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CV - Mart is a W W Recruitment Co.

Comments are welcome & :+fav: are appreciated.
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Hello, is it okay if I use this image in my ICT coursework? I would like to use it as evidence to support my logo design ideas/inspiration in my Proposal.
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I like your colors moooooot ;)
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thank you dear :D
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Wow .. perfect ;) !!
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dunno but i feel something wrong with it

u trying hard to show the concept and the beauty of art comes next

and i feel that u r addicted to effercts

try to be more simple while rendering

nice work..keep going
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this is not a good way to replay
there are 2 results for what u said

1-if i know the concept YOU LOSE cuz its still lack of beauty

2-if i dont know the concept U LOSE TOO cuz its a logo and shud be clear to everyone people

enta bet7awel telwe el fekra webtesta3red 3shan te3'ate 3ala el da3f el fanne leha

ba3din 3ade enta ostaz kbeir we dah mogarad ra2y

nice work..keep going
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hehe i can see how much you have a sense of art inside you gallery m8, sorry i am not ostaz inside your school :) and stop think you have a knowledge of art coz you don't have a proven gallery of it :)

and by the way you will not able to learn me how to replay :D and i don't wonder to see some of negative comments like yours in the same time i am getting a DD.. So i can understand your feeling :)
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excuse me but the concept maybe blurred for you so you can ask me first before judging my work and by the way there is no render here coz it 2d simple work
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nice idae

nice colours

keep up
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thnk you :) im glad you like the idea
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Great colours and some good shapes. Well done! :+fav:
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thank you zaoris :)
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thumbs up, a very nice logo
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thank you dude, glad you like it :)
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Great Work .. i liked much the illustration style :)
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thank you bro.
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thank you dear :hug:
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shokran ya 7abibe :hug:
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very very beautiful :clap::clap:
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thank you dear bro.
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yady el 3D elly kal dema3' el 3eyal menk lelah ya yaser yabn el anbooba :D

Nice work ya me3alem...very neat ;)
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