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April 4, 2012
Aperture Steampunk Handheld Portal Device by ~batman-n-bananas
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Aperture Steampunk Handheld Portal Device

So this all started with me wanting to dress up as Chell for Halloween. Cutting a long story short I got completely carried away, and a simple Halloween costume turned into a 2-3 Month Cosplay build!
...But it was all worth it :P

I absolutely love building things, especially with found objects or bits of scrap nobody loves anymore. The idea for a Steampunk version came from this as I much prefer rusty cogs to pristine white anyday. A lot of people have asked what this is made from... as far as I can remember the ingredients are:

2 antique clock movements, 1 +1/2 hangers, Metal teapot stand, plastic mechano, plumbing parts, 1 plant pot, 1 hair gel pot + various lids, plastic tub (those ones you get nuts in the the supermarket), plastic tubing, lots and lots of nuts and bolts, miniature storage box (for the battery compartment), pocket laser disc (you can get them on ebay if anyone's interested), 3 lightbulbs, carboard tube, metal covering from an old hairbrush, AV socket, tons of odds and ends from my parents garage, oh and of course the usuals - milliput, humbrol and warhammer paints, hot melt glue and about 6 gallons of superglue.
...that's about as much as I can remember... enjoy!

EDIT: Woop!! Over 2000 favourites on this - seriously can't believe it.
Thanks sooo much to everyone whose commented... you are all lovely :D Sorry I can't respond to everyone's comments but I'll do my best to answer any questions!
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courier777's avatar
It’s like a mix of the portal gun and the gravity gun, kinda against the lore but it’s awesome anyway
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
svenskadanska's avatar
Impressive gun..It is like a gun that came from the other planet..Amazing!
ShockaloAleksandr's avatar
Great work!!
It's like weapon from Bioshok infinite!
But this...
Portal gun in steampunk style??
namcokid47's avatar
Why does this remind me of the Gravity Gun?
Hyenax's avatar
So cool... Too cool for words... This is just amazing
MonsieurSaboteur's avatar
This looks amazing!
Vision4LifeCro's avatar
awwww.... gravity gun?? :))
psychicpolar's avatar
10000/10 >.> would you make another if someone paid for one?? <.< 
CarsonDanzformer's avatar
this gave me the imagination of Portal X Bioshock, awesome work!
Tntmaster1158's avatar
that combines 2 of my fav things Portal and Steampunk!!!
CodyNaomiSwire's avatar
OMIGOSHNESS!!!  This is just one of THE most amazing cosplay props EVER!!!!!  :D  EXTREMELY WELL DONE!!!   Say It... BRITISH   Portal 
thechessclub's avatar
Brownie-12's avatar
omg this is sooo cool!
tomjmoss's avatar
Wow, brilliant work!
Alyizel's avatar
Awesome! I so do love it, it's really beautiful!
franciszeks's avatar
I kept telling myself things would get better my expectations were more than exceeded this is proof that miracles do exist seriously consider this
I had to prove that I could amount to something I was so lucky to have found this now nobody disrespects me you can have a chance too
syneczek's avatar
Get slim by summer starting TODAY with this
ReyRay's avatar
*Favs and runs* too awesome to describe :D
AxMongrel's avatar
That's fantastic : )
ImJustLookingthere's avatar
Ohh that is soooo cool!
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