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Petra Turnaround


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Petra Turnaround


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3d Modeling

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Crash 2.0 turnaround

Robots and Racks

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Henri and Lagoon

ball-jointed dolls

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Mass Effect Bathroom Karaoke


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World of Steam 07-03

World of Steam Comic

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World of Steam Ch 30 the end

Chapter 30 "So... still feel like attacking them head on by yourself?" Sunstreaker glowered at Tracks as he struggled with the energon bonds tied tightly around him.  "When I get loose the first thing I'm going to do is knock your teeth down your intake, then I'm going to wipe out the Decepticons one by one at my leisure." Sideswipe growled from his twin's other side, "Not if I get there first." Arcee stared at Cliffjumper's body, still slumped where he'd been gunned down earlier.  Jazz bumped her with a doorwing, "Hey it isn't your fault.  You'd have only gotten yourself killed in the process.  He wouldn't have wanted that." The white h

Transformers Fan Fiction

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Hot Pink Mini Lights


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why do i always manage to draw prowl?


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Commission for Hieis-dragon

clothing and characters

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Turian head cast 1

Works in Progress

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Wet Starscream

Mature content

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Don't Wanna- Sideswipe


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