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Tagged by the wonderful HuntyyOpium

This is a tag... I wanted to do for awhile to be honest so I'm pretty happy to do this one. X)

So I'll do...... Midnight Doom!

.: Midnight Doom :. by Bat-tery

1. He thinks that Three Day Grace songs describe his life.
2. He is pretty much full of angst and short-tempered.
3. He thinks he's always right and superior to everyone, the rest of the world is stupid and immature.
4. He's an engineer and fix a lot of trains/vehicles etc.,
5. His parents " disappeared " and left him at his uncle's house before, for unknown reasons.
6. He is a tall noodle and isn't good at fighting at all.
7. He's the youngest child in his family but all his siblings took their own paths (the older death in a work accident)
8. His nickname is Middy, although, he likes to be called by his full name, Midnight Doom.

I tag

:iconanemone-senpai: with Michel


:iconoctobermoon1331: with December

So yeah! Hope everyone is having a nice day!
Ohhh second tag yay 8D
Tag by the marvelous OctoberMoon1331

1- What's your favorite youtuber? 

That's a pretty hard question o.o'' I would probably say my friends. :'D But the youtuber that has inspire me the most to draw is Ginjaninjaowo. :)

2- What's your favorite Vocaloid? 

Even if I'm not a big fan... I'll say Gumi and Avanna. ;)

3- music or art? 

Both are art... But I think music at the moment...

4- If Pineapple were the kings of the world, what would you do? (It will happen eventualy) 

I would probably call you and you would probably reply " I knowwwwwww " . :')

5- If the moon disappears then appears only in October, how would you react?

Well... That means we would have a cool Halloween. Meow :3 
But if I think of it... A lot of animals would die.............. Especially baby turtles... IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT OctoberMoon1331 ??? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT

And... I will tag... No one. I am a dummy! 

Thanks too Rayouve

1.) Real Name: Alicia

2.) Nicknames: Ali-Alice-Kéty(by Rayouve)-Kitty-Snowing-Honey Pie(by Anemone-senpai

3.) Zodiac Sign: Virgo

4.) Male or Female: Female

5.) Nursery: I don't understand haha

6.) Elementary School: École Les Sources (a.k.a jail)

7.) Secondary School: SFF (a.k.a jail 2)

8.) Hair color: Pale Brown

9.) Long or Short: Short but I want them long cause right now it doesn't look great

10.) Loud or Quiet: Quiet as a dead coconut (When I scream or talk louder my voice breaks)

11.) Sweats or Jeans: jeans 4 life

12. Phone or Camera: Phone aurevoir

13.) Health Freak: Depends? I don't really care about my health

14.) Drink or Smoke: None :( (Nah seriously I'm not getting into that)

15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Mayyyyyyyyyybe maybe not 8DDD

16.) Political orientation: Fack everyone

17.) Piercings: Earrings

18.) Tattoos: No but I maybe want some later ;;


19.) Airplane: Yes many times!

20.) Car Accident: No

21.) Fist Fight: No but you don't know how many people I want to punch at school


22.) First piercing: Ears

23.) First Best Friend: Anne-Marie!

24.) First Instrument played: None, maybe flute or xylophone in elementary school and I hated it :^)

25.) First Award: Never got one.

26.) First crush: Lol a guy in elementary school because he was nice to me

27.) First Language: French!

28.) First Big Vacation: Cuba


29.) Last Person you talked to: My dad

30.) Last Person You Texted: My friends

31.) Last Person You Watched: I forgot haha

32.) Last Food You Ate: Potato

32.) Last Movie You Watched: Frankenweenie

34.) Last Song You listened to: Infinitesimal by Mother Mother !…
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Junk Food :^) OctoberMoon1331 can confirm it XD

36.) Last Person You Hugged: My mom I guess


37.) Food: Chicken

38.) Drinks: Lemon Tea ;-;

39.) Clothing: Shirt with pants.

40.) Book: lol but i can t reed

41.) Color: Black. It's a color that fits with everything.

42.) Flower: I like them all. :D

43.) Music: Third Eye Blind, Fall Out Boy, White Lies, Bloc Party, One Republic, Coldplay and Hamilton music

44.) Movie: I love Tom Burton movies and Disney movies. :)

46.) Subjects: Art and History(BUT NOT THE HISTORY OF CANADA ARGH)


47.) [ ] Kissed in the rain

48.) [ x ] Celebrated Halloween. 

49.) [ ] Had Your Heart Broken 

50.) [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone

51.) [ x ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.

52.) [ ] Used a Weapon 

53.) [ ] Breathed fire 

54.) [ ] Had an Abortion. 

55.) [ x ] Done something you've Regretted 

56.) [ x ] Broke a Promise 

57.) [ x ] Kept a Secret 

58.) [ xxx ] Pretended To Be Happy 

59.) [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 

60.) [x] Pretended To Be Sick 

61.) [ ] Left The Country 

62.) [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

63.) [ xxx ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 

64.) [ x fckk school ] Ran a Mile 

65.) [x] Went To the Beach

66.) [x] Stayed Single 


67.) Eating: Souls of innocents (nothing seriously)

68) Drinking: Cranberry and raspberry juice

69.) Getting Ready To: Sleep and post this

70.) Listening To: Mother Mother again

71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Drawing as much as I can! Post stuff! My Grandma's Birthday!

72.) Waiting For: Love


73.) Want Kids: Never, at least I don't want to be pregnant ever

74.) Want To Get Married: Eh... If the person really loves me?

75.) Careers in minds: ART IF I DON'T DIE BEFORE >:DD


83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: I don't have glasses hah

84.) Ran Away From Home: Maybe when I was a stupid kid

85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Nah, maybe joking with a desactived gun but nah

86.) Killed Somebody: Ants :(

87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Lol no nobody is in love with me how can I do that?? XDD

88.) Been Arrested: I want to make iphone cookies and get arrested because they thought it was a real iphone and I would say " So now with get arrested for eating cookies? " and eat it (No seriously never have been arrested before)


90.) Yourself: Lol no what is that even (it depends on what seriously)

91.) Miracles: No sadly

92.) Love at First Sight: No, at least talk and have time with the person?? Not like I saw you and fell in love

93.) Heaven: Kind of?

94.) Santa Claus: I used to. :(

96.) Magic: Nah magic doesn't exist kids


97) Someone you wanna be with ? My friends

98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Not really. But this year I'll get it better! I'm happy with my friends and most stuff I do... But not much about school or family

99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I'm 15 come on'

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five people: Lol no 8D