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Pikachu rocks by Batnamz Pikachu rocks by Batnamz
I'm about to offer these up for grabs. (local pick up in eugene oregon only. sorry, i cannot ship)
The girl who wanted them done originally said they HAD to be done by the 14th of November because her kids birthday party was then and she was having a Pokémon themed birthday party for him. I stayed up super late that night to make sure they all got done on time. She then said she couldn't pick them up and would the following Monday. Nothing. Eventually she posted a comment in the local rock group we're in saying she had messaged me. No messages so I message her. She said last Thursday she would pick them up and message me for exact address when she's ready. Again nothing. Day before yesterday she again posted a comment in the rock group (under a post of mine) saying she's been messaging me but they aren't going through. I check. No messages. I send her a message with my phone number and said I'm available literally any time other than Saturday 3-6. To just text or call when she's ready to pick them up. She said she had yesterday off and would for sure pick them up and give me a call. Again nothing. She can't possibly say those aren't going through too. Haha. Either way, I don't think she's picking them up. If anyone local wants them or knows someone who may, let me know. I did this for free to begin with and each rock takes me hours to do. A unique gift for a Pikachu fan or something? Idk. Lol

either way, lots of pikachu rocks! I spent many many MANY hours on these, and actually had fun doing it. haha.  The rocks used were a mixture of river rocks from the Willamette river and rocks from stone field beach near yachats oregon. (it's legal to take up to a certain amount lol). Painted with acrylic paints. Some are lined with a paint pen, and some are not because the paint pen ran out. haha. Clear coated with a brush on polycrylic protectve finish and them sprayed with rustolium gloss sealant. :P the backs are tagged with "L.E. 2018" only.  (ones i paint to hide have a lot more written so people can find the group and share them lol)

I have a few other photos of other rocks i've painted to upload later! <3 
Pouasson-de-oro Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
They look so cool!! :D I wish I could make some of them too, it looks very pleasant to make.
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December 6, 2018
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