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Fair Play
I was talking with a friend and we both agreed that one of the things that DC does really well compared to Marvel is in creating legacy characters. Perhaps as an outgrowth from having different versions of the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and the Atom running around in the 1960s, DC always seemed to seed characters for years before bumping them up to their own titles and carrying on lineages, or creating stories which paid tribute to the originals in many different ways. While an argument can be made that the most successful legacy character was Wally West the moment he assumed his uncle Barry Allen's title as the Flash at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, strong contenders also include Dick Grayson (who has assumed the mantle of Batman on several occasions and even as Nightwing has been a Batman of a different flavor), Kyle Rayner (who finally stepped out of Hal Jordan's shadow to be--for a little while at least--DC's top Lantern), and Jaime Reyes (who took over from Ted Kord as Blue Beetle and has been pretty good at the role ever since, becoming something like DC's answer to Spider-Man). 

But for one that I was surprised turned out to be as good as he became, and remained highly profiled and respected no matter the writer, was Michael Holt, the second man to be Mr. Terrific and hold that role in the Justice Society of America. Turning back the clock somewhat, it's specific to note that the original Golden Age Mr. Terrific was never truly a character to get excited over: Terry Sloane appeared in the same 1942 issue of Sensation Comics #1 that introduced Wonder Woman's first starring series after appearing in All-Star Comics, and he remained an obscure if reliable backing feature in that title until Sensation #63. In that time, the Sloane version of the character was that of a millionaire who had everything come easy to him that he contemplated suicide out of the sheer ennui he'd found himself in. But the usual pulp circumstances (becoming involved with a woman whose brother was in a gang and being prompted to save said brother) led him to done that costume and adapt the mantra of "Fair Play" as an emblem. But aside from a brief brush as a member of the JSA in their original Golden Age period, Sloane never had too much going for him to get readers excited over his adventures: compared to a guy who was the fastest man alive, another guy with a magic Power Ring, another guy dressed as a hawk and was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, and yet another guy who dressed like a big black cat, Sloane was clearly outmatched and outpaced and quickly fell into obscurity sooner than his JSA teammates. Even when he was resurrected in the 1960s for those annual JSA/JLA "Crisis" team-ups, he was still never a major player until Justice League of America #171, when in a bit of retroactive continuity he was revealed to have a longtime nemesis in the Spirit King who took possession of the Golden Flash's body and murdered Sloane, perhaps the highest profile moment in a career that was less than enthralling.

So it has to be handed to writer John Ostrander, when creating the Michael Holt version in the pages of his run on The Spectre, to make Holt stand wholly apart from Sloane. They were similar: insanely smart, with an aptitude for everything, incredibly wealthy, and both attempted suicide. But where Sloane attempted to end his life of boredom, Holt wanted to end his life because he blamed himself for the death of his wife and unborn son, until he's stopped by the Spirit of Vengeance who retells the story of Sloane to Holt, inspiring the latter to become a costumed crimefighter of his own. Holt later went on to become a bigger deal than his predecessor ever was, such as helming the newly reformed JSA as chairman for several years and across multiple adventures, and being in the thick of some major events across the DC Universe (it was his and friend/teammate Dr. Mid-Nite who uncovered what really happened to Sue Dibny during the events of Identity Crisis, still one of the shocking revelations of any DC "Crisis" event). Holt even met his predecessor thanks to some time-travel, fought off KKK members in this past, and even forged a close friendship with his predecessors teammates, being good friends with Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Carter Hall, and Ted Grant (Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Wildcat respectively).

I always believed that if Jordan Peele wanted to do a film based on any DC superhero, he couldn't pick a better one than Mr. Terrific. While there wouldn't be many horror elements, it would have to involve a man creating his own tech in a world that still fears a powerful hero of color, who still goes out and does the right thing and believes in his teammates and the good fight. Plus, a potential cameo from the Spectre would be awesome, since the Spirit of Vengeance is so tied to Holt's origin almost as much as Sloane is.
Teela the Barbarian
I got a good deal on eBay for this figure, which interested me due to the sword and sorcery feel it has. Those aspects I always enjoyed about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, just a little bit more than the sci-fi ones. But, I figured I'd go on and try and marry the two together, giving Teela her blaster (creating the special effect in photoshop) and lighting it with a certain comic book feel like you'd find in the 1980s. 

For the record, this is referred to as Battleground Teela, based on an appearance in one of the mini-comics. It's not how she is more famously known for, but I like to think in my own mythology this version of Teela was a companion of Vikor, the He-Man of the North.
The Fastest Man on Television
I still remember going into my town's local mom and pop video store (long shuttered) and picking up The Flash 2: Revenge of the Trickster, a compiled "movie" formed by the 1990 Flash TV series episodes with Mark Hamill coming as close to portraying the Joker in live action as he would at that time (coming closer in the later series) but I think watching this movie as a kid forged a lifelong kinship with the Flash. He might not get as much action as say Batman on my photos but I would say that the Flash, thanks to the John Wesley Shipp series, evolved a long time love with that character. The 1990-91 series was made in the wake of the first Batman movie helmed by Tim Burton, and watching it you kind of see all the same overtures, just with the heroes swapped: Danny Elfman did the score, the hero is presented a mythical, weird figure of the night, even the Flash's costume owed more to Burton's Batman than the sleek skin-tight bodysuit of the comics. It's just such a shame that the show did not last longer than its 22-episodes; it was expensive to produce which doomed it from the get-go, no matter if the ratings were stellar ($6 million for the pilot episode, and an average of $1.6 million thereafter) and could thus be considered ahead of its time. The superhero boom was nascent and still wouldn't find its feet properly until the beginning of the millennium, and even then wouldn't be as huge a boom until 2008 with the first Iron Man movie.

