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Arkham Inmates
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Arkham Doctors and GCPD
Hugo Strange by JulianIvoRobotnik
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Arkham Asylum
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The Batman by MrSpikeArt
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The Riddler and Two-Face - Arkham Kings by DashingTonyDrake
The Doctor is in by Angler-Shark
Joker cosplay 01 by Wuika
Comics and Literature
Batman My Timeline (Note): This is my timeline of the re-imagined Batman characters and universe. Please not this is purely fandom based and headcanon. Early 1800's - Gotham City is founded. 1890 - Arkham Manor is built. Amadeus Arkham is born same year. 1895 - Cyrus Gold is given the death penalty after murdering several people, his body is dumped in a swamp outside of Gotham City. 1921 - Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is founded by Amadeus Arkham named after his mother who died the same year. 1922 - Patient Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins murders his wife and daughter in front of him. Amadeus later kills Mad Dog using electroshock treatment. 1929 - Amadeus is committed to his asylum where he dies shortly after. Arkham Asylum is shut down for the next forty five years. 1943 - Alfred Pennyworth is born. 1945 - Thomas Wayne is born. 1946 - Martha Kane (nee Wayne) is born. 1947 - Carmine "The Roman" Falcone is born. 1951 - Ace Chemicals is founded. 1953 - Salvatore "Sal" Maroni is born. 1960 - James "Jim" Gordon is born. 1971 - Alfred age 18 is hired as the Wayne family butler. 1973 - Thomas and Martha are married. 1974 - Due to the rise of crime in Gotham, Arkham Asylum is reinstated under the direction of Dr Jeremiah Arkham (Amadeus's great nephew). May 27, 1975 - Bruce Wayne is born in Gotham City. June 23, 1983 - Thomas and Martha Wayne are shot and killed by mugger Joe Chill. Officer Gordon comforts 8 year old Bruce at the police station, Alfred Pennyworth becomes Bruce's legal guardian taking him home afterwards. 1988 - Barbara Gordon is born. 1990 - Richard "Dick" Grayson is born. 1993 - Bruce graduates from Gotham University age 18, he confronts Chill over the murder of his parents intending to kill him. However Joe is killed by one of his gang members. Bruce leaves Gotham after that to train around the world. 1994 - Bruce discovers a secret base in the Himalayan mountains where he joins the League of Assassins and trains under Ra's al Ghul.1996 - Jason Todd is born. 1997 - Bruce and Talia al Ghul start a secret relationship. 1998 - Timothy "Tim" Drake is born. Late 1999/Early 2000 - Ra's discovers Bruce and Talia's relationship, offering him his place as the new Demon Head of the League of Assassins. Bruce however learns about his plans of global genocide and refuses to take over. May-April 2000 (Year One) - Bruce completing his training returns to Gotham after seven years starting his career as Batman age 25. Batman attempts to apprehend the Red Hood at Ace Chemicals only to fall into a vat of toxic chemicals. Hitman and serial killer Victor Zsasz attempts to kill Lieutenant Gordon, Batman saves him. Carmine Falcone is arrested for drug smuggling. Kingpin mob boss Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin takes over Falcone's place. Early-Mid 2001 - Serial killer named the Riddler commits a series of murders in Gotham City. Sewage workers are attack by a half man, half crocodile. Dr Pamela Isley is poisoned by Dr Jason Woodrue becoming Poison Ivy. Jervis Tetch kidnaps Alice Pleasance. Cyrus is revived by the toxic chemicals from Ace Chemicals leaking into the swamp. October-November 2001 (Year