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Fractal digital render done with Mandelbulber.
T>Sin Or Cos, T>Quaternion Fold and Mandelbulb – Modulus formulaes.
OpenCL MC.…
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Muchas gracias! :handshake:

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Thank you for the wow Dan! :happybounce:

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It looks like an evil alien space station from a Hollywood blockbuster. The handsome, confident, all-American astronauts fly up to investigate seeking the wisdom of the ancients, and end up finding things which would give even Ellen Ripley Richard Paul Russo's novel "Ship of Fools" for some suggestions as to what they might find!

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Thank you for the awesome descrption! :floating:

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Great work! I like that dark, creepy touch! :clap:

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Thank you! Why not a bit darkness at times :D

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Looks very dangerous

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Indeed Marije :nuu: Better look at far distance :D

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Looks dark and so dangerous!!!

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Thanks Carl :D Not very friendly apparently, lol

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Very haunting and unique!

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How long did this take to render, let alone make?!

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It took around a couple of hours and if you refer to alone, I did it from scratch :)

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Excellent job my it!

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Thank you Russ! Glad to see you back! :wave:

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A real Locecraftian feel to this, I like it

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Thanks Len! Mega Octo Wasabi :D Greetings from Cthulu! :energydrink:

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Looks like something dangerous :sprint: and very spiky!

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Not very friendly I'm afraid Lucy scared.... 'the 2nd' If you see him, better run as your emote above! Run Away :rofl:

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