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An amazingIFS Workflow with Mandelbulb 3D by batjorge, journal

A very interesting Reddit thread in where @danlev and others gives more insight about Eclipse.
Update: (Solved). Apparently they have restored the account. Still don't know what happened or received an explanation. My Facebook account has been disabled for unknown reason and without previous warning. Supposedly I broke some community guidelines, but I have no idea what it could be. I had to fill a form in order but I haven't seen any answer yet. Altough it is impossible to contact with a real person from their stuff, all you do is going in a loophole through their "help center"
See the nice interview that @spiraloso have done:  
Small update: English subtitles added. :dummy:
No electric power all day. The whole Island!

How you start a fractal work?

  |  35 votes
  • Starting from scratch :meditation: revamped

  • Tweaking others parameters :pc: rvmp

  • I see others works and they inspire me to do something Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1]

  • I write code Computer Mash

  • Turning on the computer... :paranoid:

  • Other (comment down) the not so great magician rvmp

You get suddenly rich... Would you continue doing art t...

  |  132 votes
  • Yes, all will stay the same :shifty:
  • No, of course not :noes:
  • Comment below :la:

Would you accept cryptocurrencies for trading - selling...

  |  135 votes
  • Yes :dummy:
  • No :fear:
  • Maybe :confused:
  • Leave a comment

Return of the Pong ¿?

  |  63 votes
  • :dummy:
  • :noes:
  • I don't care :|
  • May the pong be with you
  • No idea about what you're saying