Two) - Julian Gregory Day aka Calendar Man commits murders on holiday dates. District attorney and mayoral candidate Harvey Dent works with both Captain/Commisoner Gordon and Batman to clean up crime in Gotham. Bruce first meets Selina. Same time the Joker emerges terrorising the city. Sal Maroni throws acid at Harvey's right side of face disfiguring turning him into Two Face. Harvey/Two Face attacks both Sal and Roman Sionis, Sal is murdered and Roman's face is burned into his black mask. December 2021 - Mr Freeze attacks the board members and Ferris Boyle of GothCorp while at Wayne Manor during the Humanitarian of The Year award being hosted. Spring 2002 (Year Three) - Bruce adopts 12 year old Dick Grayson after his parents death training becoming the first Robin. Dr Harleen "Harley" Quinzel meets Joker while working an internship at Arkham Asylum under director Dr Jonathan Crane. Summer 2002 - Harley breaks the Joker out of Arkham becoming the clown princess of crime Harley Quinn. Crane is blamed and fired, he sets out to his revenge by killing the Arkham board but is apprehended by Batman. Dr Hugo Strange takes over his position as director. 2004 (Year Five) - 16 year old Barbara Gordon creates a Batman themed costume to fight crime as Batgirl, eventually joining up with Batman and Robin. 2005 (Year Six) - Ra's with the League of Assassins plans to invade Gotham. Bruce with the help of Talia stops him. The invasion is thwarted but Bruce is drugged by Talia into having sex with her to produce an heir to the League (Ra's real goal all along). 2006 (Year Seven) - Damien Wayne is born. Barbara takes a break in her career as Batgirl to study for college. Bruce and Dick's relationship start to turn sour. 2009 (Year Ten) - Dick age 19 leaves Bruce moving to Bludhaven to fight crime as NightWing. Batman adopts 13 year old Jason Todd after catching stealing the Batmobile's tyres. 2012 (Year Thirteen) - Barbara is shot and paralysed by Joker ending her career as Batgirl. Jason goes after Joker but is killed by him. His body is taken by Ra's and resurrected via the Lazarus Pit. Harley leaves Mr J after this joining up with both Poison Ivy and Catwoman. 2013 (Year Fourteen) - Barbara reinvents herself as Oracle to still aid Bruce. Batman starts cracking down harder on criminals. 15 year old Tim Drake saves Batman from Two Face earning his trust becoming the third Robin. 2016 (Year Seventeen) - Jason returns to Gotham as Red Hood to kill the Joker, he is later rehabilitated. Bruce meets his 10 year old son Damien Wayne for the first time. Damien becomes the fourth Robin and Tim becomes Red Robin. 2017 (Year Eighteen) - The Court of Owls target Bruce Wayne. Tommy Elliot fakes his death becoming Hush. Selina gives up her life of crime and starts dating Bruce. 2018 (Year Nineteen) - Bane comes to Gotham and breaks the Batman's back. Bruce is forced to recover for over a year, Dick takes over as Batman in his absence with Damien as Robin. Dick and Bruce patch up their partnership after 9 years. 2019 (Year Twenty) - A major earthquake hits Gotham making it a no man's land. Bruce fully healed becomes Batman one final time. Joker is killed during the final battle with Batman. Faking his death as Batman, Bruce officially retires and marries Selina. 2020 (Year Twenty One) - Gotham City has been rebuilt after a year since Batman's death. Most of the Rouges Gallery have retired or reformed, Arkham Asylum is permanently shuts down around that same time. Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena Wayne is born. (Final Ages): Bruce - 45 Dick - 30 Barbara - 32 Jason - 24 Tim - 22 Damien - 14 Alfred - 77Thomas - Died 38 Martha - Died 37Jim - 60 Carmine - Died 53 Sal - Died 48...
