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Many people went a bit frustrated on not getting anything “cool” from the new Amazing Surf 2 formula recently made by Luca, aka dark-beam :icondark-beam: for Mandelbulb 3D.
If you haven't it in hand you can get it here:…

Here's a brief indication on how you can get nice patterns out of it without hair pulling :D

I've assumed that you already put on the first slot the Asurf2 formula.

Asurf2 Default by batjorge

So, let's change some values:

Scale= 1.325

Min R= 0.1

FoldXY= 0.25

Rotate1 X=0

Rotate1 Y=0

Rotate1 Z= 8


It would look something like this:

Asurf2 Input Values by batjorge

Now go on the Julia tab in the main window or in the 3D navi, as you most prefer, and input the following values:
X= 0
Y= -1.5
Z= 0

Asurf2 Input Values With Julia On by batjorge

Now that's it, you're done basically.

Now you can zoom into different areas finding some interesting shapes:

asurf2 input values with julia onZoom by batjorge

This is a very basic indication from wich you can take a starting point. E.g. changing positive values to negative ones results in inverting the shapes and in cool variations, as well as using the fold fiddler and all other values you wish to change.
Hope it have been useful for you

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Thank you so much for this, documentation of this calibre is hard to come by. I'm going to be playing with this a lot. You're a hero! :giggle: