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How To Exaggerate
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UPDATE: I've realized that this'll help more people if I place it under Tutorials, so there. =D Thanks to all the deviants who suggested it ^___^ I also moved "WHA-PAK" and Sam: Threefolds to the tutorials section as well.

A lot of aspiring comic artists seem to focus only on style, and not much on storytelling and characterization. Being a comic book artist not only requires the ablilty to draw, but also, the ability to tell a story. And to be able to tell a story visually, you have to be able to give life to the characters- make them look more animated and energized on the page.

One way to do it is through exaggeration. You can give life and energy to the most simplest and boringest situations, and you can apply this to any style. See above and compare the actions on the left with those on the right. I think you'll agree that it's really not that difficult. And I'm not exaggerating! :lmao:

This was actually part of my lecture during last week's seminar, but I don't think the audience was able to see these clearly so I'm posting it here for your convenience. ^__^ Hope this helps folks!
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very interesting
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YellowLuckyPig's avatar
YellowLuckyPig|Hobbyist General Artist
interesting and liked
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BMLulu|Student Traditional Artist
Excellent and informative tutorial. Love your lineart, as well.
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Casandraelf|Hobbyist Writer
did you draw cloud and sephiroth arguing and integra bitching someone out? they look damn similar!

great tutorial
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rbingham2000's avatar
That boss does look like Integra. And we all know just who she's mad at!
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FishingJB|Hobbyist General Artist
I need that! Thanks! :D
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TheWhiteJewel's avatar
It tells more a story that way! Very nice. 

It's sort of like when you're on stage, you exaggerate a lot of your movements so people up the back can see you better.
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ga-ren's avatar
ga-ren|Professional Traditional Artist
Great tutorial!
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J4B's avatar
J4B|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, I like this one. Nice way to make things even more expressive.

(I also use hand expressions when on the phone.)
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Faithful-Imagination's avatar
Faithful-Imagination|Professional Traditional Artist
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TheOpt1onal's avatar
Most excellent!
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Trudos|Student General Artist
This is really cool! And it carries the point across well. Thanks for posting! :)
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elegantgeisha|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing haha!
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Miss-Ashlynn's avatar
This was very helpful to me! Faved!
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Willow-Pendragon's avatar
Willow-Pendragon|Professional General Artist
:iconwhutplz:I need more of this.
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D3-Damage's avatar
D3-Damage|Hobbyist General Artist
These are all really good. Thank you for posting this
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BluejacketVT's avatar
Honestly, this is really good advice, but sometimes, maybe the comic artists/writers want to keep it low-key. But still, really good tutorial with really good artwork.
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MADlSASTER|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very informative. I gonna try this while drawing wolves.
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VivanSolem|Student General Artist
Helpful yet funny! :la:
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FujiwaraMokou|Student General Artist
I see a Sephiroth xD dbhwfjsehjkfbhkj
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Flek-Lola| Digital Artist
Really great! I need to try exaggeration some time! Thanks for the examples!
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notkewlio3|Hobbyist Artist
this is really helpful!!

Skirt flying wheeee!!
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