Arkham Asylum Patient Interviews: Prank Master #1Hugo Strange: Ah. Mr. Pucketts, welcome. Please take a seat."Patient proceeds to sit in the empty chair in front of him, and watches as the professor sits in the seat behind his desk."Hugo Strange: My name is Hugo Strange. I am the chief of Psychiatry here at Arkham Asylum. Prank Master: Oh great. Wonderful! Just whoop-de-freaking-doo for you!!!Hugo Strange: "Clears throat." I take it you're not having a fair adjustment to the asylum?Prank Master: Hmm, good question. Am I? Let me think about that for a...NO!! I shouldn't even be in this dump! Never in a, scratch that. Never in infinity and beyond would I ask to be placed in this hell you loons would call a "mental hospital"! If my crappy lawyer didn't open his fat mouth, then maybe I could have been back at Blackgate. I know I would prefer it!! Like seriously! Do you think I wanted this?Hugo Strange: No, no. Of course not. However, what I believe should be done is taking responsibility for your actions, and the trauma that has re-emerged because of the situation. What happened to Mrs. Ericks and her unborn child was very tragic, and it must have been terrible for you to relive the nightmare that your father put you in. However, your breakdown leads me to believe that you in fact need help, and that help is what Arkham can provide Charles. Here we can--Prank Master: --Excuse me, Professor. I can call you Professor right?Hugo Strange: Of course.Prank Master: Great. For a while, I wasn't sure if you went by Professor Strange or Doctor Strange. Hugo Strange: Ah yes. A common confusion.Prank Master: Yeah I'm sure. Anyway, if it's too much trouble, I would prefer it if you called me Charlie. Not Charles, or Chuck, or Chuckie. Those trigger my nerves if you get my drift. Hugo Strange: Very well. My apologies. Anyhow, this is why I wished to speak with you. I wish to reassure you that the staff of Arkham Asylum will strive to help you. Giving you the proper treatments and care to bring you back to a safe sound of mind. With our help, your path to rehabilitation will be inevitable. Prank Master: Wonderful. I'm sure you said that to all the other loonies in this place. Color me crazy. But I don't think this place makes anyone better. I mean look what happened to that loan shark. Let me ask you this Prof. Did that guy get the "proper care" he needed for his "rehabilitation"?Hugo Strange: Now Charlie, I can see your arguments about the conditions of some of our patients, and to some degree, I do agree with you. However, what happened to Mr. White was unfortunately out of our control. Prank Master: Oh, that makes me feel so much better. Hugo Strange: Please be reassured that we at Arkham strive to make the living conditions better for everyone, especially after the incident with Mr. White. And yours will be no different. I assure you that it will not be repeated. Prank Master: I'm still not buying it, Prof. Hugo Strange: Well then, allow us to prove it to you. I hope to change your mind about us in the future. But with that addressed, I will be honest with you. Most of our doctors are a tad occupied with their patients and hiring new doctors has been rather difficult as of late. Prank Master: I can't imagine why. Hugo Strange: However, I would like to continue with you and any future discussions that shall be brought up in the future. Prank Master: "Shrugs shoulders" Sure. Why not? As long as you're not Dr. Arkham, I'm game. Hugo Strange: Hmm, you seem to have a certain distrust for Dr. Arkham. That is a very common trait I find within our patients of late. Why is that?Prank Master: Pfft! Are you kidding? Come on Strange, he's an Arkham! Hello? Arkham Madness and all? Everyone in Gotham knows about it! Like 99.99 percent of the time, they are either whack jobs, morons, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, hell maybe even a combination of all of the above. Okay, the last two might be stretching it. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were true. Hugo Strange: And what would the .01? If I may ask.Prank Master: I don't know. But you could probably fill in that gap with something and it would make as much sense as anything with the Arkham family. Hugo Strange: I see. Well, I suppose that will be all the time we have for today. Have a good rest of your day Charlie, and I shall see you Sunday.Prank Master: Sure....