I love the fact that the CW Flash series has made several callbacks to this original series in a number of ways, acknowledging the sort of trail that the character blazed (in hindsight, it was probably about the same as the Superboy series, which was in its last couple seasons and worked at making the notion of heroes on TV a lot less of a joke than the later Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman series did) and even had JWS donning the 1990 series costume one more time in a recent mega-crossover.
..Or You Live Long Enough To Turn Into The Villain
Harvey Dent's fall from grace and transformation into Two-Face always makes for great storytelling. And in tying him closer to both Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, as Frank Miller did in his equally seminal story "Year One", it makes Harvey Dent perhaps one of the most personal foes in Batman's rogue's gallery, in that top category alongside Selina Kyle and Talia al Ghul and even the Joker. So when it comes to the live action adaptations of this story, until 2008 we only that "what-if?" of Billy Dee Williams' potential portrayal in Burton's Batman and the camp ham of Tommy Lee Jones' in Schumacher's Batman Forever. It took director Christopher Nolan and actor Aaron Eckhart to really bring to life the rise, fall, and rebirth of Harvey Dent into Two-Face, and it all happened in the space of one film. 

I'd have honestly loved to see Eckhart back as Two-Face for one more film, instead of Cillian Murphy's Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (which kind of works in Batman Begins but becomes kind of like a well-paid and well-acted guest appearance by The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) since there was still that emotional pull of Bruce feeling like he failed both Harvey and Rachel Dawes going into The Dark Knight Rises. Perhaps there would've been a road of redemption for Harvey in that third movie if he'd lived, sacrificing himself in the name of justice one last time instead of how he fell so far in The Dark Knight.

But that's just my rambling thought. It'd been awhile since I'd done a DC picture so, eh, why not? I'd never done this climactic scene in any form and it was going to pose a unique challenge, namely creating the bombed out warehouse where Bruce confronts the now scarred Two-Face and his and Gordon's failure to stop the Joker their way with their own brand of justice. It also confronts the notion that Batman does have to break a rule he hates doing when he has to, and that's killing. It's the thing that haunts Bruce into that retirement between TDK and TDKR, with what he had to do to stop Harvey, and it's recognized that if he could've done things differently, he'd have probably preferred saving both Gordon's son and Harvey at the same time, and throwing Harvey in prison, instead of what ended up transpiring.
Indiana Jones and the Land of the Lost
I'm pretty sure there's something out there where Indy encountered it a novel, a comic, or a video game, I know one has to exist and I know I've had to see it. Where it is I haven't been able to find again, but I know it's out there waiting to be uncovered again.

That said, I really like doing Indiana Jones photos. They're always fun.


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2016, 10:36 PM

I've been pulling down 15 hour days at my job currently, which has taken me out of the still life game for a minute. Sucks, but one has to make that money somehow.

Til then, I hope all my friends and watchers have been good and stay that way!

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Action Figure Photography
Offering a four pack of figurine photos in any style you may request. See above journal for more details.


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Hi Cedric, thank you for recognising the eminence of Tom Baker, and presenting that to the art world. S.
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Great stuff! I find your work really inspiring. Do you also modify the action figures yourself? Sorry, that process is a mystery to me in case I'm asking an obvious question. Also...can you point me to any Doctor Who Caves of Androzani scenes you or someone else might have done? :happybounce: 
Batced Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello! Thank you for your kindness, I was inspired by a bunch of folks too and it makes me feel good to pass on that hat of inspiration. As far as modifications go, yes, I have done a few customs to a bunch of my figures. Too many to keep a memory in mind of, but the most recent (That I haven't uploaded yet) was a Season 16 Brown Coat Fourth Doctor, which was the most significant I'd done yet. Most of the time I mostly just do simple repaints, head-swaps, or hand swaps.

I only wish I had the ability to do a Caves of Androzani scene! I keep wanting to get that set with Peri and Sherez Jek but it eludes me. I can't think of anyone who's done it specifically, but I have a feeling if you look up a fellow named MisterTom on Instagram, you'll probably find out he's done it. He was one of my inspirations, and a great customizer to boot!
squibblyquill Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018   General Artist
Thank you for your friendliness and awesome tips! Yeah, someone gave me the Androzani figurines, but I don't like Peri's face very much, and wish I was pro enough to touch up Jek's hood. I will definitely look up MisterTom... And I will look for the Brown Coat Fourth Doctor in your collection. Your latest shot of batman, the lower half of his face looked so human, it was amazing, and his body pose!
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