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Vader's Desk

By batjorge
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Kind of experimental work Darth Vader #16
Fractal work done with Mandelbulb3D.
_totorical2, _reciprocalZ3b, MixPinski4 and HeightMapIFS in DEcombinate formulas. MC render.

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Love the fractal form! :)

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Thank you Tom! :) It isn't so hard to do. It follows the classical invcylindrical/SierpHilbert rooms. Just you have to set reciprocal to 'repeat from here' and mixpinski 3 iterations. Rest is infinite to explore.

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Hmmm....I don't know the classical invcylindrical/SierpHilbert rooms. Is there someplace where there is a compendium of classical forms such as this? :)

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Many artists still are doing them. In the Mandelbulb Maniacs FB group it is still very popular.

I did many some years ago.

Nursing Rooms

Below, check the journal from master dark-beam and you'll get the idea :)

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What a...force!! :clap:

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Vader liked it, he didn't choked me for now :D

Thanks Giovanni, may the fractals be with you :aww:

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Thank you a lot Marije! :hug:

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So cool!!!! :love:

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I couldn't say it any better than Chris does! This is so amazing looking!

I saw it featured here:

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Thank you so much Lea! :hug: Very kind of you :floating:

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This is surely one of the best 3D fractals ever made. The concept is truly astonishing Jorge and the fact that it can be defined as a sci-fi, tech, futuristic, macro-like fractal makes to another level! Star wars for sure :) Virtual Alien Globe?

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Thank you for your kind words Chris :aww: Mixpinski can be very noisy if not handled well, but you can change it to SierpHilbert or any ABox too. Set repeat from here to _reciprocalZ3b and don't decombinate, only at the end for better handling.

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It has the look of a new weapon under construction at the Imperial Death Star Factory!

Death Star

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Lol, thank you Derek :D

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Great light and coloring, Jorge - very realistic !

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Thank you Eric! MC renders helps always a bit :)

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haha, so cool love the title!

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Kind of earth globe like those in schools, but in Empire style :D

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I'm with AureliusCat Marvin the Martians Hand Grenade :boom:

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