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\\ Wonder Woman and Batman // by Zulubean
Batman And Wonder Woman Simple and Smooth by SFORZANTO2711
Bruce and Diana by SFORZANTO2711
Batman- Wonder Woman by PnzrK
Valentine's Day
ww09 CINEMA09 by viviancruzbt
ww09 CINEMA08 by viviancruzbt
ww09 CINEMA07 by viviancruzbt
ww09 CINEMA06 by viviancruzbt
Our moments together

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BatmanXWonderWoman by CursedMadara
005 by PaxiPeanut
Take Me Away (Batman/Wonder Woman) by philippegagnon
BM WW 2 by jbcrow35
Black and White

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Because I'm BatPimp!!! Lines by ESO2001
Batman and Wondie Sketch by kurotsuchi-666
Chibi Wonder Woman and Batman by HannahSakura
Forbidden Romance by shadowsanddarkness
Funny and Cute Things
The Adventures of Batchild and GirlyWonder by Kravical
Batman CATCH by CrimsonArcher99
Official Stuffs
Motivation - Wonder Woman by Songue
fyeahbmww by adelaisme
there kiss in comics by batmanfan11
Wonder WomanW vs Batman by forgotpassword
DSC DCeased Batman by DarkKnightJRK
Batman by Thomas Foster by DrDoom1081
BATMAN 80th anniversary animated tribute by bat123spider
Senator Patrick Leahy by spiderxand

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Wonder Woman Angel by ironwolf860
Diana and Sonja // Here Now by Zulubean

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Wonder Woman at the Beach 02 by ironwolf860
Wonder woman by RobertoCarmona
Sons and Daughters
DC Profile: Eclipse by Kayla-Hiwatari
My Wayne by gildabrasil
YJ - Wonder Boy by XoverLover
Alexia Wayne by Glee-chan
Holy Trinity
Batman // Wonder Woman // Superman by Zulubean
Trinity's first theatrical depictions by theaven
Batman - Wonder Woman - Superman by Zulubean
Wonder Woman by Lemwell
Wonder Woman and Hairy Han by JUMBOLA
With the Rest of the Guys
Heroes (Special Bundle) by Zulubean
Evil Versions
Superman: Red Son by LoganWaynee
Devious Folder
WonderWoman Loves Batman by KellCandido
Let's play?
My Ultimate Couple Squad Team by TristanHartup
Fan Comics
Between Wonder and Darkness - page 10 by Adi-Herawan
Hi All,

Yes it has been a while since the Journal has been updated. Let's see, the film Universe is starting to see things our way. Hopefully we get more WonderBat romance in the upcoming Justice League Film(s). Rucka is back to writing Wonder Woman and doing a fine job. Speaking of our beloved heroine she is now an Ambassador for the U.N. and she is turning the big 75. Must be nice to be immortal. hehehe.
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Welcome to the Batman & Wonder Woman Group!

Our mission is to bring together the best images of this couple, in their various forms of love for one another.

Feel free to give your contribution, our only requirement is that the paintings make reference to Bruce and Diana as a couple, of course.

Hopefully you enjoy this collection.

Other places:

For Fanfic you can try:…









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spiderxand Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018

Cave Talk

Bruce explains to Dick how he can take down the entire Justice League. The jaw dropping moment is at the end.
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
Love that vid. :)
spiderxand Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
So do I.
FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As someone who’s grew up with DCAU In my childhood I always loved wonderbat as a small girl.
I never found it fair that in the end they never settled down together and had a family.
I don’t care if it is 1000 light years away from the main DC Timeline I just wish there was an elseworld where Wonder Woman and Batman have a kid and become a crime fighting family.
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
That would have been awesome, but alas we have to use our imagination to see that happening. 
FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know.... :(
But man, as much as I loved the DCAU, there were one thing that weirded me out about it.
The Bruce/Barbara Romance. I still call "WTF?" to this day on that one. 
Yes, I know she was legal when they hooked up but still, personally to me it was weird as fuck. I saw them more of a father-daughter relationship. 

My childhood self was wondering if they ever would settle down and have children, not knowing that after the epilogue it was over, and it was never going to be. :'( Patiently waiting for something that would never come.
Seriously, if Superman and Wonder woman were allowed to have a family in an else world, then why not have Batman and Wonder woman have a family in a different universe? 

Luckily there are other animated shows since then and I have my other ships. 
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Oh I know, Bruce Timm really messed up there with the Barbara and Bruce romance. (YUCK!!!)

Just imagine a Bruce and Diana family, wow would they being a scary bunch! hehehe. :)
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DenaeFrazierStudios Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the request on Denae's Wonder Woman Artist Sketch Card! :) 
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
Your welcome. :)
delta808th Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
This is an awesome page. I encourage more people to join up and dedicate to BMWW. 

Also a note to you all on Zulubean (Zoë Bean) is having a poll vote to decide which pairing to focus on and genre of it. BMWW is on the list and needs support.

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