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First order of business, I would like to welcome all the new members that have spontaneously joined this group over the past couple of weeks. It's a pleasure to have you all here and I enjoy seeing your wonderful submissions.

Which brings me to the second order of business. Most everyone seems capable of submitting their art or that of others into the correct folders. Thank you for doing so. But there are a few who continuously submit to the featured folder which is only for contest submissions. There is no contest going on as of yet, so there should be no submissions to the featured folder.

There are also some people who are submitting art that may be Batman comic related but not Batgirl. This is a group dedicated to all the Batgirls of DC comics. Please try to find the correct group to submit your art to.

I need to thank my co-founders for attending to the submissions when I'm not able too. You're all doing a wonderful job keeping everything in order and it is much appreciated.

All that being said, I have blocked all submissions to the featured folder until there is a contest in play. Until then, please submit your art or that of others into the correct folders.

If anyone has an idea for a contest or if anyone would like to participate in a contest, drop me a note.

Thanks a bunch

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Barbara Gordon

Mature Content

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Cassandra Cain

Mature Content

Father's Day in Gotham"Happy Father's Day, Dad" Barbara happily exclaimed. Jim Gordon's eyes widen in surprise when he sees a small, blue gift box with a ribbon resting in her open hands."Thanks, Barb," he said as she took it from her."You don't know what it is yet.""You never gave me a bad present," he said happily. Cassandra watched the Commissioner's smile as she tried to recall a time David ever smiled like that.She watched his hands remove the ribbon delicately. He was excited, but in no mood to rush. "Oh, wow," he said in amazement as he slowly takes out the solid gold watch with a black face. The hands and Roman numerals appeared to be gold too."H-how on earth?""If I'm going to save five months of my salary for anyone, it's you," said Barbara as she enjoyed the sight of his shock."This is probably the most expensive present you've ever given me," said Jim as he slowly secured it around his wrist."Ever? We'll see about that." Barbara jokingly said, but Cassandra could tell she was just pretending to say it that way."I'm a little lost for words.""I'll make it easy for you. I love you, Dad.""I love you too, sweet pea. You're the greatest daughter a man like me could hope for."They embrace each other as Cassandra looks down with a quivering lip. She had come to the conclusion that David had never looked at her that way. Ever.“So, Cass. You like Lasanaga, right? I hope I didn’t make the wrong dinner choice.”Cassandra quickly looked up and nodded.“Good. Well, it’s in the oven and almost done. Feel free to take a seat at the table.”“So, you live in the manor? That must be something. I can only imagine I’d get lost in there.”“Used to it,” Cass said before placing another forkful lasagna in her mouth.“I noticed you seem to like letting Babs do the talking for you.”“She’s still learning English, Dad.”Jim ceases eating as his cheeks turn a little red. “Oh, I’m sorry. I should’ve-”“Fine,” Cass stated with her best reassuring smile.“It’s my fault. I should have told you earlier.”“Where are you from if it’s not too prying,” asked Jim.Cass felt herself starting to sweats nerves began to take over.“I-I.”“Tibet.” said Babs. Cass suppressed her desire to sigh in relief when Barbara gave the answer for her.“Tibet? Quite a spiritual place, or so I’ve heard.”“Yes,” said Cass.“I know it might be hard., but is there anything you could tell me about it?”“P-pretty. Trees. Big hills.”“Big hills? You mean mountains?”Cass nodded. Jim rubbed his hair sheepishly.“Well, sorry that you’re in Gotham. I know it’s not the best looking of places, but I like to think it has its moments.”Cass nodded again as she kept eating.“So, how are the folks?”Barbara paused. She nervously looked to Cass while Cass stared at her plate.“Um, did I say something awkward? Let me know if I have.” Jim stated tensely.“Oh no! It’s fine. They still live there. She just hasn’t seen them in a while.”“Ah. I get it. Don’t worry. I won’t bring it up again.” Jim said as she resumed to eating the last of the lasagna on his plate.Cass quietly resumed to eating. When Jim stood up from the table to leave for the kitchen, she looked to his watch. Then she glumly looked back down to see an empty plate in front of her.“You’re doing great, Cass. Don’t worry.” Barbara said as she stood up to carry out her own plate. The quiet girl nodded with a smile in response before looking back down to her plate glumly.She decided to look around the room from her seat. A framed photograph.She noticed that it was a picture of Barbara. A few years younger and standing next to an only slightly younger looking Jim. She has her arm wrapped around him just as he has his own around her. Their smiles were wide and bright.Cassandra placed her hand upon the paper napkin beside the plate. Just as she felt it she looked to it.Her fingers and thumb stroke it. She smiles as an idea comes to mind.“Cassandra?” Bruce said curiously as he noticed Cassandra approaching him with her hand behind her back. The fire from the grand fireplace in the large lounge room of the manor gave the room a bright, wavering glow.“B-Bruce.” stuttered Cass.“Is something wrong?” he asked. Cass shakes her head.She holds out her hand while opening it. Bruce looks to it with curiosity, and some caution.He felt a little relaxed when he noticed that all that laid in her hand was a carefully folded origami figure. Of a bat.“Is this for me?” he asked. She nods while he gently picks it up by a paper wing with two fingers.“Well, thank you. Quite unexpected.”“H-h-ha-ha.”“Happy Father’s Day?” Bruce said with a raised brow.“But I’m not your father, Cassandra.”Cassandra shakes her head.“T-t-to m-me.”Bruce smiles. She noticed that it was partly gracious and partly sad.“I’ll keep it safe.” he declared as he placed it into his pocket.“We should go. It’s time for practice.”Cassandra nodded happily. She follows Bruce out of the lounge room. Already excited for another Father’s Day....
DC: Bluebat by aka-noodle
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Helena Bertinelli
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Mature Content

