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Chibi Ivy Poison by Isaddesu
Gotham City Sirens by Saya1984
So Long Old Chum by KileyBeecher
Batman: Arkham City by PatrickBrown
I Don't Know Where To Submit
Crazy Cosplayers
Webcam Killer by Auracole
Harley Quinn - HAMMER TIME, B-MAN! by DashingTonyDrake
Poison Ivy - Cos-Mo 2020 by Groucho91
Insane Couples
Joker and Harleen by TheRealWickedNinja
Batman / Catwoman by TheRealWickedNinja
Harley x Joker by XSebby-IntoxicationX
Heroes V.S. Villains
Batman save joker finished by salome974
Batman and Joker (drawing) by FlyinFreak
Year of torment. Commission number 4. by JuliaKvitkovskaya
Batman The Adventure Continues Flashpoint Batman by nic011
The Joker
Joker (ink drawing) by FlyinFreak
The Agent of Chaos by ShredSmiler
Harley Quinn Series: Joker, ruler of Gotham by xero87
Joker - Outfits by Randallstiltskin
Gotham Sirens
Harley Quinn Series: BestFriendsForever by xero87
Harley Quinn - New Coloring by Svetoslawa
Catwoman3 by Svetoslawa
Poison Ivy - Commission by LadyKraken
The Riddler and Two-Face
The Riddler by alexmicroheroes
The Dark Knight-Movie-Two Face by the-collector-13
TWO-FACE by Cuestionador
Riddle Me This? by GhostFreak-Artz
Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter
Gotham-TV-SHOW-Scarecrow by the-collector-13
Batman Begins-Movie-Scarecrow by the-collector-13
Scarecrow 64 by Mlgpirate01
Scarecrow 63 by Mlgpirate01
Bane, Killer Croc, and Professor Pyg
Bane by Mlgpirate01
Batman Animated Series-Bane by the-collector-13
Justice League Doom-Movie-Bane by the-collector-13
Batman vs Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles-Movie-Bane by the-collector-13
Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and Anarky
Batman Arkham Knight-Mr Freeze by the-collector-13
Killer Moth Firefly and Ventriloquist-Scarface
Killer Moth by Shadowofjustice123
Clayface, Mr. Zasz and Black Mask
Bird of Prey-Movie-Black Mask by the-collector-13
Ras Al Ghul, Man-Bat, and Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy by alexmicroheroes
Great White Shark, Hugo Strange and Music Meister
Hugo Strange by Shadowofjustice123
Death Stroke, Hush, and Deadshot
Batwoman Season-1-Episode-19-Hush by the-collector-13
Arkham Inmates
Poison Ivy by Moongirl91939
Arkham's Heroes and Anti-Heroes
Batman the brave and the bold by stipher30
Arkham Doctors and GCPD
BATMAN knightless (17) by Adams-Twins
Arkham Asylum
Gotham City
Gotham City by TheRealWickedNinja
DC Crossovers and Vehicles
Actual Batpod from the Dark Knight Trilogy by haseeb312
Batman vs TMNT: I hate Gotham by xero87
Batman OC's

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When One Tells You Harley is Nothing Without Joker by ThatAlexDude
Figures Props and More
actual Batcave model from The Dark Knight Rises by haseeb312
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Batman: Arkham Fan Logo by OverlordCiel627
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ByYadvenderSinghRana(akaUltraRaw26) and houseofmat by ISleepNow



Welcome to ARKHAM Asylum!

Arkham Asylum Logo 3D Animation by SyNDiKaTa-NP

:bulletred: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT FOLDERS.:bulletred:

:bulletred: If you do not put the picture in the RIGHT Folder, it will be moved into the "I Don't Submit To The RIGHT Folder":bulletred:

:bulletred: Each Folder has specific RULES. Please follow them! If you have any questions or have any Folder Suggestions, please ask me!

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Pictures you did not make (for example; a picture from a movie or show, screenshots, or someone else's art.) Will be removed from the folder and you will be banned from the group.

:batman: :bomb: Have A Wonderful time in the Asylum!:bomb::batman:
Heya guys! I know I don't post much when it comes to the group but I wanna make a mention about recent submissions I'm getting that feature characters that either relate to one or more of the characters from Batman but aren't inherently Batman related.

So it's fine if you submit works with the Justice League, Teen Titans, and so on into the group but if you're going to submit them, just submit them to the right folder please. :'D There's a folder dedicated to specific DC related works with Batman and the Justice League named the "DC Crossovers and Vehicles". As in the title, it's dedicated to nothing but DC characters crossing over with or without Batman characters and Batman's vehicles.

As another mention all the folders have specific information given to what should be submitted into them so it's pretty easy to just figure out where what goes where but if you're unsure, or just don't want to look, just submit to the "I Don't Submit To The RIGHT Folders" and I'll move them.

Anyways, just a heads up on the submissions I've been seeing lately ; v ;/
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