Arkham Asylum Patient Interviews: Bengal #2Dr. Scroll: Taped interview number 2. The patient's name is Sarah Rachael Sollivan, otherwise known as Bengal. The time today is 6:00 pm on May 30th. Good evening Sarah. "Bengal does not reply to Scroll as she is busy cleaning herself."Dr. Scroll: Sarah, I asked you a question."Bengal proceeds to wipe her face with her paw."Dr. Scroll: Must you really do that in front of me?"Bengal stops licking herself and glares back at Scroll. Clearly annoyed by the doctor."Bengal: I'm grooming."Rolls up her sleeve and begins to lick her arm"Dr. Scroll: I'm not blind Sarah.Bengal: Could have fooled me. Then again, your stupidity is in your nature, as my grooming is a part of mine.Dr. Scroll: Sarah, you are really trying my patience!Bengal glares back at Scroll: And you're wasting mine. Now be quiet, I wish to be clean. It's a special time today. Proceeds to move on to her other arm and clean herself. Dr. Scroll: Well that special time can wait, right now I am--Bengal: No, it can't. But you can."Scroll then slams her fist on the table rattling everything on it." Dr. Scroll: Sarah, I have had enough of your nonsense! You are wasting my time when I am only trying to help you!! Now stop this now or I will have you dragged back to your cell!!"Bengal ceases her grooming and glares at Scroll with anger of her own."Dr. Scroll: Sigh. Thank you. Now, if we can resume-Bengal: --Do you know what day it is today doctor?Dr. Scroll: Pardon me?Bengal: "Scoffs" I didn't stutter Scroll! But I suppose I'll have to be a bit slower for the elderly. Dr. Scroll: Now you listen to me young lady--Bengal: Do. You. Know. What. Today. Is?Dr. Scroll: Sigh. Sunday?Bengal: No idiot!Dr. Scroll: Well then enlighten me Sarah!Bengal: You really don't know? "Laughs" and you were given everything to know about me! Dr. Scroll: Well I--Bengal: It's Selena and Ryan's birthday you moron!Dr. Scroll: Who...oh of course! Selena and Ryan Olinthear! I cannot believe I have forgotten you have twin children. How old are--Bengal: GrowlsDr. Scroll: What's the matter now?Bengal: Cubs.Dr. Scroll: Pardon?Bengal: They're cubs. Not children!Dr. Scroll: Oh lord, Sarah--Bengal: No! Don't you dare give me that crap! If you even dare talk about them, then you will refer to them as cubs, or my little ones! You will not soil they're names with your filthy human terms! But to answer the question, it's their first birthday today. Dr. Scroll: Well, that's nice. But Sarah, you have to realize that children is what they are, they aren't animals. You are not an animal. You are a human being! Bengal: (Nearly roars) Liar! Don't you dare--Dr. Scroll's face grows pale upon Bengal's outburst, earning a satisfied grim from the hybrid. "Bengal then stops and takes a deep breath"Bengal: You know what? It doesn't matter what you say. So go ahead, try and waste your breath with your deceit. You're not worth the blood in your veins, nor my time. Today is for them, my little ones.Dr. Scroll: Y-Yes. I-It is, I think it indeed best that you take their well-being at heart and--Bengal: Oh I do doctor. They deserve to be with their mother, on their birthday. Oh, how it felt like yesterday when they were still nice and warm in me. Sigh. And they will be safe soon enough. When I get out of this horrible zoo they call an asylum, they will be mine again.Dr. Scroll: Sarah, you will not be planning on leaving Arkham for a long time. I am sorry but you will not be able to see them right now as much as it will hurt you and even me. No child should deserve to grow without their parent, especially their mother. But you are very sick, and you need to be treated; not just for them, or the rest of your family. But for yourself. I am sorry, but you will remain here until you are cured. Bengal: I already am cured. It's you who needs help Scroll, you, and the rest of those maggots who keep me locked in this place. And I'm not planning on leaving. I will be leaving. Dr. Scroll: We'll see about that. Bengal: Yes. Yes we will. Dr. Scroll: Well then, I suppose that is all the time we have for today....
Stamp and Animation
Batman: Arkham Fan Logo by OverlordCiel627
Joker 05 by k125125123
Harley | Joker by WoodiVillage
Music Meister Battle Call by pink-ninja
Arkham's Heroes and Anti-Heroes
Batman Re-imaging: Catwoman by TimBurton01
Batman Re-imagined: The Batman by TimBurton01
THE BATMAN by MrSpikeArt
Batman Arkhamverse: Anarky Character Design by Domnorian
Gotham City and vehicles
Tumbler Replika Photo II by PhelanDavion
BATMAN - SUPERMAN Issue27 Page22 Inked by WascawwyWabbit
Batman OC's
Batman Special #8 Math Maniac(Digital) by D-Field22
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Batman Re-imagining Character Lineup 2 by TimBurton01
Arkham Inmates 1
Batman Re-imagining: Mr Freeze by TimBurton01



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