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Things you'll never know
Behind these eyes are tears that I just can't let go,
feelings that I've hid from you,
words I couldn't say...
I just wanna show you what I'm hiding...
what I've kept in for so long...
Honestly to tell you the truth...
And maybe someday you will know how I feel...
And maybe somehow I will tell you...
And maybe somewhere in your heart you have the same feelings...
And maybe you...don't...
Without you
:iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0
Starfireandrobin104 Number2 by batgirl103 Starfireandrobin104 Number2 :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0 Starfireandrobin104 by batgirl103 Starfireandrobin104 :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0 Me by batgirl103 Me :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 3 32
Somebody...To get him to leave forever.
Love...To get his hate out of my system.
Music...To listen to instead of the lies.
Peace...Oh i wish I had.
Happiness...Seems oh so forsaken. leave the darkness behind.
:iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 2
love is...No
Was it my beautiful charm that makes your heart
       spark with a million fireworks,
    While you are trying to catch your forsaken breath...
  that has been taken away by my in-human beauty?
      Or my soul that lights up like a child
who's heart has been healed?
                                My words say so many happy words...
                           You can't hear the sadness provoked by them.
:iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0
Te amo by batgirl103 Te amo :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0 End of a beautiful scar by batgirl103 End of a beautiful scar :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0 Heavens chosen wisely. by batgirl103 Heavens chosen wisely. :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0 Far away and gone. by batgirl103 Far away and gone. :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 2 Haunted or Wanted? by batgirl103 Haunted or Wanted? :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 2 0 Trailing off by batgirl103 Trailing off :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 4 0 How sweet the sound. by batgirl103 How sweet the sound. :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0 Mystic or Realistic? by batgirl103 Mystic or Realistic? :iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0
I have blood on my hands
                    from the heart I tried to fix.
I have words stuck in my head
                                 I wish I had missed.
Isn't it just crazy
                     how things fall apart?
I miss the old times
                            when it was just you and me.
I hate the past and
                  how it deceived me.
I missed more than I thought
:iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0
Why do things have to change?
Am I just a memory in your mind?
Is there anything left in your heart?
Anything that could give me hope?
All I am is broken.
Oh that love was a mess.
Now I'm staring at the mess I made...
:iconbatgirl103:batgirl103 1 0


What We Had
What We Had
I think it was the lack of connection.
The lack of... touch?
I didn't mean for it to happen.
My desire for love was too much.
He was right there,
In my peripheral vision.
The party was intense.
Nothing but flashing white lights
Filling the room.
He walked up to me,
Wanting to dance and I said
I was with someone.
It's not like it was a
We only ever kissed and said
Sweet things.
A whole year of just
Maybe he didn't love me
Like I loved him.
Maybe he was straight.
Maybe he didn't think of men
Like that
I still loved him.
I didn't want to let him go.
But I desired something.
I desired something more than
I wanted to touch.
Wanted to be touched.
I wanted to feel another's skin on mine.
I was feeling too much desire to care
I woke up that morning next to a
I never knew his name.
I never asked for it.
Because I didn't
I just got up and
Days after that night,
I saw
:icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 743 84
Sexism - a story untold
I. A mother scorns her infant boy for
wearing a dress; the fresh print of a
hand mark glows on his cheek.
Meanwhile, his sister plays in shorts
II. Lunchtime and a child, no more than
twelve, hurries home early. Tears
smudge the sleeves of his favourite
shirt as he tries to muffle his sobs.
A girl hit him in the face, but boys must
be strong.
III. Accused of sexual harassment, a
young man apologizes for complimenting
a lady at the bar. Somewhere in the
crowd, a girl pinches a stranger's bum
whilst her friends screech like hyenas.
She was only mildly flirting with him,
after all.
IV. In a restaurant, a woman insists her
date pays the bill. The following day,
he's accused of earning too much and
spending too little.
V. A man is pinned against the wall and
forced into sex. Even though he turns
away, he must enjoy it because he's
just a guy. Women can't rape men - it
doesn't work like that.
VI. Somewhere in this world, a boy
holds the door open for his crush, a
husband hunts do
:icondisneynumber1fan:disneynumber1fan 1,197 1,130
Ahh! It's finally summer! by RavenMontoya Ahh! It's finally summer! :iconravenmontoya:RavenMontoya 1,068 210 Kaulitz Twins 3 by sanam5484 Kaulitz Twins 3 :iconsanam5484:sanam5484 6 3 After The Rain by amazinglife2011 After The Rain :iconamazinglife2011:amazinglife2011 16 11 Bill Kaulitz Wallpaper 4 by sanam5484 Bill Kaulitz Wallpaper 4 :iconsanam5484:sanam5484 7 5 Bunny Chu. by leKikwi Bunny Chu. :iconlekikwi:leKikwi 11 0
Styrofoam Breath
A new sun rises, 
A day has dawned.
The tables have turned 
And the curtains are drawn.
Static faces in blank disguises, 
Two suns can't set before another rises.
Gazing to the unknown horizon,
My whole world is torn.
Flowing from her eyes and into mine, 
Prospects are reborn.
The vision forever lingers:
Hair clasped in rigorous fingers.
The sky was murky,
Two drops of color lost in a glass.
Stirred once and left...
Left to sort things out with the amorphous deep.
Frail foundations
Without fair warning,
And angels at night
Have never dreamt of morning.
Expressionless smiles,
Wrinkled, cracked plastic... 
Hollow words 
neither believes.
:icontubbums32:tubbums32 207 69
Bill by ciapsson Bill :iconciapsson:ciapsson 31 5 Channing Tatum Blend by PeevsieGraphics Channing Tatum Blend :iconpeevsiegraphics:PeevsieGraphics 43 1 love by killerladybugs love :iconkillerladybugs:killerladybugs 4,909 288
That Girl
I'll be that girl
with the hair in her face,
at the back of the bus
who just looks out of place.
I'll be that girl
who keeps wondering why
the world keeps on spinning
as she falls down to cry.
I'll be that girl
with the fake stuck-on smile,
who is shaking inside
but laughs all the while.
I'll be that girl
who pretends to be real,
who locks up the pain
that just doesn't heal.
I'll be that girl
stuck in a maze
of black mist and darkness,
of lost hopes and haze.
I'll be that girl
at the end of the day
who is lost in her mind,
she wont be ok...
But... I don't want to be that girl
with the hair in her face,
I don't want to hide pain
and always feel out of place...
So I WON'T be that girl
who keeps wondering why,
I will stop the world spinning
before it leaves me behind.
:iconmental-mishap:Mental-Mishap 24 7
Can't Help Loving You
I really cannot help it,
It says so in my heart,
I really cannot help it,
Though I didn't feel so at the start.
But now we're closer and I realize,
I'm lucky to have you,
All the things you say to me,
The sweetest things you do.
You cheer me up,
When I am down,
You make me smile,
When I frown.
You may not ever realize,
My feelings deep and true,
You may not ever notice,
I can't help loving you.
I'll never stop loving you, there's no way I could.
:iconbrokenxbeauty:brokenxbeauty 187 18
Abstract: Desert by Caemi Abstract: Desert :iconcaemi:Caemi 13 6 Abstract Music by FallinApart Abstract Music :iconfallinapart:FallinApart 9 5 Abstract 6 by Mayun Abstract 6 :iconmayun:Mayun 11 4



United States
does anyone live in florida on here near orlando? because im going there in april and it would be nice to see some people!

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