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Cutout Tutorial

fadkfjalk; this took FOREVER so you better appreciate it

:icontorchic23: made some things like this and I remembered how I used to make them all the time and how fun they were

and I remembered that I wanted to make a tutorial
here you go

if you have any questions please ask
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those scissors are so cute. 
handsome bun 
a-scarf-for-kitsu's avatar
Oh these?! YAY.

My friend and I loved going to the hardware store and stealing all those paint sample things to make cutouts. xDDD It feels so wrong, but you're not actually stealing them since you can take them for free. x3
Batfood's avatar
Wow, I really want to do that now!
whenever I'm low on paper I'm just going to resort to "crime" if you could even call it that
a-scarf-for-kitsu's avatar
Lol. Me too! xDD Bunnings (our local hardware store) is open from.. What is it? Like 6am to 9pm. Crazy. But it's so good, cause we can go there, get paint samples, come back two hours later with a different outfit, get more paint samples... xDD

Here's a video about paper punch out/paper cut outs: [link] You might find it helpful. C: Check out some of her other videos too if you have the time, she's super crafty. She inspired me to go out and buy some playdoh. xDD And she also made 100 polymer clay cupcakes.. So I wanted to as well! & I did. IT'S A PAIN. *dies*

She has the same idea as me.. -going to the hardware store d:<-
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god one, I really like it:D
SapphieBlue's avatar
XD I love those scissors :love: Awesome tutorial :)
Batfood's avatar
The rabbit thanks you for complimenting his good looks.
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Oh yeah, this is a lot like how I do mine too! . . . Not that there's a whole lot of other ways to make Pokemon paperdolls. . . haha. Well a few minor details I suppose. . . But anyways, yes the scissors are great and also, that Bannette is really cute ;w;
Terra101's avatar
Wow, that looks like tons of fun! I'll have to try this out. ^_^

Oh, and...

Those may be the greatest scissors I have ever seen. :D
Batfood's avatar
You should! It's really addicting. If you do be sure to post what you make! I'd love to see!

And thanks. :D
Terra101's avatar
Haha, I'll have to do that! ^^

No problem~
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i didn't know that about the little pieces.. I always rip them off D: AWW
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