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Because nothing in my life can ever go right. I find a way to start making an income online, and then my computer dies. So now I can't. 0 money to buy a new one, I'll probably never have one again the rest of my life...

The computer I had was an old hand me down of my exes anyway... Lol. Usually I'd sell stuff to try and raise money, but when my ex left me he convinced me I was moving across country with him and he made me get rid of literally everything I owned, including pets (other than my cat cuz I refused), because I "couldn't take it with us, we'll buy new stuff when we get there"..... Then he goes there and tells me to fuck off. Left me with nothing, and I still have nothing, other than plants I got after, most of which I grew from seeds or cuttings because I can't afford to buy actual plants... Lol.. (still had the computer only because I was going to give it to my nephew when I left, but then I never left...)

Anyway. The point is I have no computer now, so things will be really really slow...   Still working on art and have things to post, when I figure out how to do more from my phone, like I am with this... (my phones on its last legs too though, so we'll see..)

I am however getting low on paint and art supplies. I could really use some canvases, ect (I added more sizes and can't organize the list on my phone. Art supplies are usually at the bottom).  If anyone would like to help me out. I keep my Amazon wishlist upto date at all times. My gift address is correct as well, so any items biught as a gift from my list will be sent directly to me.
Without a car/transportation or money for a bus, I can't get out of the apartment very often. And with no comouter art is literally all I have. So it would help a ton XD

Link to the Amazon wishlist:…
I haven't been doing digital art, or many drawings on paper even.  But I HAVE been painting rocks! I paint rocks and leave them in random places around town for people to find/keep.  A lot of people in my area do it. haha.

I've had a few people ask me about selling my rocks. I am unable to use PayPal, so looking for another option to do so... I may open up an Etsy shop!  I won't be taking commissions right away, but will sell pre-painted rocks. lol :)

I still don't have an income, if anyone is willing to donate a month subscription! <3 <3 

Where's my new art?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 11:32 AM

The Lion King 1 by princess-femi-stamps
Sacrifice to Jashin stamp by zelos22
pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX
Stamp - Rescue Cat by MauserGirl
Cat Lover Stamp :D by whitekestrel-wings
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d
Slow internet... by prosaix

That's a very good question! I still doodle a lot but haven't done a whole lot in the way of drawing.

I got a bearded dragon on January 29th and he's been taking up a lot of my time. Especially the bug farms we started to help feed him and my green anoles! haha. (crickets, dubia roaches, and super worms). I should make a video to show people. hahaha
And also, as of Saturday I have a second bearded dragon! This one is an adult (Crush, my first one, who's a boy is still a baby). Someone was selling her and everything she had for $80. She had no UV light and I felt really bad. lol. My baby is very skittish and doesn't like to be touched. At all. I'm still trying to work with him, but he does bite the bajesus out of me every time XD  My adult girl (still need a name for her!) is VERY friendly and is always wanting me to take her out and hold her. She likes to ride on my shoulder XD

I've been making custom cage inserts for the cages though. I made one for my baby when I got him, and I'm currently working on one for my nephews bearded dragon.  I use strofoam and grout, and then clear coat it so it's all sealed in and water proofed. XD  Once I have more styrofoam I'm going to make a basking rock for my new beardie too. :)
^^^the red/brown rock platform that takes up like.. the whole cage is what I made for it (I made the hammock too, but thats just a piece cut from a fleece blanket haha)
^^^And this is the one I'm working on for my nephews. It's going to have a zelda background XD (no idea where it came from/who made it. foundit on google and printed it out >_> )

I do plan to start drawing more, but I can't make any promises of when. My life is a little confusing right now, and my mindis usually on other things. XD But hopefully soon!

Also.. my birthday is next Saturday... I would mind drawings of my beardies ;)

Crush (the baby):

And my new Beardie girl:

Please see my Profile page for Art Status, etc.
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