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Mary Jane Watson vs ???Today, Mary Jane Watson received an unknown, disturbing phone call: her best friend Gwen Stacy has been kidnapped. If she wants to see her again, she must go to the Esfincsson & Bros. warehouse located in Queens; also she must answer a specific question in order to free Gwen.After driving to her destination, Mary Jane parks her car near the big warehouse. She wears a black tank top, long dark blue, raw-hemmed jeans along with Hot chick Louboutin pump shoes. She arrives in front of the rendezvous point and she rings at the door. The gate opens but there seems to be nobody inside the poorly lit warehouse. “Good day Ms. Watson, please follow the lights on the floor.” says a robotic voice through an intercom. “As you wish.” curtly answers the magnificent red-haired lady. She follows the white spots and sees Gwen Stacy tied to a chair, inside a glass cage. Her mouth is gagged and she seems panicked; Mary Jane stops at the last light spot and the mechanical voice from the intercom begins to speak. “Now, for the final test you must answer my question in order to free your friend. Are you ready Ms. Watson ?” “Shoot.” simply says the tall, skinny and green-eyed woman. “In the morning, I walk in four. In the afternoon, I do it in two. Finally, in the evening I do it in three. What am I ?” “A man: as a baby he crawls, as a young and vigorous adult he walks on 2 legs but in his twilight years, he walks with a cane.” impatiently replies Mary Jane. “Well played. Now you can free your best friend. Goodbye.. for now !” says the voice with a stifled laugh. The glass cage restraining Gwen opens and the redhead approaches her; however the captive blonde lady begins to shake madly while trying to scream. As MJ is about to untie her friend, her hands pass through Stacy and she… vanishes. “What the… It’s a hologram.” whispers Mary Jane as she feels a sting on her throat. She rapidly loses conscience, not understanding what just happened…A few hours later, Mary Jane wakes up in a room with green walls. She stands on her feet, still a little groggy from the stuff that made her sleep, and a voice is heard through the ceiling-free piece. “Hey diddle diddle, time for a riddle ! Hello Mary Jane, I bid you welcome to Riddler’s Green, my biggest invention that makes me so proud. It’s in fact a labyrinth and to rescue Gwen, you must solve a certain number of riddles, all created with my invaluable genius.” “I know who you are, but why are you in the Big apple instead of Gotham City ?” asks the furious woman with expensive, multicolored pump shoes. “That is none of your concern, dear. But I can tell you that we’re here for fun; I want to test how smart and cunning you are. I’ve often heard that you act like a tiger; let’s see if the fact is genuine. Now enough chitchat: please get out of the room and begin your journey. Oh, I wanted to inform you that you have 30 minutes to save your friend before she gets sliced in half by my pet Minotaur.” cackles Riddler. The piece’s door opens and Mary Jane exits: all the walls and floors are painted in green. “I once beat the videogame called Riddler’s Green, made by Nygmatex. If memory serves right, the riddles were simple and the stupid labyrinth was easy to navigate.” thinks MJ. After a few minutes of wandering around, she reaches the 1st riddle. On the wall, there’s 3 golden keys with the letters A, C and D on them. Next to the objects is a door with a lock; the woman takes the 1st key and insert it in the lock. A whooshing noise is heard and Mary Jane sees a big circular blade coming towards her. She flattens her body against a wall: the lethal thing passes in front of her but a 2nd blade is coming towards her. So, MJ quickly flattens herself on the opposite wall and then again, she’s safe. “Oh fudge, I just remembered my music lessons; C doesn’t have sharps.” mutters the lady as she takes the middle key. She inserts it and an unlocking sound is heard: the door opens and Watson goes inside.Mary Jane continues her way into the emerald labyrinth and she’s beginning to remember the way it was in the videogame. With courage and determination, she reaches the 2nd riddle: 2 doors stand on a wall and a message appears above them. It says: “I am always hungry and will die if not fed, but whatever I touch will soon turn red. What am I ?