ... for me it's the “magic”, the “imagination”, that triggers my photography. And this “magic” can be as sad as cheerful ...

Of course then there is photography that represents life. But that's another thing ...


(Shadow Street) - Alphan Yilmazmaden
oops by arslanalp 1055 by arslanalp
Iryna Fedorovskaya
Morning Rush by IrynaFedorovska
(Ghost Street) Mirko Arganese
ag18 by Elerko
(Conceptual Street) Mary Cimetta
Runaway by myraincheck Naked Shadow by myraincheck
(Graphic Street) Jean-Daniel Beley
The stripe chameleon by djailledie A Rider's Cross Walk by djailledie
(super colourful Street)Alex Reyes
Hipstamatic Print 003 by ThatAlexReyes
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