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Jackcules (The Imagination Style)

By Batboy101
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As I'm excited for the video game "Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time" coming on PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Because it an new adventures of my favorite character, and a member of My Imagination Team. Even I have been casting Samurai Jack in tons of my spoof movies from Robin Hood, Lion King (Probably In A Remake), and now Jack is playing the role from a Zero To Hero.

I have been imagine an lost adventures of Samurai Jack in Hercules, as I can compare both the Disney Animated Movie and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Animated Show together. Then I LOVED the idea of casting of The Samurai as Hercules, along with AKU as Hades, and Ashi as Meg. This is my very own Imagination Cast Meme of Disney's Hercules.

Here's the link to my Imagination Trailer:…

and an Sneek Peek Video of "Olympus Would Be THAT Way":…
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Nice job my friend
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So, who'll be Achillies? Can it be Kratos, Batman or Liu Kang?

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That was really nice and amazing cast meme