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Now I should be able to upload even more and stay a little more active! haha. 
Someone came over and fixed my computer by putting a new heat sink in for me. While the thing is still a POS and falling apart, it gives me that much more time. I'll have to find a way to start saving for a new one. But at least i can get on here again, and play WoW, and other games! haha

and for my IRL friends. please PLEASE re add me on facebook if you can! I had to make a new account a while back because of a stalker (long story, the crazy girl from australia haha) and now i can't re -add any of you, and i don't think you're getting my messages because they go to the message requests section instead.  [link]   you can find it here! <---   
(if i dont know you i probably wont add you. I only accept people i know IRL)

..... also. more arts coming soon!! (already have some just waiting to be uploaded haha)
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Submitted on
December 6, 2018