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The Emissary

By batjorge
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Fractal done with Mandelbulber.
T>Inverse Cylindrical, T>Sin Or Cos and Mandalay Box V2 formulas.
OpenCL MC render.

See… for a 2k 16:10 wallpaper for personal use.
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Oh amazing! And so cute!

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Magnificent Jorge

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Thank you Marije! :)

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Thank you Dan! :dance:

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this is so cool. would be awsome in a VR environment

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Would be nice to take a walk, sure :D Thanks!

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I like it :) This futuristic atmosphere!

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Oh thank you so much! Very kind of you to say! :cylon: :heart:

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Interesting, found a lot of similar ones in MB3D but not far anyway

I've got to wrap up all these home improvement projects I have going on house and get back to Fractaling

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Thank you very much Len :aww: It is my personal adaptation to this combo for Mandelbulber after chasing after it for some months :sleepy:

I posted a template that I use as a starting point in the fb bulber group, but I know about your love about this platform.

# Mandelbulber settings file

# version 2.24

# only modified parameters


ambient_occlusion_enabled true;

camera -0,10317154599897 -82,1877430741675 -0,550704973476123;

camera_distance_to_target 1,4140814597185;

camera_rotation -5,51942188995908 5,09723622019845 3,95225965316971;

camera_top 0,0600805009667501 -0,0948534651824209 0,993676583978143;

DE_factor 0,4;

detail_level 2;

dont_add_c_constant_3 true;

flight_last_to_render 0;

formula_1 1053;

formula_2 1082;

formula_3 199;

hybrid_fractal_enable true;

julia_mode true;

keyframe_last_to_render 0;

mat1_is_defined true;

mat1_surface_color_gradient 0 fd6029 999 698403 1999 fff59b 2999 f5bd22 3999 0b5e87 5000 c68876 5999 a51c64 7000 3b9fee 7999 d4ffd4 9000 aba53c;

raytraced_reflections true;

repeat_from 3;

target 0,0323014057164565 -80,7857840552139 -0,42506913763385;

use_default_bailout false;

view_distance_max 765,686688139087;


transf_function_enabledx_false true;


transf_constant_multiplierA_111 1 4,7 1;

transf_constant_multiplierB_111 1 5,8 1;

transf_constant_multiplierC_111 1 1,3 1,1;

transf_function_enabledAy_false true;

transf_function_enabledAz_false true;

transf_scale 0,9;


transf_addition_constant_0000 -0,1 -0,1 -0,1 0;

transf_addition_constant_0555 0,3 0,3 0,3;

transf_addition_constant_111d5 1,3 1 1 0,5;

transf_minR2_p25 0,6;

transf_offsetA_000 2 0 2,4;

transf_scale_1 1,1;

transf_scale_2 2,7;

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Thanks buddy, yeah you know me allergic to FB although now that the Donald has been banned maybe...Nah!

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Beautiful composition, Jorge!

A bit more shadows and contrast would be nearest my taste.

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Thanks Carl! I played with luminosity and messed all up, lol. It was one of those nightmare to color scene and it could be have done in other way, true :D

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This is really neat!

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Thanks! Glad to hear that! :highfive:

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