Arya Stark VS Batgirl38 by TheLordOfTerror
Character Cosplay
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Mature Content

Mature Content

Catwoman x Batgirl by Flowerxl


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Submission Guidelines

Submit your art to the appropriate folder please. Art that isn't submitted to the right folder will not be accepted.

The Rules:

:bulletpurple: No bashing of any Batgirl, please. This is a friendly group.

:bulletpurple: The art MUST be yours. Meaning, if you copied it, it's not yours.
:bulletblack: Submitting another artists work to the correct folder is acceptable. (If the artist rejects the submission invite please you do NOT suggest it again.)

:bulletpurple: Unlimited deviation submissions.

:bulletpurple: All deviations should have 1 recognizable Batgirl motif, like the bat-symbol. The girls can be in ANY of their incarnations, including ones you've thought up.

:bulletpurple: Do not submit to the featured folder. Submit to folders based on the character. Featured folder is for contest submissions only.
:bulletblack: Featured folder is closed until a contest arises.

:bulletpurple: Fanfictions are accepted.

:bulletpurple: Fan-comics are accepted.

Content rule:

-This pertains to ALL deviations you submit, including fanfictions and fan-comics..

:bulletyellow: All artwork pertaining to sexual themes such as bondage, clothing tears, any type of nudity, or mild exploitation MUST have a mature filter on it and MUST be submitted to the mature content folder before it will be accepted.

Group Info

We are a group dedicated to the Batgirls from DC's series Batman. Batgirls from today, tomorrow, and yesterday are welcome here. Girls included here: Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Barbara Gordon, Betty Kane, Helena Bertinelli, Charlotte Gage-Radcliff (Charlie), and all your Batgirl OCs and cosplay. :)
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boundsuperhero Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
batgirl is strong, sexy, and determined to not sit back and let others right the myriad of wrongs plaguing us all, day after day!  batman, needs to lighten up, and give batgirl a chance to prove herself!  just saying... 
MartinWalker1997 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
In the comics she was shot by the Joker but in the cartoons Oracle was actually Batman's AI.

I can think of another one called "Brother Eye"
MartinWalker1997 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Why am I not surprised that she wasn't a playable character in the Injustice series? Is it because of her injury that forced her to retire as Batgirl and later be known as "Oracle"?
LEO-89 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2019
She’s playable in the first Injustice game, but she’s DLC. She’s pretty good.
JoshRuud Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hey, can we get some kind of villain category? 
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