“ The worlds ‘fire’ and ‘stomach’ are on each door. “If I choose stomach, what will happen ?” asks Mary Jane. She opens the door but all she sees is a metallic hose: the red-haired woman dodges the acid spray by jumping by the left. “That Riddler has a sick kind of humor…” growls MJ as she opens the other door. Wall torches illuminate the dismal piece and Watson whispers: “The answer is fire; it’s so obvious. I must hurry before Gwen dies by that clown’s hand.” The cute woman walks in the small passage and a door opens at the end. She’s again in the labyrinth’s corridors and walks fast towards the end. She reaches the 3rd riddle and there’s a console with 3 buttons: a zigzag, a straight line and a curved line. The message ‘What is the shortest distance between Paris, France and Sydney, Australia ?’ is on the black screen. Mary Jane instantly pushes the 3rd button: the wall behind the console opens and the intrepid woman can’t believe what she sees.Gwen Stacy is tied to a table and over her, a big bronze sword is slowly going down. A minotaur-like robot is holding the massive blade and the captive woman, dressed with a green coat, long blue jeans and black boots, is scared stiff. Her eye make-up is running with her tears and she’s screaming behind her mouth gag; Mary Jane approaches her to calm her down. Riddler’s voice is heard through an intercom and it tells: “Bravo Mary Jane ! You reached Gwen; however to free her you must answer THE absolute, final riddle. My sweet Minotaur will ask it to you.” “I’m ready; stop wasting my time.” angrily hisses the green-eyed woman. “I HAVE BILLIONS OF EYES, YET I CAN’T SEE. I HAVE MILLIONS OF EARS BUT ONLY 4 LOBES. I RULE 2 HEMISPHERES BUT I HAVE NO MUSCLES. WHAT AM I ?” emotionlessly queries the mythical creature. MJ doesn’t take long to think and tells: “It’s a human brain. An arrogant man like Riddler unequivocally respects it and wouldn’t fight someone’s brighter than him.” The robot lifts its sword and puts it of the ground while shutting itself down. “… I just can’t believe you beat me at my own game... Mary Jane Watson, you have my limitless admiration: you and your lady friend are free to go.” sighs the villain. The heroine cuts Gwen’s ropes and removes her gag. “Oh Mary Jane, thank you so much for saving me ! He’s a real lunatic: he kidnapped me after making me come to his warehouse. He promised me a lucrative job and he drugged me; then he filmed me and the image you saw in the glass cage was a hologram projected with his camera.” sobs the blonde woman. “It’s okay Gwen but I won’t go away without punching his clock. He deserves to be punished and humiliated.” rages MJ. “His office is upstairs but he’ll probably hear us going up. I have an idea.” tells the freed woman with a confident smile. “What is it ?” asks Mary Jane. “Let’s be stealthy and careful; we’ll give him the surprise of his miserable life.” replies Gwen while unzipping her boots.Almost ten minutes had passed since Riddler’s defeat; he’s sad and he’s drinking a glass of water. Suddenly, the office door is kicked down and Mary Jane and Gwen penetrate inside. They’re barefoot and Gwen got rid of her coat; she now wears a white tank top. “I’ve freed you; why didn’t you go away ?” queries the surprised man dressed with a green costume, purple-framed glasses and with a bowler hat having a black question mark on its front. “We proved that you super-creeps don’t need heroes to defeat your kind.” snarls both women. Riddler takes his machine gun and pulls the trigger; however there’s no magazine and he curses. “You sick, stupid and arrogant pervert; how could you do all this to us ?” shouts Mary Jane as she violently throws the weapon away. Then, she does a scissor kick at her enemy, who falls on the carpeted ground. Gwen kicks him in the crutch while MJ kicks him in the right ribs. “Please stop, I can’t take it anymore. It hurts.” moans the colorful and powerless villain. Mary Jane puts her right foot on his face and she presses it hard. “We’re gonna call the cops and after, we don’t ever want to see your face around. Got it ?” aggressively asks the redhead before getting Riddler back on his feet. “I perfectly understand; I’ll ask to the Arkham Asylum staff to throw away the key. I’ll never come back here.” sobs the emerald-clad criminal. Then, Gwen and her friend simultaneously punch Riddler's eyes so hard that he loses conscience; she and MJ tie him very tight to a chair. They go away and call the 911. “The cops will have a big surprise seeing him like that. He’d wish that he stayed in Gotham City.” chuckles Mary Jane. “Don’t forget your shoes: at the price they're worth I’d cry if I’d forget them.” smiles Gwen while putting back her boots. “Anyway, I got a zillion pair of shoes at home…” replies the red-haired lady as both women laugh. They exit the warehouse, go to MJ’s car and drive away; sirens are heard in the distance.The end
