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After watching Deathly Hallows Part II I was reminded of Narcissa's sad and rather depressing lack of blonde hair in the film.

Call it stubborness or denial, but here's my version of Narcissa, before she met Malfoy and back when she was still a good ol' Black

Hope you guys like it
Fullview please!
Comments would be beyond wonderful
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I love this Narcissa! Much better then the movies.
Beautiful and Sexy!
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She really look like the Narcissa I imagined. Evil, but beautiful. I don't know why they didn't make her blond in the movies...
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Thank you :) "Evil, but beautiful" is exactly how she should be!
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Now this is how I pictured Narcissa. Like a sexual prowess. How else would she be able to snag a Malfoy?
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Exactly! Sexual prowess thy name is Narcissa is the way it should be
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ughh the films ruined her! she was supposed to be gorgeous with blonde hair to the middle of her back..i didn't like her in the films..she was too different from the books.. :/ but! you captured her very well here :) great!
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I know what you mean, although I suppose it has something with me putting the Malfoy family on some ethereal-attractiveness-pedestal :XD: Thank you very much also!
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ahhh they are SUPPOSED to be on some ethereal-attractiveness-pedestal xD theyre supposed to be beautiful :) buut the only beautiful one i spotted in the movies was Draco! xD but made his mummy gorgeous too :) i already said :P
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XD SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE BLACK AND BLONDE HAIR. It should be blonde. End of. And gorgeous - I mean, Helen Mcroy was too old for that part. Good actress, but too old.
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Wow you really captured her perfectly!!
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Thank you very much :D
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yes, that's more like her. missed your updates, glad you've posted this. she looks very elegant and arrogant here, well done you.
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Trust me, I've missed this place too! You always manage to make me burst with pride; "elegant and arrogant" spot on for what I was going for. Thank you very much!
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