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Steampunk Portal Boots

And these pretty much complete the Steampunk Chell Cosplay...
Based on the Portal 2 boots, because I didn't want to be bare-footed all day :)
Instead of the arch to minimise falling damage, I went for giant springs as a technology replacement more suited to the Steampunk design and historical era.

These started as two pairs of shoes, one cheap pair of black pleather boots and an old pair of canvas shoes. The heel 'spring' is actually plastic tubing as I could screw this straight into the heel to secure it firmly (plus a lot more sensible to walk in).
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These boots are so damn great :D I really like how you turned the sci fi/cyber boots into a steampunk design, they are really cool :D
Great work!
impossible-fox's avatar
I'm so jealous! These are super awesome! <3
Blue-Rosez's avatar
Where can I buy these
Hyenax's avatar
The spring is a nice touch, this is amazing
Eden-Sama's avatar
All my want is causing micro-tears in my soul.
Rbnhoodga's avatar
So. Much. Want.
blackpearlpluto's avatar
These are awesome! I shared on Dirigible Days FB page and so glad someone told me that they were here so I could add the correct link. Found them on pinterest originally and so I asked if anyone knew where they came from. : ) If you can, try and put your stamp on all your pics with a link to your page. Great job! Love these!! ~Julie
ObscureSanctuary's avatar
The spring makes this so creative! amazing work!
TomoyoDai's avatar
Uuuffff!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! *¬*
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mrsmyrnin's avatar
i love these so amazing!
DerVulf's avatar
Literal Heel-springs. You've got to love Victorian revivalism.
gollumsalterego's avatar
I totally didn't realize these were Long-Fall Boots the first... 5 times I looked that them. Now it seems blatantly obvious. I guess my head was just full of Spring-Heeled Jack.
RoronoaxPhantom's avatar
That's amazing! *Q*
chanelyui-k's avatar
i'd pay if you'd sell :O!
Flights-of-Fancies's avatar
These are amazing! I adore the giant springs -- I have a huge box of them in the garage and will now be taking them away from the ten year old.
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cakecrumbs's avatar
Do you have a photo online of the full cosplay or of you wearing these? They look incredible - would love to see what they look like when worn.
Knorke-chan's avatar
these boots are perfect! :heart: :wow:
thegilgameshlore's avatar
very very beautiful!
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