Catwoman vs April O'NeilThe following DC Comics/TMNT crossover is inspired by the Teenage mutant ninja turtles 'The Catwoman from Channel Six' episode.Tonight, Selina Kyle is in the Big apple: Roger, her fence in Gotham City, informed her that a piece of ‘Promethyul’ is inside Magnadyne Science’s building. The recently discovered element is rumored to have special properties (such as teleportation) and is powering the experimental ‘Matter transportation unit’ So, Catwoman was told that the Promethyul could be sold for a very big price; the feline femme fatale could retire early but retirement isn’t in her plans.Selina is on the top of the building where the object she covets is located. She’s dressed with her favorite ‘Gotham kitty girl’ t-shirt, her dark blue flare jeans, her goggles and her clawed gloves; she never wears footwear while doing heists and she has long, sharp pink toenails. As she’s standing next to a skylight, she does a hole with her claws and opens a window. After, she uses her whip to rappel down. “Piece of cake !” smiles Catwoman as she reaches the floor. Security seems to be nonexistent in the building and lights are on, even if there’s virtually nobody inside. The green-eyed brunette sees a sign showing the direction of the Matter transportation unit and carefully walks to the room.As she reaches the entry, Selina hears noises; she stealthily looks inside and notes that another woman with a familiar face is taking pictures. “What April O’Neil is doing here ?” whispers Catwoman while examining the device containing the Promethyul. She sees a white cat who’s walking around and the Channel 6 reporter, who’s dressed with a white t-shirt, long, dark blue flare jeans along with white boots, is now standing on a platform that is part of the teleporting engine. Suddenly, the cat jumps on a console and runs next to April; a humming noise is soon heard. Then, a blue ray emanates from the ceiling and strikes both the red-haired reporter and the feline; the poor, afraid animal flees to a corner. April gets off the platform but she begins to feel dizzy; she falls on the gray floor.Selina penetrates inside the piece and goes next to O’Neil. “Are you all right ?” asks Catwoman as she puts her gloved right hand on April. A hissing sound is heard and Kyle is startled: April’s eyes are now feline and her nails are long and sharp. After, an eerie transformation occurs: her boots gets destroyed as her feet become like clawed paws, white hair grows on her skin and her head becomes like a cat’s head while conserving her tied red hair. Also, her t-shirt’s sleeves, bottom and neckline tear apart as her arms and her chest grow slightly bigger. Selina is flabbergasted by the change and says: “My god, your genes were spliced with the cat…” “Who arrre yew ?” asks April, very confused. “My name is Selina Kyle but you can call me Catwoman.” tells the burglar with a slight fear in her tone. “Yew’re meowking a big meowstake: I’m the only Catwoman herrre; you’ll make a purrfect meal furr me !” laughs the mutant reporter as she walks towards Selina with a threatening manner.“I must reverse her transformation; that console must be the key.” thinks Catwoman. April gets suddenly aggressive and tries to slash her prey’s black t-shirt. “Hey, that’s my favorite shirt. For being a bad cat, you’ll be punished !” hisses the woman with whiskers tattoos on her cheeks. “What will you dew, spank meey ?” chuckles the feline woman. April’s intelligence has regressed and she rather acts like a kitty; she licks her hands while being crouched. Catwoman has a spark of genius: from her bag she takes a ball of yarn and shows it to the feline reporter. “Here kitty kitty ! Come out and play !” giggles Selina as she drops the red ball on the platform. April runs to it and plays like a puss in paradise; meanwhile Kyle goes to the console. She presses random buttons and on the screen, the message ‘Reverse previous matter transport ?’ appears. Catwoman presses ‘Y’ and the same humming noise previously heard emanates from the ceiling. After, a blue ray strikes April and she loses consciousness.Selina goes near her opponent and O’Neil begins to revert to her old self. Her heavily damaged t-shirt barely covers her breasts and Catwoman shakes her. She opens her green eyes and looks at Selina with confusion; then she begins to cry as she notes that she’s human again. “Forgive me, I was like in a nightmare and I couldn’t do anything.” sobs April as Kyle comforts her. “Hey, it’s okay Ms. O’Neil: it’s over.” whispers Catwoman as both women rise on their feet. April’s neon green-painted toes are barely visible and while seeing her ruined t-shirt, she blushes in front of her rescuer. “Don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl and I’m used being barefoot. I once beat Super Shredder and I recently rescued my best friend Irma from the Rat King while being shoeless. Also, my car is parked not far from here.” explains the intrepid reporter. “May I ask what you’re doing here ?” queries April. “I came to New York City to steal the Promethyul, the element that powers that strange machine that spliced your genes. But after seeing what it can do, I prefer to stick to jewels and museum artifacts.” tells Selina. “What about you ?” adds the feline femme fatale. “I’ve heard about the mysterious Matter transportation unit and I wanted to take pictures for a scoop. Magnadyne Science refused to unveil it but once the truth will be exposed, they’ll be forced to do the contrary. Sincerely, thank you so much Selina for being here; without your help I could’ve ended up like in The fly movie.” says April with a shy laugh. “You’re welcome April: I admire your work and you’re one of the best reporters in the world after Lois Lane and Vicki Vale. If you ever come to Gotham City, you’ll like your stay; I wish you all the best !” smiles Catwoman as she waves the other lady. Selina exits the building from where she came and disappear like a black cat in the dark.The end
Zenitsu and Prompto vs Harley QuinnZenitsu Agatsuma is inside Habu, a city where people from many parallel universes met. He’s inside a great Japanese restaurant while enjoying a delicious dish of Wasabi-dipped tempura shrimps. Also, he’s drinking a bubble tea mixed with Ichigo (strawberry) and Suika (watermelon)Suddenly, he sees a colorful woman who enters the restaurant. She dons a red and black harlequin costume and she has black and white face paint; her lips are red and her eyes are blue. She’s looking with great interest at the timid, orange-clad Zenitsu; the young teen just finished his meal. She comes at his table and says: “Hello my handsome, orange guy ! What is your name ?” asks the lady with a Brooklyn accent. “Um, my name is Zenitsu; what’s yours ?” replies the blushing guy. “My name is Harley Quinn and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Gotham City to work as a psychiatrist; In Arkham Asylum, I met the love of my life, ‘Mistah J’ However, he broke my heart and told me he was in love with Batman…” sighs the woman. “I came here to find love and I find you very attractive Zenitsu !” smiles Harley as the teenager becomes very uncomfortable. “I’m already in love with someone; she’s named Nezuko and she’s more my age.” tells Zenitsu as he rises from his table. “Excuse me, but I have somewhere to go.” adds the young man.As he quits the restaurant, Zenitsu notes that Harley Quinn is chasing him. “Wait darling, don’t go !” begs the black-and-white-and-red character. The Demon slayer accelerates his pace, but the stalking, psychotic woman begins to run at Zenitsu while waving her signature mallet. “If you don’t stop, I’ll hammer you like a pancake.” warns Quinn. As Zenitsu runs away from his pursuer, he accidentally shoves a blond guy with freckles. The runner stops and apologizes to the other guy, who politely says with a nervous smile: “Hey, it’s all right fella !” However, he sees the woman armed with a wooden mallet and the blond guy tells to Zenitsu: “Stay here.”Harley is now in front of both men and the freckled-faced