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DC Superhero Cities

A project I did for one of my courses.  We had to map something, so I choose to map a few of the cities where DC superheroes live/work on New Earth (pre-DCnU).  Obsidian, Swamp Thing, Sandman, and Question didn't have symbols, so I had to wing it on them :XD:  Also, the Birds of Prey symbol is badass.


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Nice to see real city names on the map too. Even cooler that there's a superhero in this universe's version of my hometown.
this went to my favs
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Gotham and Bludhaven would be in New Jersey wouldn't they.
Question: What city does Martian Manhunter live in?
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Of course Gotham City is in New Jersey.
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LOL wut, Gotham is smaller than PDX?! I feel very strange about that... :P
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According to DC, Metropolis has a pop. of 11 million, and Gotham has 10 million people.
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This helps so much!
It is always really confusing trying to map it out in my head.
It also really bothers me when people say that Metropolis is in Illinois or some place, considering it is suppose to be on the coast. :P
Great job!
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Not to nitpick too much but the The Question (the real one; Vic Sage) operated out of Hub City a.k.a. Detroit, Michigan. Still it's a cool project.
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I honestly assumed Fawcett was in Illinois.
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Nice work, but San Francisco is a little further south, just a smidge north of Coast City.
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This is so convenient, thank you! I'm a longtime DC fan and I usually can't tell you where anybody but the Trinity are, so this is great.
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This can be quite enlightening to fans who "where the blood hell ARE the cities"
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I always thought metropolis went most of the way up and down the east coast, so that's cool to know how small it really is.

But shouldn't the crime rate in Gotham be higher? Like, WAY higher?
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Assuming the crime statistics here are based on the crime statistics from the real world area than the crime rate in Gotham on this chart is relative to an area of NJ that is basically in the middle of the woods. Gotham City is supposed to be just outside of Atlantic City, NJ on an island that doesn't exist, although the bay where the island does exist is very real. Still, there's basically nothing down there. (I'm in Red Bank, NJ - Yes, THAT Red Bank, NJ)
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Do these fictional places all have canon locations?

Either way, nice work!
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Most of them are where I've placed them~  Some like Metropolis and Fawcett City have been listed in several different locations, though.
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This map is fascinating. I'm a bit curious where do the statistics come from? I mostly wonder because populations in certain cities seem much smaller than I expected (mainly Metropolis). 
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Thank you~  The statistics all come from .  For nonexistent cities, I used cities close to the supposed location or ones that matched in size (I used Newark, NJ for Gotham, for example).

I was surprised at how small Metropolis turned out as well.  Those stats are of Wilmington, Delaware, the largest city in the state.  I've thought about increasing the population, but I'm not sure if I should.
I almost think you should increase the population. The fact that you are attempting to keep it close to real-life cities is awesome, but I think Metropolis is supposed to be one of the largest DC US cities and a 72k population just isn't that large. I also suspect Luthor wouldn't be so intent on headquartering himself in a city that size nor would a paper like the Daily Planet be as major a paper if it was from 72k city. Most major players in print newspaper come from major cities with large populations (NYT, WSJ, WP, ect). 

I also think that DC mentions in Blackest Night that Coast City had a population of 7 million pre-destruction (then again, I don't think DC comics has a very good understanding of population size, since LA which is the largest West Coast city has a population of half that). So your number makes far more sense than what I think DC puts down. 
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this is cool! helps me a lot when I have to explain my non-comic-reader friends.
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