man tells: “Oh, hi there opening ! Hey lady, why are you after him ?” “Not your business blondie, get out of my way !” cackles the madwoman. “I just found love and the guy behind you dares to flee me. He’s a big coward and I’ll flatten him like a car plate.” adds the crazed Harlequin. “Whoa, calm down lady.” answers the guy as he draws his pistol. “Who do you think you are to point your toy gun at me ?” guffaws Harley. “My name is Prompto Argentum and I come from Insomnia; I took some time off to relax but I can call my friends to assist me.” says the guy with a lock of hair pointing upwards. “Nice to meet you Prompto; my name is Zenitsu.” replies the teen. “I know who you are: I‘m a big fan of the Demon slayer Manga and I know her. Her name is Harley Quinn and she’s a real wacko.” whispers Prompto to his new friend. “Hey hey guys, what are you yammering about ?” impatiently asks Quinn. Prompto draws his favorite bazooka while Zenitsu, now having a menacing look in his eyes, prepares his sword; Harley becomes very nervous and says with a shy smile: “Uh… meow ?!” She drops her mallet and runs away like a scared cat. “Wow, that really convinced her to look elsewhere.” says the teenager as he shakes Prompto’s hand. “Let’s say I fall on the right guy.” chuckles Zenitsu. “You’re welcome; if you want to visit my city you know where to go. See ya bro !” smiles Prompto as he goes away while waving his hand. Zenitsu replies by doing the same and while walking, he thinks: “He reminds me so much of myself; I’ll go visit him and he looks so friendly. We would be great friends and he could introduce me to his buddies he mentioned.”The end
The Funeral of BatmanAuthor's notes: Sorry about having a rough week because after hearing that my favorite Batman who is Kevin Conroy that I grew up with.....had passed away recently this month. I don't know why but I was crying in bed. I actually wrote this story in a memorial of Kevin Conroy.Summary: Jade and her friends are invited to attend Batman's funeral to say goodbye to their friend and ally.Disclaimer: I do not own KND, Ed, Edd & Eddy, MLP, JJBA, Adventure time, Alien vs Predator, Inuyasha, Batman vs Dracula, Alien vs Predator, Aladdin, and all the Cartoon Network shows and all the Toonami shows including DC.Warnings: This Story may contain scenes that will make you cry.Jade, Dracula, Xenomorph Queen Six, and their children Draven and Lenora who are now adults. With Marceline, the personal knights named Kars and Naraku and their friends walked to a building where a ceremony their trusted Allie and friend named Batman aka Bruce Wayne had finally passed away.After hearing a letter that Jade received from Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Batgirl and Supergirl, she was completely devastated after hearing the terrible news. That the Justice league is allied with their league called the Supernatural forces. Which Dracula and Jade agree on the treaty that Batman and the Justice league made after defeating their Foe who is named Magnus that wants take over the supernatural kingdom with the supernatural humanoids as his slaves. As they went inside a huge building at a garden where Jade, Dracula, Six and others are dressed in black along with the Justice league, Teen Titans, and the others who know Batman especially the villains and all the cartoon network characters.Jade looked around until she saw her allies who became her friends."JADE!" Harley Quinn shouted as she ran towards the Demon hugs and her friend that Jade smiled a little but still in grief. She sees Catwoman, Batgirl and Supergirl go towards her."Did you get our letter, we sent to you?" Catwoman asked."Yes and I completely read the whole letter." Jade answered as Harley Quinn got off of her while Xenomorph Queen Six came over to Jade and comforted her."Superman is going to say about the funeral when we're ready." Supergirl replied.Suddenly Xenomorph Queen Six began hissing on someone who she despised completely."Six, what is it?" Jade asked."Oh great looks who came to our funeral after too many attempts on Batman.Joker enters the building where Jade gets mad at him."Joker, why are you here?" Jade asked."I just want to say goodbye to my old friend." Joker answered."Joker I swear to God if you anything stupid in this funeral, I will kill you." Jade threatened in a pissed tone."Jade please calm yourself." Batgirl replied.As the people began going to their seats, the funeral had started."Jade it started, head back to your husband and your group." Catwoman replied as Jade and Six head to their seats where Dracula and his group are at."Jade are you alright?" Dracula asked."I'm fine, just annoyed that Joker is here." Jade answered as she saw Superman making his speech to Batman."We gather here today to remember our trusted friend and ally that we have known is Batman." Superman replied as continues with his speech which all the people listened to."Although he's dead, he is still in the Justice league no matter what. Batman doesn't have superpowers but has intelligence and his gadgets that he uses. I have lost a friend but he can finally rest now after all the achievements and goals he made as Batman. His legacy will still remain forever even in Gotham City that he lived in." Superman replies as Jade cries in distress while Dracula hugs her and Six nudges her head close to Jade. As Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman had finally got to read their speeches to their friends.After the speeches of some many people. Jade is the last and finally next which she began reading the letter that she wrote."Batman, you were everything to me besides Dracula. I remember that one night when I first encountered you after I became a demon when Double D was going to be taken to hospital. I wanted to devour his blood during my transformation but you arrived to stop me which I began to hold myself while I still had a little bit of human essence. I was completely passed out when I was turned into a demon that can't taste human blood. All I have left from you Batman is that Bamboo nuzzle that you gave me when I passed out and that me and my husband are in the Justice league team after rescuing innocent civilians and missions that you and Dracula need. All I can say to this Batman. Thank you for everything. You will always remember you deeply." Jade replied.The grey clouds surrounded the sky, the thunderstorm boomed which it began raining.As everyone lined up to put flowers on Batman's grave. The people who lived in Gotham came first to put flowers on Batman's grave. Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.The original Justice League who are Superman, Wonder woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk girl and Martian Hunter put flowers on Batman's grave.All the heroes who have joined the Justice league also did the same thing along with the Teen Titans.The Supernatural forces are next Dracula puts a white rose along with Six, Draven, Lenora, Kars and Naraku. Jade puts a beautiful red rose on Batman's grave and she cries that it is her final goodbye to Batman. She won't be able to see him ever again.After everyone else put beautiful flowers on Batman's grave. The coffin was put down on it's gravestone.Bruce Wayne BatmanNovember 30, 1955November 10, 2022Jade sees everyone leaving the funeral which Jade stayed until everyone left while Dracula, Six and her family came to see her."Jade. It's time to go home." Dracula replied as the Demon Queen looked at the grave which she heads to her husband and her family while crying."Drac….I…just." Jade cried as Dracula hugged her tightly."Jade, he's at a better place now, you and I have make sure we have to protect the innocents at his city now he's resting." Dracula replied as he and Jade along with Six, Draven, Lenora and others headed back to their home to continue protecting the innocent.Owari
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Joker and Batman animation gif by Spizzina00
Joker- Summer time 2 by Spizzina00
Batman and Joker tap tap animation by Spizzina00
The Slappening by GenghisKwan
Arkham's Heroes and Anti-Heroes
A Batman Family Christmas by Batced
Batman 39 Rest in Piece Kevin Conroy by Mlgpirate01
Bat-ally #5/Batman Classic Rogue #87: The Red Hood by D-Field22
The Gotham Knights by D-Field22
Gotham City and vehicles
Get Yer Bat-motors Running! by Batced
femme fatale raven by Shadowofjustice123
Batman OC's
Ben Affleck as Batman (colored) by Hal-2012
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Superman/Batman: Beyond! by Leck-Zilla
Arkham Inmates 1
Obscure rogue #11/Btas Rogue#3: Red Claw by D-Field22



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